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The Very Best HoMedics Humidifier Reviews

As one of the largest brands in health products, HoMedics has been launching humidifiers and other air quality products for many years, and it is still considered to be one of the best choices to meet your home health product needs. If you have always suffered from a stuffy nose, dry skin, or even annoying static electricity in your home, then it is necessary to have one. A high-quality humidifier can eliminate all these dry air symptoms in your home.

The best among HoMedics humidifiers are personal humidifiers that can be carried with you, large humidifiers that can be placed in open areas of the home to effectively put moisture into several rooms, and some to keep you in warm or cold mist and humidity. All HoMedics humidifiers are very reasonably priced, suitable for their purpose and what you get. You may have chosen HoMedics as the brand you trust and want to choose, but how do you choose the best HoMedics humidifier? This guide will help you compare the various functions of humidifiers and the types of humidifiers, and then you can find out which is best for you. If you have never heard of HoMedics, or you are not sure about the brand, you will also get some information there. Be sure to read through the HoMedics humidifier reviews so you can understand what others think of each model

The Very Best HoMedics Humidifier Reviews 2021

HoMedics TotalComfort Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Use HoMedics TotalComfort warm and cold mist ultrasonic humidifier to eliminate dry air.

It has a 1.7-gallon double tank, easy to disassemble and top fill, and provides up to 80 hours of continuous cold and warm mist to maintain optimal humidity. Adjustable fog control and on/off night light and night mode allow you to customize the settings, and the auto-off protection can protect the motor when the fuel tank is empty. You will like its low-noise operation and its clean water tank technology, which can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Includes 2 demineralized filter elements to improve the quality of humidifier mist.

The Good

Cool, warm mist choice
Double fuel tank
Long running time
Works well in large rooms
Easy to fill

The Not-So-Good

May be noisy
Difficult to clean

What Customers Say

My daughter has a Homedics humidifier, and she likes it very much. I studied this and a few others. I like the fact that it is easy to adjust the humidity. Using our old humidifier, on cold nights, our bedroom windows will be covered by water vapor in the morning. But we have no problems with this Homedics humidifier. Highly recommend this humidifier!

HoMedics, TotalComfort Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

The cool Mist ultrasonic humidifier brings a cool and refreshing breathing experience to your home.

The fine cold mist with 360° nozzle ensures maximum coverage. The 0.72 gallon/2.75 liter easy-fill tank provides up to 34 hours of run time. Set the auto-off timer up to 12 hours. The silent design with on/off night light function allows you to use it easily at night. Use the essential oil tray and the included mat to diffuse your favorite essential oils. Clean water tank technology helps protect the water tank from mold and mildew. A demineralization column is included to help prevent hard water from accumulating. As a safety feature, the humidifier will automatically turn off when the water tank is empty. Includes convenient remote control.

The Good

Visible fine cold fog
Up to 34 hours of run time and 12 hours of automatic shutdown timer
3 oil mist output settings and automatic shutdown protection when the oil tank is empty
essential oil tray with 3 cushions
Silent operation suitable for night use
Clean water tank technology helps protect the water tank from mold and mildew

The Not-So-Good

The plastic case doesn’t feel very strong
Need to be cleaned regularly

What Customers Say

This is the second HoMedics humidifier I bought. I found that the water tank emptied faster than promised, but I did live in the desert. Some people complained of whining or rubbing, but after oscillating for me for a minute or two, the sound disappeared. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

Cool Mist Oscillating Ultrasonic Humidifier, BONUS DEMINERALIZATION CARTRIDGE

Ultrasonic cold mist humidifier brings a cool and refreshing breathing experience to your home

HoMedics Ultrasonic Mister is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, offices, cubicles, and living rooms. The innovative on/off oscillating head allows you to choose between 120-degree electric rotation or a fixed direction target nozzle. The large-scale coverage of 120 degrees allows your space to be fully purified and circulated. Ultrasonic technology allows this gentleman to have an ultra-quiet operation. It also has a built-in night light with a soothing glow for easier navigation at night.

The Good

Innovative on/off the oscillating head
Optional night light
Adjustable mist control
Easy to fill
Clean Mist anti-microbial technology helps keep the tank clean
Auto shut-off protection when the tank is empty

The Not-So-Good

A bit noisy
A bit fragile
It needs to be cleaned in time, preferably once a week. Otherwise, it is easy to block
The nozzle is small, and it isn’t easy to clean the water tank.

What Customers Say

Homedics humidifier is one of the best humidifiers I have ever used, we have 1 white and 3 blacks in total in the whole house, the house feels great, helps breathing, easy to use, easy to fill, but it depends Size your sink, the only problem is that you have to make sure to clean it with hot water and vinegar at least once a week, and change the filter once a month

HoMedics Personal Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier, BONUS FREE TRAVEL BAG

HoMedics Personal Travel Cold Mist Humidifier is a compact and portable travel version of our room humidifier.

Its size makes it ideal for small offices, hotel rooms, dormitories, bedrooms, cubicle desks, cars, and tents. It has an AC power cord adapter that is detachable to make the device smaller and easier to put in your travel bag or wallet. The travel humidifier uses a standard water bottle, 20 ounces. Or less can be easily set anywhere! In addition, ultrasonic technology allows almost silent operation. This ensures that you stay asleep or do not disturb colleagues and other travelers around you. A small humidifier can produce fine cold mist for up to 9 hours. At the highest setting, this little gentleman has a large coverage area. It can moisturize the dry winter air in your private space, up to 100 square feet! It has an automatic shut-off function, which can shut down the equipment when the water level is too low. This prevents your equipment from overheating and ensures a longer service life. It also helps to save your money and energy consumption!

The Good

Filling, handling, and cleaning are straightforward.
It Will emit a lot of cool steam
Blue light is a good night light

The Not-So-Good

It has no wicking filter
Easy to leak
whisper quiet, but don’t whisper or almost quiet as described, especially when set to oscillate, the sound will become noticeably louder
Easy to fill but not easy to fill
It is challenging to clean thoroughly

What Customers Say

I have a loft for rent, without central air conditioning. The design of this little thing is great. Because I’m in the attic, I like that I can pick up a water bottle and move it up instead of disassembling and dragging the entire machine-filled bathtub. It is very quiet, I can fall asleep while it is running, and I have very low noise at night (this is why I also like it because even in a hot night I don’t like to sleep with both AC devices running)

Cool Misting Ultrasonic Humidifier | 1 Gallon Tank, 36 Hour Runtime

The HoMedics cool mist ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic technology to produce low-sound, clear, and fine cold mist.

The cool mist ultrasonic humidifier can run for up to 36 hours per refill, and automatically shuts down the protection when the water tank is empty. Clean water tank technology helps protect the cool mister water tank from mold and mildew. Using hard water with a high mineral content may cause white mineral residues to accumulate on the surface of the room near the humidifier. Mineral residues are often referred to as “white dust”. Put the supplied desalination cartridge into the water tank to help reduce the possibility of white dust.

The Good

Quite quiet, just a low buzzing sound.
The black tape will block the “soothing blue light”, so it will not interfere with sleep.
It is easy to fill and works well
Maintenance costs are quite low

The Not-So-Good

It must be taken apart for cleaning.
No other humidity settings

What Customers Say

This humidifier is great! No need to clean the filter! I run this thing all day, sometimes all night. It is hushed and releases a mild cool mist. I have used a humidifier before and need to clean or change the filter frequently. Continuously running, I clean the water tank with a mixture of white vinegar and water once a week; gently scrub on the “membrane” to protect it from hard water deposits. I noticed that the drying effect of my forced air heating was immediately relieved. I have been there for almost a month, and I am delighted with it.

FAQ about HoMedics Humidifiers

Q: When should I run the humidifier?

Answer: Although the warm mist system is ideal in cold weather, you can use any humidifier throughout the year. Humidifiers are commonly used to treat sinus problems and congestion, and other problems such as dry skin.

Q: Can I use essential oils in any humidifier?

Answer: Do not use essential oils directly in the water tank of the humidifier. Over time, it may damage the equipment or damage the water tank. Essential oils are usually used in evaporating pans and should only be used following the humidifier manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: What is the best way to clean the humidifier?

Answer: Although the humidifier is easy to clean, care should be taken when using cleaning solutions in the system. If you need help cleaning the humidifier, please check our humidifier maintenance guide.

Q: What is the white dust around my humidifier? Should I be worried?

Answer: When your water contains hard water or minerals, the humidifier will produce white dust. It is harmless but may require you to clean the system more frequently, and you can use any humidifier year-round. A humidifier is commonly used for sinus issues and congestion, along with other problems like dry skin.

Q: Can I use essential oils in any humidifier?

A: You should never use essential oils directly in the water tank of a humidifier. It can damage the unit or break down the tank itself over time. Essential oils are typically used in a vaporizing tray, and should only be used as directed by the manufacturer of your humidifier.

Q: What’s the best way to clean my humidifier?

A: While humidifiers are easy to clean, you should take care when using cleaning solutions with your system. If you need help cleaning your humidifier, check out our humidifier maintenance guide.

Q: What is white dust around my humidifier, and should I be concerned about it?

A: White dust is common with humidifiers when you have hard water or minerals in your water. It’s not harmful but may require you to clean your system more frequently.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of HoMedics humidifiers?

A: HoMedics has several unique systems that distinguish them from similar brands Honeywell, Crane, and Vornado. We think their more expensive machines have a series of good humidifier features. Timers and night lights are a good contact, and their systems also have a long-running time.

Another obvious benefit is their dual-use system, and several of their humidifiers have an essential oil tray. We also like that even their simplest machines have automatic shut-off functions, and most machines have variable speeds.

The biggest disadvantage of the HoMedics humidifier is its cheaper model and the reliability of the personal humidifier. Given the short 1-year warranty and some bad reviews of these models, there are better places to buy an affordable cold mist humidifier.

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