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Best Wet/Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2021

A good hand-held vacuum cleaner can provide fast cleaning, does not require extensive handling, and does not take up valuable storage space. In terms of deep cleaning, these mini vacuum cleaners will not replace full-size cartridge vacuum cleaners, but they can conveniently handle dry spills, traced dirt, and pet hair sticking to almost everything immediately. For hand-held vacuum cleaners, you can even consider more than one, because they can not only handle the clutter in your home: store one in the garage to keep the workshop, garden bench, and your car clean.

Best Wet/Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2021

Vapamore MR-50 Steamer Vacuum Combo

Surface Recommendation:Dual Action
Item Weight:6 Pounds
Power Source:Corded Electric

Although it can handle dry picking easily, the wired MR-50 is a steam engine that is good at wet picking, especially pet feces, without the need for chemical cleaners. It comes with a squeegee and nylon brush attachment and a spare washable filter. The small wheels next to the nozzle can help you position the vacuum perfectly for suction. Then, flip the switch and steam the area with dry or wet steam. In our tests, no stains or odors were left behind. We like how quiet and simple the process is and how easy it is to empty and clean the machine afterward.

The Good

It produces a lot of very hot steam, and the suction power is as good as a vacuum cleaner. The device is very convenient. It can easily clean the armrests of our recliners, the grooves of the sofa, the sides of the chairs, carpets and pillows. The power cord is long enough, we don’t need an extension cord. Cleaning is also very simple: dump the fresh water tank, and disassemble the front water tank + filter into 4 pieces (including brushes or squeegee nozzles), which can be quickly rinsed and dried.

The Not-So-Good

The only disadvantage of this device is that the onboard water tank is *only* used for steam; it does not have a “flush” function because additional water storage will make the device too large, and this problem can easily be solved with a bottle of fresh water.

What Customers Say

Good tools are too hard to find. This is very suitable for small tasks. Adding water is a bit troublesome, but I think it can prevent overheating. I just steamed my car windows and steam vacuum seats. I am glad that the steam is not hot, but it still cleans well. It is safer than other steamers I have used.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum

Model Name: DCV517M1
Special Feature: Portable, Wet/Dry, HEPA
Power Source: Battery Powered

In your studio, wireless DeWalt is ideal for crafts and DIY projects, even for damp spills. Its powerful suction and large water tank allow you to clean up large pieces of debris, and it is easy to empty and clean. The included retractable hose provides an extra two and a half feet of extension distance to enter awkward corners and crevices. We like that it has a hepa filter. The kit includes a charger and removable battery that can be interchanged with batteries in other DeWalt tools

The Good

The Gore HEPA wet dry filter of DEWALT cordless handheld vacuum cleaners can capture 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns.
The dual cleaning mode of the DEWALT 20V vacuum allows the use of a practical nozzle or a retractable rubber hose to remove debris
1/2 gallon water tank with heavy-duty latch for easy emptying and cleaning
washable filter; rinse with tap water or water
Heavy-duty rubber hose provides durability and flexibility
Use 20V Max* DEWALT battery pack can run time is not long

The Not-So-Good

The weight distribution is off the center of the handle, which makes it strange to hold.
The angle of the suction mouth is weird and weird to use. Many places cannot be visited. The tube is also awkward to use. Like it’s too short, pull up the vacuum cleaner
Exhaust pushes the dust you are trying to inhale

What Customers Say

The best portable vacuum cleaner I have ever bought. All other vacuum cleaners can only be used continuously while the rechargeable battery remains charged. This vacuum cleaner has a removable battery, so you will only get a new battery, not a new vacuum cleaner, when it stops charging. High power, wet and dry. highly recommended

Homasy Handheld Vacuum Cordless, 8Kpa Hand Vacuum

Form Factor: Handheld
Model Name: cordless handheld vacuum, Powerful Cyclonic Suction Vacuum Cleaner,
Surface Recommendation: Carpet

Beautiful on the outside, strong on the inside. The Homasy wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a sleek silver body and a translucent storm gray dirt and debris cup.
The handles designed by Homasy prevent hand fatigue. They set the outlet on the side of the vacuum cleaner, which means you don’t have to chase small debris such as dust. The hand-held wet and dry vacuum cleaner includes a crevice tool and a brush. You can also get a rubber can insert for wet garbage.

The Good

The Homasy handheld vacuum cleaner is driven by a 90W high-power motor with a suction power of up to 8Kpa. In addition to sucking out daily pet hair, cat litter, confetti and bread crumbs, it aims to provide a full range of protection for every corner of your home and car. In addition, all the dust can be poured out easily with one click. Homasy handheld vacuum cleaners are equipped with enhanced 2 non-woven hepa filters and high-quality filter packaging, designed to further extend the service life and effectively avoid filter clogging, while ensuring perfect suction conditions. Exquisite workmanship, durable, to provide you with an unparalleled user experience.

The Not-So-Good

The suction power is average, and the debris on the board needs to be sucked back and forth several times. At the same time, you need to clean the hair from the bristles yourself.
It’s also kind of hard to empty out
The quality of all accessories is not very high, and it is difficult to install the vac device
Not suitable for carpets (we laid carpets on the stairs, hope we can stop sucking the big vacuum on them), because the suction power is not enough to grab anything that is not placed on a hard multi surface.

What Customers Say

I bought this handheld vacuum cleaner because the two vacuum cleaners in our house can only be fully charged for about 5-7 minutes before they run out, no matter how long they stay charged. They must also stay in touch at all times, otherwise they will lose their charge after a few days. This new vacuum is exactly what we need, and the price is reasonable. It has excellent suction power and keeps running strong for 5 minutes. The adapter is also very useful and easy to install and remove. I just hope there is a pouch or something that can be put in one place to avoid losing them, but finding a pouch or bag at home is easy to solve. The vacuum cleaner is also very light and comfortable to operate. Very satisfied with the purchase, definitely recommend.

Holife HLHM319A Cordless Handheld Vacuum 6 Kpa Wet/Dry

Form Factor:Handheld
Surface Recommendation:Upholstery, Carpet
Special Feature:Cordless

Holife uses its most popular hand-held vacuum cleaner, making it better by increasing the suction power to 2 kPa and the total suction power to 6 kPa.
Dust and other small debris are not a problem for Holife wet and dry vacuum cleaners. The motor generates cyclone suction to separate the dust from the large pieces of debris. The handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with two reusable filter cloths, so you can clean one while using the other, eliminating downtime. In terms of battery life, wet and dry vacuum cleaners really shine. Due to its 2,200 mAh capacity, the 14.8-volt lithium-ion battery pack has a run time of 30 minutes and a charging time of 4 hours. It also has built-in technology to prevent temperature and voltage spikes.

The Good

The battery life appears to be terrific, I never ever used up the battery during a cleansing process. The design is also aesthetically attractive, with the vents blowing to the side (much better than my previous hands-on vacuum that blows down and scatters the dirt and debris you are attempting to get). It is additionally a wet dry hand vacuum cleaner, which is a type of cool. It is likewise very silent contrasted to the majority of vacuum cleaners. With a tidy filter, the suction power is okay. The client service is additionally great as well as receptive.

The Not-So-Good

Bad filter style. It will certainly be covered/clogged by dust very swiftly (less than 5 minutes), after which the suction power drops to practically no (so the battery life is not that long because you require to stop vacuuming to cleanse the filter). It is difficult to clean. In order to get rid of the dirt, you need to brush/shake it, or clean it off, otherwise there will certainly be dirt and debris almost everywhere (including your body), or flush it into the sewage system (I don’t wish to block it). I needed to replace the initial filter after only 3 usages, even if I needed to clean it after each use.

What Customers Say

I have wanted one of them for years and finally ordered Holife. I like this vacuum cleaner. It is straightforward and has better suction power than our vacuum cleaner (we send it to the local second-hand store). I really use it under the kitchen counter to handle crumbs, under the dishwasher, in the refrigerator, in the bathroom for quick cleaning (including hair), dead flies on the windowsill, corners. We live in the woods in the summer, which is great for spider webs and so on. The cleaning is also good; I just rinse with warm water; although the filter is not as clean as white (more like gray), I have no problem. I often use this tool :). Very satisfied

Armor All, AA255 , 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP wet and dry Utility Shop Vacuum

Model Name:AA255
Special Feature:Auto shut-off
Power Source: Corded-electric

Armor All’s handheld wet and dry vacuum cleaner is used to clean the car’s interior. As long as you slide the power switch on the handle, the vacuum will generate a lot of suction because it has a 2.0 peak horsepower motor. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner weighs 7 pounds and is very light in hand, but not too light. The handle provides a firm grip, and the 10-foot cord provides you with enough reach.
The container can hold quite a lot of dust, dirt, and water while still being easy to take care of. When cleaning, you can carry a wet dry vacuum cleaner with you, but we believe that most people will put it down before using it.

The Good

This vacuum cleaner is great. It has significant suction power. I utilize it to vacuum my cars and truck. It does a fantastic work! Its noise is very little louder than an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It is not very loud, however at the same time, it is not whispering quietly. The vacuum hose is long enough, concerning 6 feet. Even better, the end of the pipe can be rotated. This makes it simpler to use it with accessories due to the fact that you will certainly not kink the pipe easily.

The Not-So-Good

There is not nearly enough room to unload all accessories in the garbage collector of the device when not being used.
it’s LOUD.
An extension tube is missing, but if you have one from the small hose Shop-Vac, it might fit. This will make blowing and vacuuming the floor easier.

What Customers Say

I like this little vacuum very much. I have read through all the reviews and am looking for vacuum cleaners with reviews that these users have actually used in the damp environment of the car instead of sucking a puddle of water. My car seat is made of fabric with water stains and food marks on it. I bought my favorite car interior spray/cleaner, soaked the seats, scrubbed them, and then removed this small but potentially dusty thing. My seats look great! The wet settings for cleaning the fabric seats are amazing. This does take a while because it is obviously not an industrial-size vacuum cleaner and has only so much suction power, but my light beige car seat looks new. Definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to understand the internal details in detail and does not want to pay, arms and legs, but only wants to clean the seat!

Shop-Vac 2021000 Micro Wet/Dry Vac Portable Compact Micro Vacuum

Model Name:1 gallon 1.0 PHP wet dry vacuum
Surface Recommendation:Wall
Special Feature:Lightweight and Portable

Shop-Vac’s Micro wet dry Vac is perfect for garages, cars, and homes. Its 1 horsepower motor is potent and can produce 44 watts of suction. There is a simple switch rocker switch to control the power of the handheld vacuum cleaner, and the 6-foot-long power cord provides a large working radius. With its 1 gallon capacity, you can do a lot of work before you have to empty the filter bag and clean the water tank. For damp environments, all you have to do is to insert the included foam sleeve. The 4-foot 1.25-inch hose can be used with either of the two accessories.

The Good

This vac is small but very powerful! Super suction power. I like how small it is, and it doesn’t take up space at all in my trunk;
Shop-Vac offers a complete range of vacuum cleaners, bags, filters, accessories, kits, and other cleaning tools for household, industrial and commercial applications. Airflow, max: 50 CFM;
With wall bracket, wall-mounted tool rack and folding top handle for easy storage;

The Not-So-Good

The power cord is too short, you may need to purchase an additional extension cord to use it.
The hose is a bit short. When using it, you must hold the vacuum cleaner with one hand and drag it to every corner with the other hand. In addition, if the hose is bent too much, it will cut off the suction.
It does not have much capacity, most of the bag capacity is wasted because the filter takes up most of the internal space
If you vacuum the liquid, it will blow out some of the liquid from the rear exhaust port

What Customers Say

Very suitable for my studio. I replaced this $30 super vacuum cleaner with a very expensive battery-powered Dyson. Dyson’s battery life is terrible, 5 minutes with a new battery. The replacement battery is almost 3 times the price of this shop-vac, so I chose shop-vac. Never looked back. I don’t need an extension cord. Between the length of the vacuum rope and the hose length, the circumference is wider than you think. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is very light and easy to move, so there is really no extra work to unplug from one wall and reinsert it on the opposite wall.

Vacmaster, VP205, 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Portable Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

Vacmaster VP205 is a powerful, ultra-compact wet and dry vacuum cleaner suitable for shops and outdoors. It is equipped with a huge 1.75 horsepower motor to generate enough power to suck away all kinds of debris, from wet cement to dry wood chips. It comes with a convenient rope hook to wrap the power cord and an upward handle for easy lifting and transportation when not in use.

On an empty tank, the VP205 weighs only 5.2 pounds. Its 8-foot-long cord is very restricted, but you can use an extension cord to solve the problem. This heavy-duty machine can store up to 2.5 gallons of wet and dry debris at any time, reducing the frequency with which you need to empty the workshop vacuum.

The Good

The 8-foot power cord is conveniently wrapped for easy storage; it has multiple cleaning capabilities
Very suitable for picking up wet dry debris. Foldable top handles are easy to transport, and there are slit tools to make it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as keyboards. Compact storage function with on-board accessory slot

The Not-So-Good

This little vacuum cleaner is big and small. The hose is short, so don’t use it to clean large floors without purchasing additional accessories and losing some vacuum power. A lot of dog hair can accumulate in the bucket or trash can.
If I use it to vacuum my car, it must have a very long extension cord.

What Customers Say

I own a 4-Plex and need to vacuum the carpeted stairs and corridors. This small vacuum cleaner is easy to operate because of its lightweight. The only drawback I can think of is that the wire is not very long, but I have to use an extension cord anyway-so this is really not a problem. I am thrilled with this purchase.

DEWALT DCV517B 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum

Model Name:DCV517B
Special Feature:Portable, Wet/Dry, HEPA
Power Source:Battery powered

DEWALT’s DCV517B is a handheld wet dry vacuum cleaner with a half-gallon storage tank. It comes with an integrated suction nozzle and a flexible plastic hose for access to hard-to-reach areas. This is a tool-only kit, so you must purchase the 20V MAX DEWALT battery separately. The amazing thing about this handheld wet and dry vacuum cleaner is that it is equipped with a washable hepa filter that can last up to six months.

The Good

It uses a Dewalt 20V battery. This means that, unlike most cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, you don’t need to throw away the vacuum cleaner; just replace it with a new battery. It is larger than a typical cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, but it works well with standard 1.25″ attachments, so it has a wider range of uses and is suitable for cleaning stairs and narrow areas of vehicles. The battery lasts long enough to complete larger tasks so that it Can save time.

The Not-So-Good

It is larger than your standard wireless, but it is more versatile. The battery vacuum cleaner is a bit louder, but more importantly, it works. The debris container is not as big as it should be. It has a lip on it to catch small debris when emptying the container. In many cases, you must turn it upside down and shake it. It would be great if the sides of the bin were straight. The filter is huge and good, but the folds are deep and will trap a lot of dust. Depending on the type of debris, it may be a little difficult to clean the filter without pneumatic tools. Shaking it can remove a lot of dust, but it will discharge a lot of dust into the air.

What Customers Say

I didn’t even know the existence of these small vacuum cleaners until I saw a similar comment. Almost pulling the trigger, one of the censored people then ran over to this person. These are all the features I really want.
Its suction power is as good as any ordinary vacuum cleaner, but the suction area is smaller.
A great feature is that the hose is separated from the front, allowing you to enter a small area and use ordinary accessories.
It does require the DeWalt battery that you must provide yourself. Because I use the DeWalt tool, I can use these batteries.
Noe Note. With a small battery, you won’t get any hours of use, but it is enough to clean up the work around the house.
This is now my favorite tool, and I use it everywhere.

Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet/Dry, 3 Gallon, 3 Horsepower

Form Factor:Cannister
Model Name :SL18910P-3
Surface Recommendation :Carpet

Stanley SL18910P-3 is an ultra-durable, heavy-duty 3-HP wet dry shop vacuum cleaner with a 2.9-gallon storage tank that can be used to store a variety of debris. Its main weapon is a standard “gulper” nozzle, which can quickly and easily remove floor debris. Stanley also includes three different crevice cleaning tools for field cleaning.
The maximum range of this tool is 10 feet (6 feet power cord and 4 feet hose), but you can maximize the range and increase convenience by using an extension cord. Thanks to the built-in buoy system, you can directly vacuum more than two gallons of water without worrying about damaging the electronic components. Before opening the device, make sure that one of the two supplied filters is installed.

The Good

This is a portable vacuum cleaner with strong suction power. It is very light and small, very convenient to use, and easy to store. It is more suitable for stair work rather than the traditional upright vacuum.

The Not-So-Good

The power cord without it is very short. If you don’t have an extension cord, you might as well buy one now so that you won’t have a headache. The included vacuum hose is also a bit short. However, it is a readily available standard size, so it is easy to get a longer one or a different accessory if you wish.

What Customers Say

I put this vacuum cleaner in my garage and use it for all kinds of work-from vacuum cleaners
Clean up after carpentry or handicraft.
Additional tools/hose attachments are convenient and good but not great. I might only use
In any case, most of the time, the hose has no additional components, so this is not a problem.
You may need to use an extension cord to move it to all the locations you want
It, but this is a simple fix. Just keep a small extension cord on the vac.
I will recommend it, and if I need it, I will repurchase it.

Makita XCV11Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 2 Gallon HEPA Filter Portable Wet/Dry

Model Name:Makita XCV11Z 18V
Special Feature:Portable, Wet/Dry, Compact, HEPA
Power Source:Battery Powered

The Makita XCV11Z is a cordless dust collector that can generate up to 57 CFM of suction (27 inches of water lift). The device is powered by Makita’s 18V, 5-Ah LXT lithium-ion battery pack (sold separately), compatible with other products in the LXT cordless power tool platform. The battery can provide up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning per charge.It is not the lightest wet and dry vacuum cleaner, but it can collect all kinds of debris easily and effectively.

The Good

Two tools in one; quickly switch from vacuum to blower to increase versatility.
Two-speed button power options (high/low), suitable for various applications
Integrated tether hook can improve portability with an optional shoulder strap
Store the top handle aside and provide greater comfort during transportation
On-board hose and nozzle storage allows for easy and convenient transportation

The Not-So-Good

When used as a wet vacuum cleaner, the hepa filter will be a little clogged, it is best to turn off the suction completely. It would be great if there were two filters.
Insufficient suction. A fuzzy tool is needed to remove the dust and suck it into the vacuum.
It will suck some slight dust, and it will be more difficult for very heavy pet hair

What Customers Say

This thing is very suitable for quick small jobs. I have Festool midi and ct 26. They are great, but sometimes you need something wireless and fast. This is the solution, which is strong enough to pick up small dust and debris. If you want more suction power, you might as well connect it and increase the capacity. But overall, a great small cordless handheld vacuum cleaner and excellent design highly recommend it.


The biggest advantage of using a wet dry vacuum cleaner is that you can use a device to clean wet and dry garbage instead of relying on paper towels or sponges to dry the liquid pool. However, there are less obvious advantages to owning one of these vacuum cleaners.

Are there any accessories included with the wet dry handheld vacuum cleaner?

Every portable wet dry vacuum cleaner is different, but many come with one or more accessories.

For detailed cleaning, there are dust brushes and crevice tools. Some even have hoses and pipe joints to extend the length of the hose and help you enter awkward spaces.

What type of battery does the cordless wet dry handheld vacuum cleaner use?

Manufacturers of handheld vacuum cleaners use one of three types of batteries in their products-nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium ion batteries.

Should I buy a corded or cordless model?

Choosing between corded or cordless wet dry handheld vacuum cleaners depends on your personal preference. The vacuum cleaner with a power cord allows you to clean as needed without stopping and charging.

Do these vacuum cleaners contain filters?

Almost all wet dry handheld vacuum cleaners have filters. However, the filtration system varies by model. Some of these vacuum cleaners contain filter bags, while others contain filters made of foam, paper, or fabric.

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