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ILIFE vs. Lefant, Pros & Cons

If you don’t clean your floors for a week, you will immediately find that the floor is full of mud and sticky. Cleaning your home is hard and takes time. If you don’t have a cleaner and also don’t intend to hire a professional cleaner, you should consider buying a robot vacuum cleaner to do the job for you!

A budget-friendly robotic vacuum is always an entry-level choice to consider, so Lefant M201 vs ILIFE A4 Pro comparison absolutely makes good sense. Based upon our score, M201 has the general rating of 7 out of 10 versus 6 for A4 Pro.

Let’s continue reading the detailed information about these two models.


The ILIFE A4s Pro has an excellent appearance and top quality. It’s made from hard plastic with a slim rubber bumper, which makes it really feel sturdy. Its 3 wheels are additionally made from rubber. It requires little assembly right out-of-the-box, as its side brushes are currently preinstalled. Sadly, the dirt compartment really feels a bit more lightweight and might crack if dropped.

The Lefant M201 has a respectable high quality as well as it basically has the exact same layout as the Lefant M210. It’s generally plastic, with a matte finish covering as well as some shiny line on it. Both wheels are rubber and really feel durable. The whole vacuum cleaner really feels strong although, like a lot of vacuums, the plastic dust compartment seems like it could break if fallen down. On top, there’s an on/off button for an easy start.


Both the ILIFE A4s Pro and the Lefant M201 are extremely easy to store. they can lay on the ground and places onto the their charging station on their own.

Or you can even plug the power cord into the the ILIFE A4s Pro directly. With 2.95″height and 11.81″width, it can slide under low-profile furniture effortlessly such as bed, sofa, and TV table. While the Lefant M201 is 2.8″height and 12″in width, it can do the same.

Although the Lefant M201 moves smoothly at your home, you have to ensure cables around the dock are tied with the zip ties that come with it, otherwise the robot vacuum will get stuck with them.

Dirt compartment

The ILIFE A4s Pro’s dust area is acceptable. It’s a little smaller than the Lefant M201 yet it still requires regular emptying. The dust compartment is clear so you can see when it needs to be cleared, but it doesn’t have a sensing unit to inform you when it’s full.


Both robots are rather portable. They are not very heavy, and even though they don’t have a carrying handle, it’s still easy to bring with you to another floor story.


The LIFE A4s Pro has superb battery efficiency. On its most powerful ‘MAX’ setting, it lasts for under 50 mins. Nevertheless, if utilized on its more power-conservative ‘Auto Cleaning’ mode, it can last for around 110 mins. Although it’s promoted to take less than 300 mins to completely charge, we gauged over an hour much less. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner has a battery indication light that alters from green when cleaning to orange when it has a low battery, and red when there’s a malfunction.

The Lefant M201 also has excellent battery life. On its most powerful suction setting, ‘Max’, it can last over an hour. On the least powerful model, ‘Standard’, it cleans for almost two hours. The M201 robot vacuum uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries which are safe and durable. And the batteries can hold their capacity around 5000 charging cycles. That is to say, if you’re looking for an affordable robot vacuum that can last much longer on a single charge, that’s it.


This A4s Pro has a number of quality of life attributes. It has two power setups” ‘Auto Cleaning’, which is its default mode, as well as ‘MAX’. Utilizing the remote, you can additionally access different cleaning modes like auto cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning, or mini-room cleaning, which is ideal for smaller-sized rooms. It also has an automatic ‘Carpet Detection’ function, which boosts its power when it detects harder-to-clean messes or thick carpeting.

The Lefant M201 has two suction power settings: ‘Standard Power’ and ‘Max’. It also has different cleaning modes, which you can control on the mobile app or via voice.

Auto clean: It immediately picks up the dust, dirt and also covers the whole floor to maximize its thorough cleaning.

Spot cleaning: The vacuum cleans a location, turning in a spiral pattern for two minutes. Repeat cleaning of certain small areas until it is completely clean.

Edge cleaning: Near a wall surface, it reduces its rate to make certain it’s cleaned correctly, and it can stay in this mode for 20 minutes. In order to thoroughly clean the corners and edges, the Lefant M201 sweeps along the baseboards of the entire house.


It has a tough time grabbing pet hair as it can stick on the brush roll and also intake opening. It also struggles to pick up huge particles like cereal as its dirt cup fills up, though it struggles much more with this sort of mess compared to the Lefant M201. It does a better job with small debris like rice, but it still doesn’t pick up everything.

The M201 has a wonderful performance on bare floors. It easily cleans little debris like rice and even pet hair as it is equipped with a brushless inlet mouth, so it will not get wrapped around the brush roll. With huge debris like cereal, the side brushes push some grain to the side. Even though it grabs a great quantity of big debris when the dirt cup is empty, it promptly loses suction as the dirt compartment fills up.

When both of them are placed to move on the low-pile carpet, the ILIFE A4s Pro has a poor performance. Much like on bare floors, pet hair can hold on to the brush roll as well as intake opening rather than obtaining gobbled. While it can grab some large particles like sand, it struggles much more with tiny particles like baking soda.

Normal on low-pile carpet, but it’s much better than the ILIFE A4s Pro or eufy RoboVac 30C. It catches a great amount of hair as well as a large amount of huge debris like sand, although it loses its performance with huge debris as the dirt compartment fills. Sadly, it struggles with tiny particles like baking soda.

While tested on high-pile carpets, the ILIFE A4s Pro has a more disappointing performance. Pet hair still sticks to the brushroll and intake opening instead of getting caught up. It additionally struggles to pick up large particles like sand along with finer particles like baking soda. If you want a comparable robot vacuum that can clean messes on this surface area kind a little bit effectively, think about the more premium one.

The M201 is also not suitable on high-pile carpet, specifically as a robot vacuum. It struggles to pass on the high-pile carpet, not mention to pick up both small and large debris. If you have a lot of high-pile carpets to maintain clean, you might appreciate the Wyze Robot Vacuum, which does better work on this surface type.


The ILIFE A4s Pro has just ample maneuverability. It can reach underneath sofas and tables; nonetheless, it can get caught on electric cables or stuck on tassels. With its arbitrary path, it can clean an area well. It also has a ‘Carpet Detect’ attribute that increases its suction power on the shaggy carpet.

This Lefant M201 has fine maneuverability. The ‘Spot Cleaning’ mode is reliable at cleaning a little space, however the vacuum can’t track areas it has already cleaned as it doesn’t have a smart mapping feature. It’s little enough to go beneath tables as well as sofas, yet cables are a real obstacle for this vacuum cleaner. If there’s an electrical cable laying about, the M201 conveniently gets stuck, so you have to pick up the cables by yourself or connect them up utilizing the zip connections. It does not feature border strips.


The ILIFE A4s Pro has decent automation functions. While it does not have a friend application, it comes with remote control, so you do not require a Wi-Fi connection to use it. The remote allows you to alter its clean mode, established different cleaning modes, create a cleaning schedule time, and direct the vacuum by manually controlling it. The machine also comes with an electrowall which acts as a boundary stripes and it establishes an invisible obstacle that the robot will not cross.

The Lefant M201 has great automation functions. It does not has a remote but there’s a few options to control the vacuum with a dedicated app and even compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to make the robot start and stop the clean by voice commands. You can adjust the suction power or choose different cleaning modes with the mobile app, and you also schedule cleaning times. Unfortunately, unlike the ILIFE A4s Pro, it lacks of boundary markers to assist keep it out of specific areas.

Apart from two models listed above, there are some other versions of two brands.

Mid-tier Category: ILIFE vs Lefant Comparison

ILIFE A80 Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

✓Powerful 2000Pa suction

✓Single function robot

✓App or remote control

The ILife A80 Max is the most recent robotic in ILife’s A-series of carpeting cleaning robots and it is clear that each version of vacuum builds on the functions of the last.

As soon as detecting carpet, the ILife A80 Max supplies up to 2000pa of cleaning power whilst in Spot Mode cleaning and also will immediately raise suction.

It has an upgraded style of dustbin– a mobile dustbin that helps the filter to last longer in between recharges. Its roller brush functions well on both hard floors and rug, accumulating pet and also human hairs easily, and picking up fairly large crumbs from the kitchen area.

The robotic can be handled with a remote control, or the ILifeHome app. I have actually not had much success in the past with the ILife application when I tried to connect to the A7, or the US-optimized A9. ILife has undoubtedly worked hard on improving app connectivity with its ILifeHome app.

Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum and Mop

✓Pretty Thin Body

✓Advantaged Powerful Suction

✓App or remote control

Lefant M213 is most likely the best model in the Lefant series. It is the latest version, with updated FreeMove 2nd generation modern technology and brushless roller, that enhances cleaning path and achieve no entanglement any more.

This robot is one of the least expensive models currently available which supplies vacuuming and mopping 2-in-1 function, which indicates you don’t need to acquire added unique mopping cleaner. Its damp mopping towel, as well as antimicrobial hygienic towel, can defeat dirt and disinfect and kill the bacterium. Geared with a 500ml dirt compartment, larger than many robotic vacuums, M213 reduces your exposure to dust and allergens, especially far better for a suffer allergy.

The brushless roller with two V-shape brushes allows you free from the hassle of entanglement. Conventional robotic vacuum usually comes with a major roller that gobbles dirt as well as dust, but there is a concern. They’re often choked by the hair, often pet hair, which indicates you need to tackle with them by using scissors. Nevertheless, M213 has no problem with the hair due to the brushless roller style.

With a much less expensive price in comparison to other robots with advanced apps, this is an excellent option if you would like to schedule your cleaning routine when you’re not at home.

Which is better, Lefant or ILIFE?

ILIFE vacuums seem like have stronger suction per dollar spent, but Lefants are more reliable and have better features for pets. Both vacuums will get the job done.

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