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Levoit Air Purifiers Reviews 2021 – Best Model

Levoit has actually become one of the most prominent customer air purifier brand names in The United States and Canada. The appealing style, top-quality filtration, absolutely no ozone emission, and low costs are the major factors for the popularity. But the common points are they all have free of charge 3 stage purification and also do not produce any kind of ozone. Levoit is the best-performing air purifier brand in the market, with the best price. One interesting consequence of this is that Levoit air purifiers are one of the most popular air purifiers on the planet. Levoit air purifiers are typically purchased in bulk.

Levoit is the No. 1 brand when it pertains to price efficiency. The very best Levoit purifiers are just as efficient in eliminating interior air toxins such as dirt, plant pollen, smoke, mold and mildew, and more, as the costs Air Purifiers. It’s the relaxing affordable Air Purifier brand with solid requirements. Basically, Levoit Air Purifiers are referred to as qualified (or even much more powerful) as the huge brand name Air Purifiers. This article examines the 5 ideal Levoit air purifiers, including their pros, disadvantages, and maintenance costs.

Levoit Air Purifiers Reviews 2021-Best Model

Levoit Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier

The air purifier has a Smoke CADR of 141 cfm, appropriate for filtering system the air in a small to medium-sized space.

This filter combination can eliminate both tiny particulate and also scent-laden pollutants from the air. They include pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores, smoke bits, and household odors.

The Good

A filter reset sign will certainly tell you when to change the filter. Levoit suggests altering the filter every 6 to 8 months, and it is additionally economical. Levoit Core 300 includes crucial features such as 4 timers, 3 level follower speed, sleep setting, child lock, display on/off, and also filter reset indicator. One useful attribute is you can establish the follower rate to your desired setups and shut off the display screen lights. While other air purifiers just lower the lights when set to the most affordable follower rate.

  • H13-grade HEPA filter with a triggered carbon layer
  • Modern style, touch control panel
  • Moderate air movement price with 360-degree air consumption
  • Compact and easy to upkeep
  • Reduced upkeep cost

AHAM validated, CARB authorized & Energy Celebrity accredited

The Not-So-Good
  • No vehicle setting
  • Not suitable for smell elimination
What Customers Say

This is still the least-expensive, yet most efficient, out of now five Air Purifiers I’ve acquired for many years. I was disappointed that they enhanced the costs of their filters by 50%, however other than that, you’re not going to find a far better worth. I like to do the “flashlight examination,” with every Air Purifier I get, due to the fact that combating dust is the primary factor I use them. I hold an intense flashlight beam of light up against the access points to the filter and see just how much dust is being drawn in.

Vital 100 True HEPA Air Purifier

Levoit Crucial 100 air purifier is created for medium-sized areas to clean up the air from particulates and vermiform contaminants.

This Air Purifier is suitable for houses where pet fur is very common airborne because of its detachable pre-filter, which is likewise machine-washable.

The Good

The washable pre-filter will certainly likewise aid prolong the HEPA filter life expectancy during the plant pollen period or dirty air top quality. The primary fragment filter is a real HEPA filter, capable of getting rid of 99.97% of airborne pollutants sized down to 0.3 microns. The consolidated activated carbon filter can counteract smells from family pets or cooking odors. Although it does not have an air high quality sensing unit, it is furnished with all needed attributes such as 3 timers, 3 level fan speed, filter standing indication, and a display screen off feature.

  • Washable pre-filter, true HEPA as major filter
  • Honeycomb-structured turned on carbon filter
  • Effective to eliminate pet dog hairs and pet dog odor
  • Streamlined and small layout
  • Reduced annual maintenance expense
The Not-So-Good
  • Not Power Celebrity accredited
  • Smaller insurance coverage
What Customers Say

Oh my goodness; this totally exceeded our expectations !! We were at our wit’s end with the stench of cat urine in our home, and the only way we could mask the smell before guests arrived was to burn strong candles and also wood chips for the smoke. We could not remove the scent, so we had to mask it with something stronger. (I understand – so healthy, appropriate?) I am a registered nurse, I enjoy amusing, and I like the suggestion of family and friends opening our front door to enter a tidy, healthy, and welcoming house.

LV-PUR131S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

Levoit has only 2 air purifier that features Wi-Fi control. One is LV-PUR131S, and also the other one is Core 200S.

The LV-PUR131S is the identical smart version of the Levoit LV-PUR131 version. is offered in both Application Store and Google Play. You can inspect the indoor air high quality condition, filter life standing, and control from the application.

The Good

The key filter is a real HEPA filter, and also the second filter is a Honeycomb-structured smell filter full of activated carbon pellets. One drawback is that it features an attached fine pre-filter as opposed to a cleanable different pre-filter.   

Nonetheless, the 3-in-1 filter has a bigger surface for better filtering, lasts up to six months based upon use and the air top quality. The cleanr likewise has a filter standing indicator that determines the remaining filter life based upon run time and fan rate. Besides the premium filters and wise capability, it has moderate Clean Air Distribution Price (CADR) scores, suitable for small to medium-sized spaces.

  • Huge filter surface
  • Pelletized activated carbon filter
  • Wi-Fi connectivity; Alexa, and Google Residence sustained
  • Wonderful mobile application support, offered in the App Store and also Google Play
  • Air top quality sensing unit and also screen
  • Intelligent filter life calculation
  • Energy-star accredited
The Not-So-Good
  • No dedicated pre-filter
  • Reduced airflow rate, smaller sized area protection
  • No child lock
What Customers Say

The very first time I realized it’s really functioning was when I was cooking fish and there was quite a bit of smoke in the space. The light went from blue to environment-friendly to red in an issue of minutes and also the unit ended up being noisier and also it was apparent it’s striving. As quickly as the smoke got rid of, it went back to it’s regular, silent, state. However the very best can be found in about 3 days. I saw there was considerably much less dust on my TV stand. Normally, it’s all dusty in 3 days approximately. So, it certainly works in filtering out dust, which is a win-win in my book: much less cleaning and also cleaner air to breath!

LV-H133 Tower True HEPA Air Purifier

Levoit LV-H133 is the second generation of Levoit Air Purifiers with an exceptional air movement rate.

This tower-style Air Purifier uses a 360-degree drum filter and also supplies the air by spiral vortex air flow for effective air blood circulation. The drum filter is a combined HEPA and also triggered carbon filter secured by a fine mesh initial filter.

The Good

The consolidated filter can eliminate any kind of air-borne contaminants like household dust, plant pollen, family pet fur, lint, smoke bits, mold spores, and aeriform toxins such as household smell and VOCs. Levoit LV-H133 has a built-in infrared-based fragment sensor to figure out the ambient air high quality. It additionally reveals the AQI (Air Quality Index) standing as a colored sign. Besides the vehicle mode, It includes a wide range of 1-12 hour timers, 3 follower speeds, sleep setting, and a filter life sign.

  • 22 square feet True HEPA filter
  • Consumes less electricity despite high air movement
  • Spiral vortex air shipment for far better air circulation
  • High CADR ratings, larger location protection
  • A large 1-12 hr timer
  • Air quality sensor and tinted condition indicator
  • Value for cash
The Not-So-Good
  • Greater filter substitute cost
  • Just 3 level follower rate
  • No remote controller
What Customers Say

Very delighted with this acquisition. My kid has bronchial asthma like signs once in a while and also the current wildfires had him coughing in the evening. He was getting up and desiring water, also disturbing my other half’s and my sleep. I purchased this air purifier and he did not cough in all the last three nights. This is overkill for a bed room, however by being a bigger unit you can run it in low and still move a great deal of air. I have actually been brining it down to the household room/kitchen during the day. Filters are of good quality and there are 2 of them. They fit snuggly into the unit – perfect.

LV-H134 Tower Pro True HEPA Air Purifier

Levoit LV-H134 is the highest possible CADR Air Purifier from the Levoit air purifier schedule.

The air purifier can supply 312 cfm of air, which is suitable to clean a huge 468 square feet space with 5 air adjustments per hour. The Levoit LV-H134 is the same as the LV-H133 in that it utilizes the same three-stage composite drum filter, which includes a mesh pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, and also a triggered carbon filter.

The Good

The composite filter can remove small airborne allergens such as plant pollen, animal dander, house dust, mold spores, smoke fragments, and also aeriform toxins such as household odors and a wide variety of VOCs. The Levoit LV-H134 utilizes a laser-based bit sensing unit which is a lot more accurate than the LV-H133 design. The purifier reveals the real-time air high quality condition and the particulates (PM2.5) count in μg/ m3.

  • High Clean Air Shipment Rate
  • Extremely accurate laser-based bit (PM2.5) sensor
  • Colored indication for air quality status and also PM2.5 matter (μg/ m3) display
  • Easy filter replacement from the side cover
  • Easily portable on concealed wheels
The Not-So-Good
  • No remote controller
  • CADR is not confirmed by AHAM
What Customers Say

Fantastic results after 6 months! I just altered the filter and can not believe just how much was removed of my air. Smoke cost-free residence, just 2 grownups and two pet dogs. This is my fifth Levoit acquisition. We got this one because we have a big open floor plan and the various other ones really did not cover it. This like every one of them came packaged magnificently and also was simple and smooth to construct. I enjoy that you can inform what your air top quality currently is! That is useful. I’ve been sick with Lyme for 3 yrs and also I have mold allergic reactions. I’m enthusiastic this will certainly remain to remove environmental contaminants.

Levoit Air Purifiers Frequently Asked Question

With numerous Levoit air purifiers being marketed and lots of people intending to buy their own system, there are a number of concerns that may emerge. Below we try to attend to the most frequent ones, worrying the Levoit air purifiers:

Are Levoit Air Purifiers Any Good?

Yes, they truly are. When individuals see the rate of Levoit devices, they may suspect the efficiency is out the same level as other extra expensive air purifiers.

Nonetheless, Levoit is referred to as the most effective price-performance air purifier brand for a factor. If you check the specs like CADR rating, 3-stage filtration system with HEPA filter, and also protected areas, you will right away discover that Levoit Air Purifiers are really pretty good. The very best part is that they come with fifty percent of the price of those extra costly same-specs Air Purifier devices.

Which Is The Best Levoit Air Purifier?

Levoit LV-H135, without a doubt. With a 360 CADR ranking and an efficient 3-stage filtering system, the Levoit LV-H135 is the very best Levoit air purifier generally.

It actually requires to be stated ‘undoubtedly’ since most individuals know Levoit Compact 300 version. That doesn’t make it the best, if you inspect the specs, obviously. LV-H135 has a 360 CADR score and can eliminate air contaminants from large spaces, while Compact 300 with a 135 CADR rating is only proper for little spaces as much as regarding 300 sq ft.

Can You Leave A Levoit Air Purifier On Constantly?

Yes, you can leave any kind of Levoit Air Purifier 24/7. As a matter of fact, all Air Purifiers are developed to run nonstop. Or a minimum of, until the indoor air quality index is sufficiently high sufficient.

Air contaminants such as dirt, plant pollen, smoke are being raised from the flooring in the air regularly. That implies that running a Levoit air purifier regularly makes good sense; you’re constantly removing the brand-new air contaminants that might rise up from the ground.

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