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Best AIRCARE Humidifier Reviews 2021

A humidifier is not always a small drop-shaped device placed on your desk to help you breathe throughout the working day. It can be a large model designed to add humidity to your entire house, but they also don’t have to look like appliances. This is where the AIRCARE humidifier comes into play. Of course, Essick Air does not just produce a humidifier. Choosing the best AIRCARE humidifier comes down to several factors, but mainly a subjective choice. AIRCARE is a company that produces only one product. This niche brand focuses on humidifiers, and they have a wide range of more than 20 humidifiers. This includes a combination of personal and portable systems and large humidifiers that can easily handle thousands of square feet.

It would be best if you decided which features are most important to you. AirCare is the right brand for you because of the following reasons. For these answers, please continue reading. Don’t miss the best AIRCARE humidifier reviews, and you’ll be able to get some useful feedback from customers.

Best AIRCARE Humidifier Reviews 2021

AIRCARE D46 720 Tower Evaporative Humidifier

Use this AIRCARE D46720 tower evaporative humidifier to bring natural moisture back to your home, thereby alleviating dry air comfort.

Equipped with two wicks, two water tanks, and two vents, the humidification area reaches 1,200 square feet. The tower also has four fan speeds and an adjustable humidity regulator to provide personalized comfort. The automatic shut-off, replenishment indicator, and check filter indicator functions make it easy to maintain. This Aircare evaporative humidifier has a space-saving design and can be used in almost any space.

The Good

It has a beautiful appearance, easy installation, good operation, and easy operation, and has excellent features suitable for its price range.
Digital control makes it very easy to operate. This is a simple two-button interface with an easy-to-read display.
The automatic humidistat can be set to 25-65% (at 10% intervals).
There are four fan speeds. The first three speeds are very quiet and will not cause interference in most cases (not even noticeable)
Even for large dry spaces, the device can work well.

The Not-So-Good

It is quite large, plus two tanks about 1.5 inches on each side.
There are four fan speeds, but the fourth gear is very loud. The first three speeds are very quiet and will not cause interference in most cases

What Customers Say

The performance of this humidifier left a deep impression on me. We use it for a 1200 square foot single-story ranch, and the unit is located in the middle of the house. Since the fifth day of use, we have maintained a humidity of 40% or 40%. Considering that the humidity in our home is usually in the 10s or 20s in winter, quite a lot. We run two during the day and four at night. The second is quiet. You will definitely hear it at level four, but even if the bedroom door is open, the sound level will not exceed what you get from a small white noise machine. The overall design will facilitate easy wick maintenance, and it is straightforward to refill each water tank.
I would definitely recommend this product.

AIRCARE 696 400HB Whole House Credenza Evaporative Humidifier

This AirCare evaporative humidifier has nine speeds and is designed to provide the right humidity for your entire house.

It uses bookcase-style cabinets in two oak tones. You can set the fan’s speed yourself to get a little or a lot of moisture or set it to a specific humidity, and it will run until it reaches your preferred level. The large water tank can hold up to 5.6 gallons of water, which means you don’t have to add water frequently. When a filling is required, you will see an indicator on the digital display, and you can easily fill the dual tanks with the supplied hose.
If you are looking for a whole-house evaporative humidifier with a traditional bookcase style, this may be your ideal choice.

The Good

It can easily maintain an overall humidity above 35% in freezing weather, done at the lowest fan speed.
If you run the fan at low or minimum speed, the system will be tranquil.
Assembling is a piece of cake, which means it’s really good-it takes a certain amount of force to install the casters.
Both kettles have plastic screw caps with a water valve inside.

The Not-So-Good

Using it on any setting other than the lowest setting will make the sound unpleasantly loud
May be closed while running

What Customers Say

I bought this humidifier because my house seemed to dry out in winter. This unit is easy to use. I set it up in a few minutes, and it did a great job. We no longer have static electricity problems. Our skin, especially our nose, is better. Using a 2 2.6 gallon water tank, I won’t be filled with water all the time. The only drawback is that the fan is noisy, but there are 9 speeds, so I turn it on at a slower speed, and it works well.

AIRCARE 831000 Space-Saver, White Whole House Evaporative Humidifier

Improve the air quality in your home with this 2700 square foot AIRCARE 831000 White House whole-house evaporative humidifier.

It has a large reservoir and extended operating time. This AIRCARE evaporative humidifier has wheels for easy mobility. It also has three fan speeds, an adjustable humidistat, a replenishment indicator, and a check filter indicator. The AIRCARE 831000 White Whole House evaporative humidifier can humidify up to 2700 square feet and has a top-load design, which makes it easy to add water.

The Good

Requires 5 gallons of tap water, so the replenishment is not so frequent
Keeping the fan at the slowest speed can work for 24-30 hours
The water evaporates naturally without using any hot or cold fog, so it will not leave any white crystal dust in the entire house.
It looks good and has his caster wheels, so it is easy to move around.
It can keep the humidity of a 1700 square foot house between 30% and 40%.
We also run it at the lowest speed of the fan, it is quiet.

The Not-So-Good

The materials used to build it are very cheap.
The fan running humidity control is the same size as the top button of the switch button, which is a bit difficult to distinguish.
Medium and high-end fans have a louder sound

What Customers Say

This humidifier is great. I live in Colorado and the air is very dry. I am tired of filling up the small 1-gallon humidifiers we have in every bedroom. This is about 2600 square feet of our entire house. The built-in humidistat is very accurate. I bought two hygrometers and placed them in different rooms around the house, usually one or two percent. It does a very good job. I have recommended it to several people who all say the same thing.

AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier

It is hard to imagine that a humidifier is an attractive piece of furniture, but the AirCare EP9 800 whole-house base evaporative humidifier is as close as possible.

It is still a bit utilitarian in design, but it tries hard to look beautiful. This humidifier is the most popular choice, which may be related to its runtime and size. This device is really not that big, the tank can only hold about 3.5 gallons of water, but its rated operating time is 60 hours. Most people say they are lucky to be able to use it in a tank for 24 hours. Nonetheless, this is not bad compared to smaller units. There is a digital readout to let you know what the desired humidity level is. The most important part is that this humidifier is effectively suitable for large houses. You can increase the humidity of a 2,400 square foot house. This may be smaller than some others, but this unit is also a bit smaller. In general, the biggest problem is noise. It is a bit noisy at lower levels, but setting it beyond the third or fourth level will be too loud to handle.

The Good

It is straightforward to add water. And the capacity is large, can hold 4 gallons of water.
Covers an area of 2400 square feet
9-speed motor with digital control and display
adjustable humidistat and automatic shut-off
Add water and check the wicking filter indicator.
Convenient front tilt door and casters for easy movement

The Not-So-Good

Display brightness is frustrating
The sound is loud. Because the fan is mighty

What Customers Say

Over the years, I have used many different humidifiers, but they are always disgusting or not powerful enough to have a real impact on the humidity level in our home. I found this whole house humidifier 3 years ago and I am glad I did. We go to use it every winter, which is really great. Although it is large, it is not ugly and blends well with our other furniture when not in use throughout the year. Our house always gets very dry in winter, and it feels like we live in the middle of the desert. Soon after starting this humidifier, I noticed a difference in the air. This has changed lives!!

AIRCARE Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

With its eye-catching appearance and multiple functions, MESA moves into the future, providing cool and warm atomizing humidification, essential oil diffuser, night light, and remote control.

This device operates silently and creates a healthy indoor air environment. The ultrasonic humidifier uses the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to atomize water into ultra-fine particles and diffuse the cold and warm water vapor into the air. It is scientifically proven that keeping the humidity in the home/office/workplace between 30-50% helps prevent flu and allergies. Proper humidity can moisturize your skin, relieve dry eyes, hoarse throat, and reduce snoring. Proper humidity makes you feel warmer and allows you to lower the thermostat setting, thereby saving money.

The Good

Stylish appearance
3-speed fan speed
Warm/cold mist ultrasonic humidifier, covering an area of 750 square feet
The portable water tank is automatically closed for easy refilling
LED night light, essential oil diffuser, automatic shutdown
No need for wick, ultra-quiet operation

The Not-So-Good

It will make a grunting noise every 2 minutes or so. Although it is not very loud, it takes a little time to get used to it.
The warm mist is not very smooth to use.

What Customers Say

We used to have 3 separate machines for humidifiers, cold mist humidifiers, and diffusers. This applies to all three machines in our nursery. The heating mode is not as warm and stuffy as the tropical rain forest-like many heating humidifiers, but it is good for young children. We did block a small amount of light because it was in his room, but it was not enough to bother and adults. At high places, it is large enough to accommodate a large living area but powerful enough for a normal-sized room, but at low places, it is suitable for bedrooms.

AIRCARE H12600, Copper Night Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The Alliance series is designed for large spaces. Its 5.4-gallon water tank and longer run time mean less make-up fluid. Alliance has four fan speeds, an adjustable humidistat, automatic shutdown, replenishment indicator, and check filter indicator.

It is available in three wood colors so that the console can be seamlessly integrated into any room. The device uses one (1) 1045 Super Wick and one (1) 1051 air filter. The air filter is sold separately. The output is up to 3700 square feet AIRCARE H12600 whole house console type evaporative humidifier.

The Good

It is more suitable for natural humidity than ultrasonic humidifiers
Maintain a comfortable humidity for the rooms
The total water capacity is about 11 gallons, enough for one day to replenish
adds a decorative appearance

The Not-So-Good

The noise is loud at high speed (low speed is fine, but it is difficult to maintain humidity)
Need regular cleaning
The water bottle weighs nearly 18 pounds. When it’s full.

What Customers Say

I know I must give this product a good review. It is a bit difficult to assemble and open it correctly, but after you take the time to follow the instructions, it works well. One comment said that they didn’t get their accessories; at first, I thought I didn’t have them either, but they were in another box at the bottom. Maybe the people who said they didn’t get the accessories did not thoroughly inspect the box? Then like another comment, I can’t turn on the humidifier fan, but you must adjust the top just right so that the lid is firmly installed and the fan will open. The product works well and works well. It will not run all the time, and the fan may be a bit noisy when it is running, but it is not intolerable. If you need a humidifier for your entire house, I highly recommend this product.

AIRCARE HD1409 Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The AIRCARE Alliance can hold up to 5.4 gallons of water, has four speeds, and uses air filters and the company’s Super Wick.

It has an adjustable humidistat with a running time of 45 hours, but the control is analog, not digital. It offers three wood appearance colors, namely oak tree knot, copper night, and light oak. Valiant is another humidifier with a variety of styles, including the stylish AIRCARE Valiant HD1409.

The Good

Reasonable price
Two detachable water tanks, each of which can hold about 5 gallons; the total capacity of the device + water tank may be 18 gallons, and it usually lasts about 30-40 hours at the highest setting.
They are solid plastic, which is easy to remove and refill (pretty handles made of plastic).
Can use the included casters to roll freely, but will not move or roll by itself;

The Not-So-Good

The fan is very loud, and we can only run it at the lowest speed for a while.
It feels a bit fragile.
The kettle is moody. They need to be placed carefully in the device. Otherwise, they will not be properly discharged into the water tank and wick.

What Customers Say

We ordered this humidifier, and we are glad we did it! On the one hand, it is much easier to add water than the old models we used in the past. There are two large plastic containers, and you can take them directly to the kitchen sink, fill them up, and then easily put them in the humidifier. We like that. We used to take a bucket of water to the device (using our old model) and pour it in. This Aircare HD 1409 model is straightforward. Every day we are delighted that we bought this. In addition, the best thing is that we did not get sick at all this winter, which is attributed to maintaining good humidity levels at home. I highly recommend this humidifier.

AIRCARE 7D6 100 Tabletop Humidifier

This desktop device includes the powerful features of many large models.

It is an excellent humidifier for small spaces with a display, four fan speeds, adjustable humidistat, check filter indicator, and an easy-to-fill water tank. The unit uses one (1) 1040 Super Wick. AIRCARE 7D6 100 desktop humidifier with output up to 1000 square feet

The Good

Covers an area of up to 1,000 square feet.
Up to 70 hours of running time.
2 gallon fuel tank capacity.
digital readout
4 fan speeds
Customizable humidity settings.
Check the filter indicator and control lock.
Single bottle design
ETL approved.

The Not-So-Good

The display is too bright
Turning them off by default requires the maximum number of button presses to obtain maximum humidity and low fan, it should be the opposite
The redesigned water tank will not stand upside down, it is difficult to add water, and the handle is at a certain angle with the water outlet.
When disassembling the device to replace the filter or cleaning the base, it is difficult to put the device back in place with the cover alignment tabs

What Customers Say

This is the best humidifier available. In my 600-square-foot master bedroom, it took several hours to raise the humidity to the set value. The water lasts a little more than 24 hours. This product is simple and effective. In fact, it works well. I bought them for a Larger installation apartment, and it humidifies the entire 3 bedroom application. Don’t waste time on other products.

AIRCARE SS390DWHT, White Space-Saver Evaporative Humidifier

This evaporative humidifier from AIRCARE will definitely complement any decoration. 

It has an easy-to-fill water tank with a large capacity to extend the running time. This humidifier adds invisible moisture to your environment by passing dry air through a saturated wicking filter. Use Space Saver to humidify large areas without taking up a lot of space. Choose from a two-speed analog model or a three-speed device with a check filter indicator. Both models have an adjustable humidistat, automatic shut-off device, water replenishment indicator, and easy-to-operate casters. All of these are concentrated in a compact unit that can be easily integrated into any home.

The Good

Covers an area of 2,300 square feet
Up to 70 hours of runtime
6-gallon fuel tank capacity
3 fan speeds
Customizable humidity settings and automatic shutdown
Pouring design for easy top filling

The Not-So-Good

The top with motor and fan looks heavy
Speed 3 is loud; speed 1 is quiet

What Customers Say

I bought this aircare humidifier to replace different models of Essick Air with the same specifications. However, Aircare will run multiple times, keep the humidity more stable, and shut down more frequently. The design is right. I highly recommend this humidifier. I use this large-capacity humidifier in my bedroom. It is quite enough to fall asleep and does not emit annoying white dust like other types.

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

AIRCARE manufactures a variety of humidifiers, but most of their high-capacity models have a unique appearance.

One machine that stood out from the package was the AIRCARE console MA1201. It has a fairly basic design, four speeds, and a running time of 36 hours. Self-regulating mode and digital humidistat are the other two advantages of this system.

The Good

Keep the humidity at a consistent level in the “smaller space” maintained by the panel control. Good balance between fan level and noise. 4 fan levels and one automatic level.
The excellent design is that running the product 24/7 usually only requires replacing the wicking filter every six weeks.
It is easy to clean the wicking filter if you have time by soaking it in something like CLR. The new filter is less than $15.

The Not-So-Good

Considering the size of the equipment, the size of the water tank is too small.
The water tank is completely opaque, so the remaining water level cannot be seen.
It is very, very embarrassing to fill the fuel tank. It is recommended to use a funnel to fill the bathtub with water. It takes a long time to fill water from the outlet of a sink with limited flow.

What Customers Say

Someone deserves a ticket to heaven. VORNADO has served me for 10 years. Every winter, I fill two VORNADO reservoirs twice a day in a three-story house. I will not complain about the frequent replacement of expensive filters. My furnace humidity indicator has never moved more than 3-5% in a day, nor has it reached 50%. Thought it might be broken. My humidity sensor is fine. AIRCARE delivered the exact product advertised, and everything went as promised. Set the AIRCARE humidistat to 50%, and the humidity in all rooms is between 45-50%. I can’t be happier!

AIRCARE Humidifier Function

When you have as many humidifiers as AIRCARE, it pays to switch devices. Although they do a good job in design, their function is mainly related to the level or size of the machine. This limits things to a certain extent, especially when you start working on their larger humidifiers.

Regardless of the size, the automatic shutdown is a standard feature. The notification system lets you know when the water tank is empty or if the filter needs to be replaced. These notification systems mainly exist in medium and large systems. Most of their ultrasonic systems are designed to use essential oils, but you will not find any high-capacity machines that use warm mist.

Night lights are ubiquitous in small and medium-sized machines. We found several humidifiers with remote controls scattered in their series. The same is true for digital controls, although they also have many analog models. Larger humidifiers, notification systems and dual tanks are the most common features of humidifiers. Other features include filters or multiple wicks.

Common problems of aircare humidifier

Q: When do I need to replace the wick on my aircare humidifier?

Answer: The company recommends replacing the wick every 1-2 months. However, these numbers can easily change, depending on the type of water you use the humidifier and its maintenance. The wick is not washable and should always be replaced.

Q: Where should I put the antibacterial agent in the humidifier?

Answer: You need to put the antibacterial agent into the water tank or water tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: Does AIRCARE have an ideal working range or humidifier?

Answer: Their humidifier will work at a level of 25% to 65%.

Q: Can I use an aircare humidifier with a soft water system?

Answer: Although you can use hard or soft water in the humidifier if you want the system to maintain its performance, distilled water is the best choice.

Q: About aircare humidifier warranty

A: Understanding AirCare’s warranty policy is simple. The warranty on their ultrasound system is only for one year, which is unfortunate because most people use essential oils and have a rated area of less than 1,000 square feet. This is common for cheaper humidifiers, but some machines at this level are not cheap.

Humidifiers over 1,000 square feet account for more than half of its catalog and are covered by AirCare’s 2-year warranty. Although we would like to see the company offer a standard 2-year warranty, they have an extensive range of replacement parts.

We were able to find replacement parts for most of their humidifier systems through a quick search, including water bottle components, replacement casters, and plastic floats. Most parts are very reasonably priced, although some parts will make you argue about the price of replacing the humidifier.

Q: Advantages and disadvantages of aircare humidifier

A: Compared with similar brands, we found that manufacturers like AIRCARE and Crane have much more in common than companies like Aprilaire or Dyson. Most of their humidifiers have a set of basic but useful functions. Compared with similar brands, they have more models with digital controls and different designs, even though the number of ultrasonic machines is small.

The biggest disadvantage of buying a humidifier from AIRCARE is that if you want a larger ultrasound system or a system with all the bells and whistles, there is a lack of options. Features such as remote control and removable fuel tanks are also excellent, but they are scattered in their product line, making it difficult to find the right model.

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