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Best Yoga Mat for Men

Spending more time exercising in your home this 2021? If you do, investing in a top-quality yoga mat is an outstanding move as it is a functional piece of equipment for your home gym.

Along with your other at-home workout gear, yoga mats help develop muscle mass, increase versatility, and enhance equilibrium. If you are itching to attempt practicing yoga, 2021 is the ideal time to do so in your leisure. Not only does yoga exercise tone your body, but also a vital task that calms your mind, permitting you to manage your stress as well as boost your overall state of mind.

It’s estimated that roughly 80% of individuals that practice yoga are ladies. But guys require yoga exercise mats too! Let’s face it– yogi dudes have various requirements than our women yogi counterparts.

Yoga mats are essential tools for executing low impact exercises such as jumping jacks and various other easy workouts that you can do while watching TV. We can liken yoga mats to cushions, taking into consideration that everyone has their very own choices.

For example, some people like working out on a mat that provides a little bit of padding while others like a thin, grippy mat. Suppose you stay in a flat or house, in that case, a yoga mat is essential considering that it helps establish a specialized workout area, while also protecting against carpet burn or accidents caused by falls or slides.

Discovering the perfect yoga exercise mat may take a little time, mainly if you are a novice in the physical fitness world. A high-quality yoga exercise mat ought to help you to maintain your laser-like focus during the session. Can you envision the mat sliding underneath your feet while you change from one posture to an additional? Yep, not cool at all.

To avoid such problems, we took the time to gather the best yoga mats for men selections based upon the things men look for in a yoga mat: extra height, length, durability, and a more masculine aesthetic layout.

Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

This yoga mat has a great amount grip and cushion to maintain you feeling comfortable on your mat throughout a whole 60-minute hot yoga session. It has two sides: A smooth yet sticky side for your hands and feet, and a natural rubber side that grips to floor. The 5-millimetre padding is just enough to sustain your knees and elbow joints without caving into the plush material. The 3 inches extra-long and 2 inches extra-wide mat is a great choice for males.

Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

This mat is made from 100% rubber, which helps the mat keep the type of hot traction yoga requires. The rubber likewise absorbs wetness, and also it is virtually non-slip yoga mat. It has extra cushion and textured surface that permits your body to have some stability on the mat. The rubbery smell might be repulsive at first, but it disappears with time and also continued use. By the way, it is not machine washable.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Yoga teachers are there to teach you proper alignment when you’re in a pose. The Liforme yoga mat ($140) includes an alignment system called AlignForMe printed directly onto the mat. This design actually teaches you proper form. Besides the obvious value of the AlignForMe system, this mat has killer traction both wet and dry. There is a reason this is Dylan Werner’s mat of choice.

The Nomad Cork Yoga Mat by Yoloha

Yoloha is an innovator in the yoga globe, making yoga exercise mats entirely from environmentally friendly material. The Nomad Cork Yoga Mat is a unique mat that’s fantastic for a house or studio practice. Cork is suitable for traction, specifically when you sweat. That makes this of the most effective mats for hot yoga we have ever seen. This mat is provided in selecting dimensions, varying from 72″ x 24″ as much as 84″ x 30″.

Manduka Pro Yoga mat

The Manduka Pro is one of our overall favorite yoga mats. It’s used in several sizes consisting of an extra-long and large version that functions wonderful for taller guys. Because it offers a lifetime service warranty which means you never have to buy an additional yoga mat if your own is ever before damaged, we enjoy the Manduka. Besides, the Manduka Pro is an ultra-resilient mat that’s 6 mm thickness and made from a thick, body-friendly PVC.

Our favorite function is that it’s 26 inches large, which is a complete 2 inches wider than the standard yoga mat. This might not seem like a whole lot however when you’re down on the mat, that added 2″ is typically the distinction between having your knees on the hard flooring and having your knees on the soft mat.

Sharklet Yoga Mat

You require extra size on your yoga exercise mat if you are a high guy! The majority of mats have to do with 68 inches long, which only equates to 5′ 8″ in height. It’s a super grippy mat with added padding to support your joints during high impact tasks. Sharklet Yoga Mat is ideal for those with a greater impact practice, such as Vinyasa, or those who merely value extra convenience and cushioning. While Sharklet also provides yoga accessories,such as carry strap.


Whether you’re just beginning your yoga practice or being dedicated to everyday yoga, you can’t miss the mats on this checklist. We’ve examined and evaluated dozens of yoga mats at this point, also these are the best yoga mats for men despite how tall, short, skinny, or vast you might be.

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