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Crane Humidifier Reviews 2021 – Best Model

Crane’s business time is not as long as other companies in the air care field, but since its establishment in 2005, they have had a significant impact. They currently produce a series of products, including dehumidifiers, diffusers, air purifiers, and heaters, but we will focus on their humidifier series for this review.

Although some companies classify humidifiers by size or type, Crane does a slightly different approach. Series list their systems on their official website, including Personal, Drops, Droplets, Classic, Adorables, and Top Fill. This is a different approach from competitors, but if you are interested in a certain type of system, this approach can make finding a model challenging.

Crane Humidifier Reviews 2021 - Best Model

Crane Personal Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, for Home Bedroom Hotels Travel and Office, 0.2 Gallon

The Crane personal cold fog humidifier provides an adjustable 360° fog cover that can easily send fog in any direction.

The mist output is ideal for rooms up to 160 square feet-standard small and medium-sized rooms. Quietness makes it perfect for light sleepers, children and babies. The 0.2-gallon water tank can be installed under a standard kitchen or bathroom sink. Due to its ultra-compact size, it is easy to carry and travel. It can be easily packed into a suitcase or backpack, suitable for any hotel room or guest residence. It can run for up to 8 hours, so you don’t have to worry about running all night. It is also equipped with an automatic shut-off safety function to shut down the device when the water runs out.

The Good

The humidifier is easy to use and very quiet.
The effect is very good at work, and the filling can last about 8 hours at a time.

The Not-So-Good

Cute but small
Very efficient, but you cannot control the output.
Not suitable for night humidifier
It isn’t easy to clean. The place where the inside of the humidifier is filled with water is challenging to clean

What Customers Say

We bought this after borrowing our nephew while camping. It is perfect in an RV. We also use it on the bedside table, and it won’t take up much space. It emits perfect steam, and you can move directions without having to move the entire device. It is compact but has a compartment filled with water that can last all night. It is easy to figure out without using instructions. If you want to use this option, it will emit a soft cold blue light; otherwise, turn off the light.

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Filter-Free, 1 Gallon, for Home Bedroom Baby Nursery and Office

Crane Droplet EE-5302 is a small humidifier with a 0.5-gallon water tank.

It lists up to 15 hours of running time. Although it does not have a night light or sleep mode, the light on the machine will turn off after 10 seconds. Suitable for small and medium-sized rooms with an area of no more than 250 square meters. The water drop also has a steam cushion slot, three speeds, and a 360° covering mist cover. The system has four basic colors to choose from, but the Crane drop cool mist humidifiers series makes everything brighter with pure green, light green, pink and orange systems. Crane Drop humidifier has a larger 1-gallon fuel tank and 24 hours of extended run time. It also offers double coverage and has variable speed, but there is no slot for a steam pad.

The Good

There is no straining.
very quiet. There is no noise at all.
Very cute
Reservoir sleep can last about 18 hour

The Not-So-Good

When you remove the top of the teardrop to refill it, it is difficult to remove it without dripping.
The base needs to be cleaned every other day or so (to prevent mildew/dirty).

What Customers Say

I run this humidifier every day (during the day) for 1 month. I need a humidifier that can withstand tough water. I also want something easy to clean without many “parts.” To use hard water, Crane has made a simple cartridge filter (purchased separately) that you can insert and tighten to replace the normal screw cap. This means there is no “extra step” to add filters. Cleaning is effortless: empty the water tank and the base. Since my hard water will leave stains, I also dry the base and let it air dry overnight. Once a week, I rinse the water tank with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and water, pour a little bit into the base for disinfection, let the water tank and base stand for 30 minutes, and then rinse both for use. The operation is very, very quiet. Compared with other humidifiers I have seen, this humidifier has always been an excellent choice at a reasonable price.

Crane Adorables Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Filter Free

Crane Adorables Elephant, cute pet humidifier.

They include a 360° spray cover, variable settings, and a 1-gallon removable water tank. These systems can run for up to 24 hours, then need to be refilled, and are suitable for rooms up to 500 square feet. All these humidifiers belong to the ultrasonic category and have an automatic shut-off function. Use Crane Adorable humidifier to bring relaxation and health to your whole family. With award-winning child-friendly animal design and top performance. 1 gallon crane. The cute ultrasonic humidifier provides up to 500 square feet of coverage and 24-hour soothing moisture to help alleviate the effects of dryness and congestion and help you and your family breathe more smoothly and sleep peacefully.

The Good

Variable speed settings, providing variable output settings and adjustable 360-degree fog cover, can easily send fog in any direction.
The mist output is ideal for humidifying rooms up to 500 square feet
Low sound and quiet, Crane’s Adorables humidifier run quietly, making it a perfect choice for people with light sleep, children, and especially babies.
With 24 hours of running time, it is also equipped with an automatic shut-off safety function that can shut down the device when the water runs out.
Easy to clean

The Not-So-Good

There is no filter. You can make it yourself, but it’s expensive
It has some disadvantages.
Without lights, no water can be seen at night.
It is tough to properly clean all the small gaps inside and outside the water tank. If it is cleaned irregularly, within a week or less, mold will form inside and in the crevices of the water tank.

What Customers Say

When my son was young, he had breathing/skin problems and needed a humidifier in his room all year long. After going through many brands/versions (some will leak, some will deteriorate, some require constant filter replacement, and some are very difficult to clean), humidifiers’ gold standard. Quiet, easy to direct current, easy to clean, no need to replace parts. My daughter had skin/nosebleed problems when she was born, and she needs one too. We got another crane (pig or cow, I don’t remember); it’s good but not as good as an elephant. I bought another elephant. Years later, I bought 2 more for other rooms in the house. After 13 years, I still only use these and give them to other children in need, like this.

Crane 2 in 1 Personal Steam Inhaler & Warm Mist Humidifier

Crane’s two-in-one warm mist humidifier and inhaler are the best solution to naturally relieve symptoms caused by dry air, allergies, especially cold and flu symptoms.

Its half-gallon water tank can run quietly for more than 8 hours in small and medium-sized rooms, and the medicine cup accessory can be used with Crane’s Lavender (HS-1950L) or Menthol (HS-1950) steam cushion. The inhaler attachment can quickly convert it into a sinus inhaler to immediately relieve congestion and is an excellent non-medicine alternative to over-the-counter medications. It is the perfect humidifier to relieve the congestion and symptoms of colds and flu and is very suitable for bedrooms, dormitories, and office spaces.

The Good

Very easy to set up and use.
Effectively clear congestion.
It can also be used as a warm mist humidifier
Comes with a magazine subscription

The Not-So-Good

It takes a minute or two to heat the first time it is opened
The steam is scorching, so follow the label when it says to start treatment at the lowest setting.

What Customers Say

I have had sinus problems for many years, especially during allergy season. They can easily block and cause my headaches. Obviously, the steam is scalding. But the adjustable opening helps to adjust the amount you get. Personally, I rarely use it at the lowest setting. Sitting down with your neck bent into the inhaler will make your neck a bit strenuous, but I find that throwing a towel on my head and around the steam engine not only makes me sit comfortably but also makes the device more effective and comfortable. During that time, I started using it for about 10 minutes every day, which helped a lot. This is also a great time for you to meditate, listen to podcasts, or other ways to relax. I sometimes let it run overnight in my bedroom or my home office while I am working. I live in the desert (Las Vegas), so it helps a lot with dry air.

Crane EE-7002 Evaporative Humidifier

Use Crane evaporative humidifier to relieve cold and flu symptoms and bring health to your entire family in a stylish way.

With its award-winning design and first-class performance, the crane’s evaporative humidifier can provide up to 24 hours of soothing moisture, help alleviate the effects of dryness and congestion, and help you and your family breathe easier and sleep peacefully. Crane Classic EE-7002 is as effective as a 24-hour run time, but it is an evaporative cold mist system. EE-7002 is also the only crane system used with the HS-1940 conversion kit. This accessory can turn your humidifier into an air purifier in a few seconds.

The Good

This humidifier is quiet and runs smoothly. There is a typical gurgling sound of water during operation, but otherwise, it is almost silent.
It does not have any unnecessary functions, which is very convenient.

The Not-So-Good

The filling hole of the fuel tank is small.
It is expensive to replace the filter.

What Customers Say

This product is a two-in-one air humidifier purifier with a conversion kit sold separately. I only use this product as a humidifier. The device is easy to operate, and the power and speed buttons are located in one place. The device is light in weight. The entire top is a water tank, which can hold up to 1 gallon of water. The water outlet is a bit narrow, but this is only secondary because it has a flat surface; you can put it on the counter when filling the water tank without worrying about it falling over. At low settings, the device is completely quiet. The device can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The price is worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions about Crane Humidifiers

Q: What is the best way to clean the Crane humidifier?

Answer: The humidifier designed by Crane is easy to clean, so a few tables of white vinegar in the water tank are enough. If you need to clean the humidifier deeply or need more maintenance skills, be sure to check our cleaning guide.

Q: Which humidifier is the quietest?

Answer: Although Crane does not provide a decibel rating for its system, ultrasonic machines with multiple speeds are generally quieter than evaporation systems.

Q: Does the humidifier of the crane contain BPA?

Answer: Yes. According to the company, all their humidifiers are made of PP, ABS, or SAN. None of their systems contain phthalates.

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