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Best LG Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2021

LG is a South Korean company established in the 1950s. It now has offices around the world and has annual revenues of billions of dollars. The company is well-known for its electrical appliances, especially televisions and smartphones. In recent years, it has begun to manufacture vacuum cleaners. LG vacuum cleaners are known for their kompressor technology, which makes them more powerful and easier to use.

Best LG Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2021

LG Cordzero A9 Kompressor, Two Batteries, for Carpet, Couch, Mattress, Car, (A927KGMS)

Before this powerful LG CordZero vacuum cleaner, you might have run out of energy long ago. Kompressor technology compresses dirt and dust, so you can continue cleaning without stopping to empty the trash can.

Two rechargeable, removable batteries provide uninterrupted cleaning performance for up to 120 minutes*. The portable stand can be stored and charged anywhere-no need to drill holes in the wall. The power punch nozzle helps to remove dirt that is hidden deep within the carpet, the one-button control makes it easy to clean, and the portable charging stand allows you to store and charge the vacuum cleaner anywhere. The filters and cyclone system are detachable and washable, and the ThinQ App allows you to monitor the vacuum remotely.

The Good

Powerful suction for excellent cleaning-LG’s latest intelligent inverter motor can provide excellent suction for all floor types.
Kompressor technology-Press the Kompressor lever to compress the dirt, dust, and pet hair collected in the trash can and increase the capacity of the trash can by 2.4 times*.
Functions can be controlled with just one touch-the vacuum can be turned on and off, or the power level can be changed at the touch of a thumb without cramping.
Easy-to-maintain removable filter-Extend vacuum life with easy-to-maintain removable and washable filters.

The Not-So-Good

Not all tools are stored on the bracket or wall bracket, which takes up space and is not very convenient to take.
The battery life is short in “Turbo” power mode, and cleaning up a large area of space may need to be rebuilt.
The sound is loud in the “Turbo” power mode.
“Normal suction” power mode is not very strong, and some debris needs to go back and forth 2-3 times to suck away.

What Customers Say

The floors in my home are mainly ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, and low-pile carpets. Very suitable for this environment. There is resistance when vacuuming the carpet. There is no way to adjust the height of the vacuum head. I like modular component design. I can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush tool in my car or shop. The battery life is good. I don’t have to change the battery when using it, and I use all three power settings. Highly recommended.

LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum

The LG LuV250C KOMPRESSOR is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a compact design. kompressor technology allows you to absorb 3 times more dirt, dust and pet hair before emptying. It has a foldable telescopic wand for easy storage.

DualForce suction allows you to clean a wide surface area and clean hard-to-reach edges.

The Good

The electric compression system in this vacuum cleaner compresses dust and reduces dust clouds when emptying the trash bin, allowing you to pick up three times more dust than with non-compressor models.
DualForce vacuum cleaner has a wider vacuum area
The lightest vacuum cleaner in the LG product line, with all the functions of a full-size vacuum cleaner
A convenient and 30-foot rope

The Not-So-Good

Some people complain that exhaust air blows out from the front and “chases” dirt or hair
Pet brushes are not stored on the boat (but other tools can)
There are some gaps on the handle, but the problem is not big, if you don’t mind, you can ignore it completely

What Customers Say

This vacuum cleaner works very well. It can suck up dust without any problem. The user manual will explain the ins and outs of using it and emptying the dust bin. As some other reviewers have reported, I have no problem blowing hot air around this device. There is a switch next to the power switch to reverse the airflow. This is one of the things explained in the user manual. Life is good.

LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate

Use LG CordZero A9 Ultimate stick Vacuum to control your cleaning, thanks to two quick-release batteries that provide excellent run time. power punch nozzle helps remove hidden dirt for deep cleaning. 

One-button control makes cleaning a breeze. The portable charging stand allows you to store and charge anytime, anywhere. Even the maintenance is easy, with removable and washable filters and a cyclone system.

The Good

Very light, about 5 pounds
Excellent suction power in normal mode, easy to suck up animal hair
Surprisingly it is very quiet, even on the turbocharger!
Includes a spare filter. The filters are washable
Wall mount. The charging stand has a variety of configurations, including a sturdy hidden sticky pad, so you don’t have to drill into the wall; you can charge two batteries simultaneously on the charging stand. The charging stand can fix almost all accessories neatly
There is no need to press the trigger button during a vacuum. Instead, there is an on/off button on the handle
The handle is very ergonomic
All attachments can be easily clicked to attach or delete
The adjustable telescopic wand is perfect for short people
Will not tangle and entangle people’s long hair in any of its hairbrushes

The Not-So-Good

The capacity is too small. It may contain a few cups of fragments. It is difficult to see when the entire line is reached because the container becomes opaque once it starts to get dusty. I pretend to be too full every time. It is easy to clean but more troublesome. The main tank has a release button to dump most debris, but if anything exceeds the maximum fill line, you need to remove the dust separator.
Turbo mode quickly drains the battery.
Lack of hose to reach the high point, and you need to draw the vacuum higher. Although it is very light, it feels heavier than a traditional vacuum cleaner after using a few rooms.

What Customers Say

I like this cordless handheld vacuum cleaner! It has high suction power, is quiet, light in weight, and is easy to use. It takes a little time to get used to the replacement parts, but it’s worth it! No more wires…I can easily pull it from room to room. The battery is great…I used a vacuum cleaner on the 1,750 square feet upstairs, and the battery life is not exhausted. I turn them off after finishing. I didn’t encounter any problems when I emptied the mud cake…it is small, but there is no problem so far. I highly recommend it!!

LG Cordzero A9 Charge, Two Batteries, for Carpet (A905RM) Cordless Stick Vacuum

Use LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Stick Vacuum to control your cleaning, thanks to two quick-release batteries that provide excellent run time.

One-button control makes cleaning a breeze, and the portable charging stand allows you to store and charge anytime, anywhere. Even maintenance is easy, with a removable and washable filter and cyclone system.

The Good

2 easy-to-replace batteries, so the vacuuming time is doubled (total time is about 60 to 80 minutes, unless you use Turbo frequently, in this case, it is about 10% of the original)
Good suction power, it works better on Turbo, although this will greatly reduce battery life
The width of the head is very narrow, so it fits in a small space
Clean the exhaust, the exhaust is discharged from the top, so it will not disturb the dust rabbit on the floor
Very flexible on hardwood floors
Beautifully packaged, easy to assemble, and easy to store
The matte red vacuum cleaner is wonderful!

The Not-So-Good

The trash can is small and complicated, and it is a bit troublesome to empty; it must be emptied often in a dirty house like ours.
Unless you are very careful, the exhaust will hit your face when you walk up the stairs.
The width of the head is narrow, so it takes longer to make a large area
In the long-term vacuuming process, the weight of the handle will become heavier
No rope!

What Customers Say

This is the third cordless vacuum cleaner I bought. I have Eureka wireless, and it broke twice in the same way. I only got a replacement from the company. Secondly, I bought a Tineco, it is perfect, but the suction on the carpet is terrible. Finally, I got this, it’s great! Of course, this is a higher price point, but it comes with a separate stand so that you can charge two batteries simultaneously. The suction power of the carpet and hardwood floor is good. The only drawback is that it is a bit heavy, comparable to Dyson v11. I get this because the power remains on without having to use Dyson to pull the trigger. So far, I am delighted with it!

LG CordZero ThinQ Robot Vacuum, R975GM

LG Smart Inverter Motor provides the convenience of a robot vacuum, with the power of a traditional vacuum.

This vacuum cleaner has a 10-year limited warranty, which provides incredible suction power and leaves an immaculate carpet line. Built-in intelligent analysis and remember the details of your space to achieve more efficient and effective cleaning. Use the front camera and 3D laser sensor to collect information through 3D Dual Eye technology to map each room accurately, detect objects and avoid collisions. The anti-tangling design helps to reduce the hair in the bristles, while the edge and corner cleaning technology can increase the suction power in the corners and crevices.

The Good

LG cord zero focuses on vacuuming better than other robot vacuum cleaners and preventing regular vacuuming as little as possible. It is basically a traditional vacuum cleaner that is cut into a robot. The battery has a good capacity and can be easily cleaned on a single charge. The entire 1,200 square foot house. It has a cool watchman feature that can remotely log in and check your house. It gets better at mapping things, focusing on things is good, and it won’t run vacuum parts in this model. The capacity is good, but for the size of things, you think it will be better. It can easily hold debris and hair for weeks.

The Not-So-Good

This thing is big, heavy, and super tall. It will not be under anything, our bed, sofa, etc.,
Too low. It sounds like an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner, and it’s loud. Because it has a lot of suction, you will hear it.
It is expensive, costly.
Except for shag carpets, it can clean ordinary carpets perfectly.
battery life is short-it will only complete a few rooms before returning to the base to charge.

What Customers Say

This thing is amazing. We have three cats, so we often need to clean the cat hair on the floor and carpet. This way we don’t have to do it manually. It is responsible for cleaning the floor for us! It is very powerful and keeps our floor clean after running. highly recommended!

Why choose LG?

LG vacuum cleaners are particularly developed for your lifestyle, enabling you to clean the flooring in your own method. Readily available in 2 extremely different styles-durable stick hoover and also robotic hoover for very easy cleaning-our innovative collection has a wide range of features that can not only aid you to reach a new degree of cleansing but also assist you to conserve time.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No requirement to relocate your fingers to get a clean floor. LG’s robot hoover Hom-Bot is made for really reliable cleaning, using our innovative Twin Eye 2.0 mapping system, that includes two electronic cameras (set up on the top as well as bottom of the vacuum) to assist Hom-Bot in cleaning Draw a map of the location around your house, which aids to ensure that it doesn’t miss out on anything. On top of that, with ThinQ technology, you can make use of the app on your mobile phone to regulate the vacuum, or utilize the voice commands of Google Assistant or Amazon.com Alexa to manage your vacuum, which makes it much easier to keep your residence tidy.

Stick Vacuums

If you like to clean by yourself, our stick vacuum has a lightweight style that fits to use as well as is powerful. Outfitted with our Smart Inverter Electric Motor ™, they have a suction power of 140AW, which can instantaneously draw away grit. And also due to the fact that our electric motors have a 10-year guarantee, they also provide you assurance.

Whether you require the convenience of use of a robotic hoover or like to manage the hoover, with LG vacuum, you will get an effective cleaning impact you can rely on. Explore our complete variety, as well as all our most recent air cleansers and dehumidifiers-and locate everything you need to develop a tidy, healthy home.

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