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Yeedi vs. Lefant, Pros & Cons

If you haven’t possessed any type of robot vacuum cleaner in the past, it will certainly come as a positive shock to recognize that robot vacuums are a blessing to individuals that don’t intend to vacuum their residence every day. They automate the process of vacuuming your floors, and also you do not even need to fret about charging them as they easily return to their charging docks. They keep your residence neat, look after all the crumbs as well as little bits of food you could be dropping down on the flooring, along with the irritants that make you sneeze all the time.

In the world of robotic vacuums, the iRobot Roomba is a household brand known to the majority of people. If you have searched robot vacuums or have possessed one in the past, you have absolutely heard of iRobot Roomba, as they regularly trend on the amazon.com bestselling web page.

This article will show you two budget-friendly robot vacuums can be a substitute of Roomba’s 600 series as well as what each of them has to offer.

Yeedi 650

Vacuum robots that have premium features and smart mapping features are amazing to have, but not all individuals can afford one. Many economical options get the job done without breaking the bank if you are somebody who doesn’t want to spend upwards of 500$ on a cleaning robot.

Yeedi 650 is just one of them, being one of the least expensive cleaners we have checked in a while. Regardless of its rate, it includes a huge 800ml dustbin, more than two hours of battery life, 2000pa suction power, extra silicone tangle-free brush to tackle pet hair, a smart application, and also voice control while coming with a sub-200-dollar price point in Amazon.

The absence of smart mapping results in it to not know where it is, there are no turbo increases, no LIDAR, but it is to be expected provided the low price. What’s excellent about the vacuum robot is that it’s very quiet when you establish it to quiet mode vacuuming at the sub 50db noise level. When at standard mode, the noise isn’t as apparent and is one of the quietest cleaners we have evaluated this year. It likewise has four suction levels and can access to areas because of its climb threshold being over 0.7 inches. You can make use of Wi-fi to control the vacuum robot as well via the app or through a home assistant like Alexa.

Lefant M201

As is known to all, Roomba is a widely-known brand for people seeking to purchase a robot vacuum, but the price can make many people step back, especially the $1099 Roomba s9+ goes to show how pricey these items can be. However, with the most features of their Roomba 600 series, the Lefant vacuum that you do not have to break your bank to own.

Lefant is decent for its exceptional build quality and also performance; fortunately, this is also true for its entry version, Lefant M201. There are a great deal of resembles between the Lefant M201 and Yeedi 650. The main differences are Lefant comes with brushless inlet opening, which makes it more capable of vacuuming the pet hairs. If there are more than one pet in your house, It’s actually one of the best robot vacuums for you. Nevertheless, the dust compartment capacity is much less than the Yeedi at 500ml compared to the enormous 800ml.

Yeedi 650 Specs:

Run per-charge- 130 minutes

Capacity- 800ml

Weight- 17.76lbs

Noise- 56dB on quiet mode

Suction power- 2000pa

Voice control- Amazon Alexa.

Filtration capability- Approximately 99% of dust mites and allergens

General Warranty: 1 year

Lefant M201 Specs:

Run time per charge- 100 minutes

Charging time- 4 hours

Suction Power- 1800pa

Capacity- 500ml

Weight- 5.50lbs

Voice control- Amazon Alexa, Google assistant.

Filtration capability- All particles and prevent secondary pollution.

General Warranty- 1 year


For the price tag, Yeedi k650 does a wonderful job with its 2000pa suction power. It’s not the top one, but it’s not bad either. Given it’s a budget-friendly model, one may not expect it to do a great work at cleaning. Nonetheless, they would be pleasantly shocked as it promptly gets into corners and does a thorough vacuuming while staying clear of obstacles rather intelligently, even without a smart mapping feature. The low-profile layout cleans under couches, beds, and furniture, where dirt easily hides. The floating wheel easily climbs over the threshold for room-by-room cleaning.

From carpets to thick rugs to hard bare floors, the transition it made was quite flawless, as well as even without the inclusion of boundary strips, the robot did things neatly by itself. The integrated sensors are designed to the avoidance of collisions of this machine. The major marketing point of this one is definitely its silent attributes. When and also if it is stuck, it likewise sends you messages on your phone to allow you to know. It can even call out its location if the robot is out of view as well as becomes difficult to locate.

You may have seen the comparatively lower suction power of Lefant, and it could be of worry as really few vacuum cleaner robots come with such low numbers, a minimum of theoretically. Yet the thing with Lefant is that the brushless inlet mouth design actually helps it work just as effectively with the lower suction power. Even though the suction power may not be that high, it mitigates most of the issues related with the entangled hair. Nonetheless, if your residence primarily includes hardwood or flooring without pets, going with the Yeedi would be effective due to its higher suction abilities.

To our expectation, the Yeedi K650 is good on high-pile carpets. It does reasonably well with large debris like sand and fine debris like baking soda but will struggle with pet hair. However, the Lefant M201 has a poor performance on high-pile carpet.

Build Quality

The yeedi K650 and also Lefant M201 both have a good build quality. They’re mainly made of matte-finish hard plastic, with rubber-treaded wheels. Their covering shell seems pretty sturdy, but the plastic dustbin seems like it may break if dropped. On top, there’s a small Wi-Fi indicator light as well as a button you can press to start and stop a cleaning cycle. The vacuum arrives primarily assembled, and you only need to snap the side brush into place as well as a plugin the docking station.

With 3.15 inches in height and 13.3 inches in diameter, the Yeedi K650 is much larger than Lefant M201’s 11 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches in height. It means the Lefant M201 can glide under and also around the bed, couch, and other furnishings for a completely clean with high coverage without effort.

Smart App & Easy Control

You can easily schedule your home cleaning, switch the cleaning mode, or adjust suction power using mobile app of both robot vacuums. The Lefant and the Yeedi robot vacuum cleaners are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Use voice commands to start and quit cleaning more conveniently.

Dirt Compartment

The Yeedi K650’s dustbin is a reasonable dimension. While its capacity is smaller sized than the supplier advertises, it’s still larger than many robotic vacuums we’ve examined. There’s a plastic flap over the intake to assist protect against debris from spilling out. While the Lefant M201 is simply 500mL. It requires constant emptying as well as even though there’s no sign informing you when to empty it, it’s fairly hard to see exactly how full it is.


The yeedi K650’s battery efficiency is fantastic. If you set it to its most powerful ‘Max+’ mode, it lasts for roughly 50 mins. That stretches to almost 4 hours of constant cleaning time if you utilize ‘Quiet’ mode, exceeding the maximum cleaning time of 130 minutes that the supplier advertises.

The vacuum takes approximately 2 hours to charge totally, although Yeedi advises enabling it to charge for approximately 5 hours prior to utilizing it the first time.

The light ahead will certainly blink white when it’s charging and turn solid when it’s completed charged, cleaning, or on standby. It will turn red for any type of errors, and also turn off when the vacuum is shut down or out of battery.

Tools And Brushes

The yeedi K650 is equipped with two side brushes implied to press debris into the course of the vacuum. It includes a cleaning tool that consists of a hook blade for removing twisted hair, and also a brush you can use to get rid of dirt as well as particles. The Lefant M201 has just one side brush.


The Yeedi K650 does an ample task of maneuvering on it own. It utilizes a random cleaning pattern and also can miss out on some spots, significantly in the middle of a room, yet still supplies excellent coverage overall. It can climb onto and move on high-pile rugs and fits under low furniture such as sofas and coffee tables but often tends to encounter barriers, including its own charging dock station. It also gets caught on rugs with tassels, yet not on electrical cables, although it can pull and drag them around.


The Yeedi K650 has fine automation attributes. You can make use of the Yeedi app to establish the power setup and cleaning mode by hand. You can additionally have the vacuum return to its docking station, produce cleaning schedules, see when parts require to be replaced, as well as watch a cleaning log. You can not establish virtual walls, yet you can separately purchase magnetic border strips to keep it out of specific areas, although we haven’t examined that feature. There’s likewise a “Find my Robot” feature that tells the vacuum to make a noise so you can tell where it is. If you’re looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner with even more advanced automation attributes, think about the Yeedi vac station.

It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa tools, which allows you to manage it with voice commands. You can likewise press the button on top to start or stop a cleaning session without a Wi-Fit connection.


Sadly, both of two models have no self-cleaning dock station. If you want hands-Free cleaning, you could take a look at the Yeedi vac or Yeedi vac max, which is compatible with Yeedi self-empty station. Of course, there are still other advanced features too, but the price is much higher than Yeedi k650 at $499.


It is another feature that the Yeedi K650 and the Lefant M201 lacks of. But their least versions are equipped with this feature. At an affordable price, you can try Yeedi vac or Lefant M213.


Lefant and Yeedi are both great options for an inexpensive price. They provide amazing value, and although Lefant is more affordable than the Yeedi, it does excel in some areas, whereas Yeedi excels in others. On the whole, if a considerable portion of your residence is covered with low or medium-pile carpets or rugs, then Lefant would certainly be a better option. If you have hard flooring for the most part, then select for the Yeedi.

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