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bObsweep vs. Lefant, Which is Best?

Cleaning can be bothering, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of robot vacuum cleaners, the process can be made much effortless and easier.

If you’re trying to decrease the time spent cleaning and organizing the residence, robotic vacuums are a wonderful machine. They’re valuable for homes with children as well as pets where duplicated cleaning is needed.

When it comes to getting a smart robotic vacuum that will save cleaning time, bObsweep and Lefant are the most reliable brands to choose from. Below is a sort of the two brands with pros, cons, and other useful information to assist you to make an informed decision.


bObsweep supplies a range of cleaners to match all needs. The cheapest options include cleaners in the bObsweep bob, such as the bObsweep bObi Pet, while the most costly is the bObsweep Pet Plus, valued at $339.9.

The bObsweep bObi Pet is equipped with a full command remote to offer you control of navigating and schedule automatic cleaning for approximately 7 days (one week). It also has a built-in TurboLift vacuum for cleaning that involves surface area as well as Back-to-back rubber and bristle brushes capable of cleaning hard floors, tables, carpets, and all edges of the house.

The latest bObsweep Pet Plus is a better choice if you have enough budget. It features a self-charging system that allows the vacuum to automatically charge itself when the battery gets low and finish the cleaning task once it’s done. It additionally comes with a Triple-layer filter, so the bObsweep will catch up dust, harmful particles, and virus in the air.

bObsweep pros

When you’re away, a self-charging system is useful for cleaning.

blOck Plus: Lay down at most two virtual walls around your house for keeping it away from certain areas.

full command remote enables navigating and a multitude of cleaning modes.

An Ultra-Violet lamp shines on the flooring below, while a filter captures specific tiny particles.

bObsweep cons

Most bObsweep cleaners are wider and taller profiles, making them slightly larger than Lefant.

Most bObsweep cleaners can’t connect to Wi-Fi, no mention to HOME app or any voice assistant.

Not works very well on pile carpets.


The firm currently supplies 5 robot vacuum versions, the latest are the M210, u180, and m213. Lefant M210 (also offered at BestAndFirst) is a better cleaner with strong suction and also upgraded FreeMove modern technology and adjusts the cleaning path automatically. Lefant U180 is 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping and has a long-lasting battery.

The affordable one is Lefant M201, which is a slim robotic but has bigger dustbin size, and it definitely has great suction power. It can run a very long time without requirements to return itself to the charging dock.

If you have kids and/or pets in the house, Lefant is a good option for you. It’s safe to use and some models come with Intelligent Mopping System for efficient cleaning and HEPA filter for allergic sufferers.

Lefant pros

Efficient Anti-drop sensors prevent dropping the table as well as other high surfaces.

Anti-collision infrared sensors are mounted on the front to protect furnishings from crashes.

Easy to use with a simple navigation system and handy switches.

Lefant is more budget-friendly than many bObsweep models.

Lefant cons

Some models need physical obstacles instead of virtual walls to mark cleaning boundaries, otherwise can’t do spot clean.

Dust compartment is not as large as bObsweep models.

Other robot vacuums worth taking into consideration

While bObsweep and Lefant are among the best budget-friendly options when it comes to automated cleaning, there are quite a few alternatives if you’re looking for something different.

One of the most common questions we have seen from our viewers is the distinction in between the most popular designs from bObsweep and Lefant.

Specifically, the Lefant M210 vs. Bobsweep PetHair Plus.

Below we’re going to cover these 2 models side-by-side:

Mapping – Both bObsweep and Lefant don’t have advanced digital mapping. While the M210 uses 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors to help the robot vacuum sense the surrounding situation in 360 degrees, it just steer randomly around the house if you choose the automatic clean mode. Thanks to Anti-dropping sensors, M210 could prevent the robot vacuums from falling off the stairs and adjust the cleaning path in time. Given the smart app, you could see the map on your phone app as well as battery percentage. However, you can’t use that map to set up virtual walls.

The bObsweep likewise can not map your house, but it has up to 80 touch sensors mounted on the bumper for detecting furniture and other obstacles. With bObi blOck feature, it is able to create an invisible wall so you can set off a zone.

Run Time – The run time for these two robots is fairly different. Lefant M210 has a slight edge with a 100 minutes per charge, or approximately 1100 sqft., compared to the bObsweep PetHair Plus, which runs only for 65 minutes. Of course, 100 minutes of run time is Lefant’s official run times, but in our tests, it seemed to be pretty close. Both of the vacuums listed here (Lefant or bObsweep) have Recharge & Resume feature.

Features & App – Apart from self-charging bases, the M210, and the bObsweep PetHair Plus all offer floor scheduling capability, strong suction, remote control and vacuum&mop cleaning.

With bObi blOck attribute, bObsweep PetHair Plus offers more granular control, allowing you create “Keep Out Zones” and “Clean Zones” via invisible barriers. One creates a safe space for your dog’s pile of toys, while the other focuses on areas that get the most traffic, such as an entrance. There is no option is available with the Lefant M210.

Customize the amount of mode you want on the Lefant M210 by selecting Zig-zag Path, Edge, Spot or Automatic clean modes. Not sure which areas of your house need even more attention? Both the Lefant M210 and bObsweep PetHair Plus have a feature of spot clean that can be controlled by a remote, if you find where there’s more debris, such as kitty litter, in an area and needs extra attention, you can send it to the spot. Or simply put the robot where the mess is and it will clean the area using a spiral brushes. Repeat cleaning the small areas until it is completely clean.

The bObsweep PetHair Plus only offers three cleaning pattern options: manual, spot and edge. While Lefant M210 offers Zig-zag Path clean mode for greatly improve cleaning efficiency.

We substantially liked the voice command compatibility on the the Lefant M210. It can work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means you could control the M210 just say “hello, Lefant”. The bObsweep PetHair Plus was a different story.

Cleaning Performance – The most striking distinction between these models is cleaning performance. Lefant M210 was almost perfect, removing 99% of debris, even the fine particles during our tests. BObsweep PetHair Plus struggled much more, only getting rid of 90% of particles. This isn’t to state PetHair Plus is a poor cleaner, yet compared to the Lefant high-end product, there is a clear difference in performance.

Pet hair, especially longer dog hair, is a frequent nemesis of robotic vacuums given that it often tends to obtain covered brush rolls quickly. This was true with the bObsweep PetHair Plus, while Lefant M210 uses Brushless Suction structure ensures that pet hair and dirt go into the dustbin easily. Fortunately, releasing the brush rolls on bObsweep PetHair Plus was easy and then it was just a matter of pulling the excess hair off the center and the spokes on the edges. Similarly, the cap on one side of the bObsweep’s brush roll can be rapidly eliminated to get at hair wrapped around the barrel.

Cleaning was easy with both robot vacuum cleaners, which meant it really did not take long to send them back to work.

Recharge and Resume – This function allows the robot go recharge itself and afterwards resume where it left off, in case its unable to finish a clean job before the battery runs out. Both Lefant M210 and bObsweep PetHair Plus have it.

Dust container  –  BObsweep PetHair versus Lefant M210 has more capacity for garbage. The bObsweep PetHair has container volume is 1100 ml. The competitor has a volume of 500 ml. BObsweep PetHair is twice bigger than M210. Tests have shown that both vacuum cleaners are powerful enough, which means it can contains more debris without emptying dust bin frequently in the same cleaning time.

Bag vs. Bagless – Both two models utilize a bagless design that you can just empty. There are advantages and disadvantages to each layout. In general, bags are much more hygienic, however need spend even more money over the life of the unit, while bagless is more convenient and also less costly.

Noise – The bObsweep PetHair Plus is not too noisy and moves smoothly and carefully, so the animals regard it as a friend instead of an enemy. Lefant M210 failed to take the lead in the ranking, but it was very quiet as well, which was comparable to its competitors.

Price – The bObsweep PetHair Plus is about twice as expensive as the Lefant M210 which is a huge difference. The bObsweep bObi Pet and M210 are closer to the same price. The Lefant M210 hits a nice sweet spot between cost and ease.

bObsweep vs. Lefant: Maintenance comparison

One of the most common troubles while making use of robot vacuums is the tangling of pet hair. Robot vacuums aren’t fit for picking up dog hair from high-pile carpets, as it gets stuck in the brushes, which can end up clogging the machine.

Fortunately, Lefant M210 is easy to clean. M210 has a special brushless head specially built to pick up pet hair. So, if you’re struggling with pet hair around the house, Lefant M210 might be a better cleaner for you.

Should you get the Lefant or the bObsweep?

Which item to purchase relies on what you’re seeking in a robot vacuum cleaner. If you’re looking for a cleaner with more features at a budget-friendly price, the Lefant M210 is an outstanding option. If you want the large capacity and 3-layer filter& UV-C light for depuration, thebObsweep PetHair Plus would work well for you.

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