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DEWALT Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2021

DeWalt is well known for its power tools and their usage in construction, woodworking, and production. Their brilliant yellow tools are understood for their sturdiness and integrity. DeWalt makes one design of cordless-only handheld vacuum, which is provided both with and without a battery. The battery is interchangeable with the huge line of DeWalt devices, so if you already possess DeWalt power tools such as a cordless drill you can minimize expense and get it without a battery. They also use a model which can operate either plugged into a 120V electrical outlet or with DeWalt 12V or 18V batteries. Keeping your store tidy is an integral part of your business.

If you get on the marketplace for an amazing DeWalt shop vac, yet aren’t sure which one is right for you, after that you’ve come to the right location. By checking out this acquiring overview, you will find out about the ten ideal DeWalt shop vacs and what they offer. This way, you can establish which one supplies what you need. It eliminates work injuries and guarantees your completed products are constantly spectacular. If you enjoy the Dewalt brand name for cleaning yet aren’t sure which version of vacuum is right for your shop, then we can aid. Their workshop and building site vacuum cleaners are known to be flexible and durable in order to have the ability to clean up also the toughest dirt and particles, yet also to ‘survive’ such extreme settings.

DEWALT Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2021

DEWALT DXV09P 9 gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

If you need to clean up sawdust or other debris from your store, then you should consider the DEWALT DXV09P 9 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac.

The 9-gallon version from Dewalt is a monster of a vacuum. It combines three different manner ins which you can clean– wet, dry, and strike. That makes this vacuum cleaner a must-have for any shop. It can handle anything from sawdust to water. It’s even gentle enough to be used on the interior of cars and trucks.

The Good

The layout of the vacuum cleaner, and the plastic wheels, also give the vacuum the capacity to be relocated a 360-degree instructions. Its ability to move is undoubted. It also features a drainpipe to permit you to easily eliminate water once it’s been sucked right into the container. The DEWALT DXV09P is created for sturdiness and performance. Thus, the general layout mirrors these ambitions, which leads to a very sturdy and extremely effective hoover. Due to these attributes, this is a wonderful shop vac to buy if you need something that is really effective and resilient.

Despite the fact that this shop vac has a huge motor and a 9 gallon container, it is rather mobile. Right below the shop vac, there are rubber casters that you can browse throughout several surfaces. By having these rubber wheels, it is easy to vacuum in practically any type of area and on any surface area. Plus, there is a manage on the top, which makes it simple to grab the shop vac.

  • Powerful 5 Optimal Horse Power Motor Gives Just The Quantity Of Suction Needed To A Lot Of Any Kind Of Cleanup Task
  • Tough 9 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Suitable For Big Pick-Up Applications 9 Gallon Poly Container
  • Ultra Durable Rubberized Casters Enable Smooth Pivoting For Reduce Of Movement
  • Big Integrated Storage Tank Drainpipe Makes It Easy To Remove Liquids Gotten
  • Built-In Blower Port Powerful Sufficient To Blow Sawdust And Particles From A Lot Of Any Workshop
  • Built-In Device Storage Bag Conveniently Attached To The Behind Of The Vac To Keep All Accessories Neatly Organized
  • 10′ Power Cord With Cable Cover Helps Reach Nearly Any Cleanup Requirement
The Not-So-Good
  • Durability may be questionable
What Customers Say

“We do a great deal of building. We have a 16 gallon artisan which is wonderful for my spouse. I desired something smaller sized & lighter with the exact same suction power, this is it. It is so very easy for me to move around. I enjoy the hook on attachment bag so the attachments are constantly with me. I like the place for the electric cable to twist around when you put it away. The only factor I gave it four stars was # 1 there is no where to wrap the big tube & # 2 the electric cable is a little much shorter than I would certainly have chosen. BUT this is so worth bearing with those 2 points. Yes, I would certainly recommend specifically for women.”

DEWALT DCV517B Baretool 20V MAX Cordless 1/2 gallon Wet/Dry

If you need a portable wet/dry shop vac, after that you need to think about the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

DeWalt DDCV517B is tough and versatile cleaning tool. It is corded/cordless powered device, that can be made use of as both vacuum cleaner and blower, can be used for vacuuming completely dry and wet dirt, it features huge dust tank and outstanding, real HEPA air purification.

The Good

The very first shop vac we are going to take a look at is the DEWALT DCV517B. Equally as the title over implies, this shop vac has a 1/2- gallon tank, which indicates that it can hold 1/2- a-gallon of dust, dust, debris, and water. Unlike many other shop vacs, this shop vac is battery-powered. You will certainly be counting on the battery that DeWalt has designed for this shop vac, but it isn’t consisted of, and neither is the battery charger.

If you can look past that minor hassle, though, you will discover that this shop vac is very powerful and really effective. With a weight of simply 4.5-pounds, this shop vac can operate in all type of areas– large and tiny– while removing large quantities of dirt, dust, debris, water; in addition to numerous other materials. Then, when you are done vacuuming, you can press a switch and empty out the dust container, and return to vacuuming.

  • Twin Clean-Up Settings Of Dewalt 20V Vacuum Cleaner Enable Particles Elimination With Either The Front Utility Nozzle Or Extendable Rubber Tube
  • Gore Hepa Wet/Dry Filter Of Dewalt Cordless Vaccum Traps 99.97% Of Dirt At 0.3 Microns
  • Cleanable Filter; Tap Or Water Rinse To Clean
  • Runs Off Of 20V Max Dewalt Battery Loads For Lengthy Run-Time
  • Large On/Off Change That Is Easy To Accessibility With One Hand
  • Sturdy Rubber Hose Gives Longevity and Versatility
  • 1/2 Gallon Tank With Heavy-Duty Latch Is Easy To Empty And Clean
The Not-So-Good
  • Exhaust port is in an uncomfortable place
  • Suction might not be solid sufficient
What Customers Say

“Frankly I am impressed at the number of people gave this high position. I was very excited for a cordless vac that would utilize the burgeoning heap of Dewalt batteries I have actually collected for many years. What a dissatisfaction, I had a dust buster two decades ago that had better suction than this. What is wrong with this firm? did they not also attempt to get some dust with this? what an ineffective item of crap.”

DeWALT 12 gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac,Yellow,DXV12P

There’s little not to like about the 12-gallon model from Dewalt. It has massive storage that makes it able to hold huge loads.

Its CFM is incredibly solid. This offers the vacuum the capacity to have powerful suction and blower capabilities.

The Good

Its drain port also makes it optimal for gobbling water or various other liquids. You can merely drain the liquid out of the port without having to lift the container and unload it out on your own. The vacuum cleaner has a long power cord, which makes it easier to move around. Consist of the 360-degree turning you carry the wheels and the ability to move is second-to-none. The cost makes this vacuum even better.

  • Effective 5.5 Optimal Horse Power Motor Provides Simply The Amount Of Suction Needed To Many Any Cleanup Task
  • Sturdy 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Ideal For Big Pick-Up Applications
  • Ultra-resilient rubberized casters make it easy to swivel and move your wet/dry vacuum. To keep your vacuum looking its best, clean the outside with a damp towel and mild soap.
  • Big Built-In Storage Tank Drain Makes It Easy To Eliminate Liquids Picked Up
  • Bonus Long, 20′ Power Cable With Cord Wrap Helps Get To Virtually Any Clean-up Requirement
  • Built-In Blower Port Powerful Sufficient To Blow Sawdust and Particles From Most Any Kind Of Workshop
  • Built-In Accessory Storage Space Bag Conveniently Connected To The Behind Of The Vac To Maintain All Accessories Nicely Organized
The Not-So-Good
  • Wheels are not locked
What Customers Say

“The battery would power up and shut down immediately. You need to cycle the switch off then on once more to get it to begin. Ours worked well enough for little pickup jobs for about five uses. Truly pleased with this little vacuum cleaner. I already have a lot of Dewalt batteries, so I bought this one with the intention of using it when it’s convenient. Over a year later, it is remarkably the MOST USED Tool I have.”

DEWALT DXV06P 6 gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

The DeWALT DXV06P is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner that can handle both dry and wet dirt and liquids.

It is appropriate for use in shops and building sites. The body of DeWALT DXV06P is made from difficult and resilient plastic, making the system lightweight and rather maneuverable thanks to 4 rubberized wheels. Nonetheless, this and other systems made from plastic needs to not be utilized as ash vacuums.

The Good

Within the shop vac, there is a 4 HP motor and a 6 gallon tank. By having the 4 HP motor, you have accessibility to ample vacuuming power for practically any type of vacuuming job. If you wish to vacuum a thick rug or rug, for instance, then you can quickly do so. But, what’s especially good is that you can vacuum for a long time, too, because this shop vac has a 6 gallon tank.

  • Effective 4 Optimal Horse Power Electric Motor Offers Just The Amount Of Suction Needed To A Lot Of Any Type Of Clean-up Work
  • Portable 6 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Suitable For Tiny Clean-Up Jobs
  • Ultra Durable Rubberized Casters Allow Smooth Pivoting For Relieve Of Activity
  • Integrated Blower Port Powerful Enough To Blow Sawdust and Debri From Many Any Workshop
  • 10′ Power Cable With Cord Cover Assists Get To Almost Any Type Of Cleaning Demand. Suitable For Smaller Sized Jobsite Cleanups
The Not-So-Good
  • Relatively small storage tank
What Customers Say

“This is an excellent mobile vacuum cleaner. It has outstanding power for the type of job it was implied to do. 18 volt & 20 volt adaptability is a plus, and not needing to eliminate the filter for damp pickup is great! I docked it 2 celebrities for the position of the air outlet. This doesn’t seem to be a well-thought-out plan. It’s so near to the suction tube that you need to be really mindful of the position of the vacuum or you will certainly blow away whatever it was you were trying to vacuum up. Begin Dewalt, you are far better than this!”

DEWALT DCV517M1 20V MAX Cordless Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum

This portable vacuum cleaner loads a great deal of power in spite of being cordless.

 That makes it a fantastic selection for shopowners who require to suck up things like drywall, dirt, and dust. While its wet applications may be a little suspicious, it can sucking up a bargain of water also.

The Good

Among one of the most impactful attributes of this version is its filter. The HEPA filter catches dirt and maintains it from flying back into your store. Also much better, you can merely wash out the filter with some faucet water, after that change it once it’s completely dry. This reduces the need to acquire filters frequently. The light-weight chassis additionally allows you to conveniently carry or relocate the vacuum about without stressing your body. For a fast clean-up work, this ability to move is suitable.

  • Dual Clean-Up Settings Of Dewalt 20V Vacuum Cleaner Enable Particles Elimination With Either The Front Utility Nozzle Or Extendable Rubber Hose
  • Gore Hepa Wet/Dry Filter Of Dewalt Cordless Vaccum Traps 99.97% Of Dust At 0.3 Microns
  • Cleanable Filter; Faucet Or Water Rinse To Clean
  • Escapes Of 20V Max Dewalt Battery Packs For Lengthy Run-Time
  • Large On/Off Change That Is Easy To Gain Access To With One Hand
  • Sturdy Rubber Pipe Gives Toughness and Adaptability
  • 1/2 Gallon Tank With Heavy-Duty Latch Is Easy To Empty And Tidy
The Not-So-Good
  • Suction may not be so powerful
What Customers Say

“We have liked this vacuum cleaner! In fact we simply purchased a 2nd one for the garage/shop. Now one can obtain oily and actually unclean while the other stays inside. We also hook our residence vacuum attachments to this little battery powered system and it does great with a 4-8″ nozzle on the end of a routine vacuum cleaner pipe. Excellent item Dewalt! This is the device! Bought with the attachment accessories, it is probably really convenient for outlining a car. In fact purchased for use in clean up for an industrial shredding operation and suction cleaning in a computer space, so it sees irregular use and works fine. Filter needs frequent cleaning. Does not slow down and will certainly just quit when battery needs charging.”

DeWALT DXV10P 10 gallon Quiet Poly Wet Dry Vacuum

If you believe a 16 or 20 gallon shop vac is also big and too loud, however still desire one that can handle both tiny and significant job, you can take into consideration a smaller sized one, such as a 10 gallon vac.

The DeWalt DXV10P 10 gallon shop-vac has a 5.5 peak steed power electric motor, 20 ft. power cord, integrated blower port, built-in drain,built-in storage space bag,built-in hose pipe cover, includes light weight aluminum casters, rubber wheels, water resistant power switch. Includes 1-7/8 ″ x7 ′ hose pipe, 2 expansion wands, 1 cartridge filter, dirt bag, flooring nozzle, energy nozzle, gap nozzle.

The Good

In general, this DeWalt DXV10P is an effective yet relatively silent damp dry vacuum. It can eliminate imbedded messes in the rug such as ground in dust and canine hair, cars and truck cleaning, and supplies adequate suction for water extraction.

  • Silent for its size. Possibly it’s not the quietest shop vac for its dimension, but quieter than many others.
  • Terrific suction, get ashes, sawdust, drywall dust, sanding, and other construction particles without problem.
  • Built-in storage tank drain for very easy fluid draining.
  • Bag is optional.
  • Smooth casters, rubber wheels, very easy to move.
The Not-So-Good
  • Extension cords could be longer.
  • Lack of a brush accessory.
What Customers Say

“Best portable vac I have actually ever purchased. All the various other vacuum cleaners just last as long as the rechargeable battery will certainly hold a fee. This vacuum cleaner has a detachable battery so when it stops holding a fee you just obtain a brand-new battery, not a brand-new vacuum. Lots of power, damp and dry use. Extremely recommended. This is actually well made and super sucker strong! I like the brand-new design with ONE caveat.”

DEWALT 20V MAX Vacuum, Wet/Dry (DCV581H)

If what you require is not only a small one, but additionally a portable one that you can relocate around easily without being restricted by the cable, you can think about a cordless, such as the little DEWALT DCV581H or the Milwaukee 0880-20.

The DEWALT DCV581H can be used as a corded with an Air Conditioning outlet, or a cable free with an 18v or 20v MAX battery.

The Good

It has a 5 ft. tube, a crevice device, large nozzle device, HEPA filter, and 31 cfm. It is a little shop vac, holds just 2 gallons. Its suction is so so. But it is convenient for quick pick ups such as removing drywall dirt without dragging out your bulky complete dimension machine. You can use it to vacuum saw dust, sand dirt, vehicle insides, boat cleaning, flooring mats, general home usage, and so on. This set can additionally be made use of as a blower.

  • So small and convenient.
  • Devices remain firmly onboard.
  • 3 year minimal warranty.
  • Accepts 1 1/4 inch diameter regular devices.
  • Can be battery powered or corded. If you lack battery, you can still run it with the cord and an outlet.
The Not-So-Good
  • Exhaust port blows air right out of the side.
  • With the battery pack, it is pricey. Much more expensive than a huge shop vac.
  • Some customers complained that they got faulty products, the vacuum cleaner stopped working with the battery, yet worked with the cord only after a few months use.
What Customers Say

“This is a peaceful vacuum. I have a CNC and make use of a dirt deputy in between the vacuum cleaner and a dust boot. This is quiet enough to talk over. It has lots of suction. Perfect for my needs. I’ll need to wait and see however it seems strong like it will run for years. This maker is every little thing a vacuum need to be. I am excited by exactly how quiet it is compared to other shop vacs I have actually had. A benefit was that even though this has a bigger hose, the tube from my old shop vac connected into it so I might use every one of the devices that I have collected for many years. Highly suggest.”

DEWALT DXV04T Portable 4 gallon Wet/Dry Vaccum

Despite the fact that the DEWALT DXV04T has a 4-gallon tank, it is a fairly lightweight and compact shop vac.

Due to the lightweight and small nature of this shop vac, it is great for vacuuming in all kinds of different areas, and getting rid of all type of different messes. Within the shop vac, there is an exceptional 5 HP motor, which enables you to vacuum really swiftly and extremely completely. This, when combined with the seven-foot pipe, makes taking care of all type of different messes an easy and uncomplicated process.

The Good

To boost the experience, DeWalt has actually given this shop vac a large, and detailed, cartridge filter. By having this filter, dirt and dust is extensively gotten rid of from the vacuum cleaner, as it streams into the maker, and stayed out of your air. This way, when you are completed vacuuming, your air will certainly be cleaner and none of the dust or dust you vacuumed will flow back into the air.

  • Vac Device Storage Space Gives An Easy Location For All Accessories Consisting Of Extension Stick Storage
  • Portable 4 Gallon Toolbox Design Makes It Convenient To Require To Any Type Of Task 4 Gallon Poly Container
  • Cleanable and Reusable Cartridge Filter For Both Damp Or Dry Get
  • Ultra-Flexible Tube Extends Approximately 7′ To Get To Nearly Any Type Of Task
  • Effective 5 Peak Horsepower Electric Motor Provides Simply The Amount Of Suction Needed To The Majority Of Any Kind Of Cleanup Job. Container Dimension – 6 Gallon
  • Additional Long, 20′ Power Cable With Cable Cover Helps Reach Almost Any Kind Of Cleaning Demand
The Not-So-Good
  • The 18 ft. cable could be longer.
  • Build quality could be better.
  • The hose pipe is a bit stiff.
  • The stick and pipe size is slim.
  • Storage for devices is not adequate, tools do not remain firmly, could diminish.
What Customers Say

“Overall great. Fantastic suction, extremely quiet for a vacuum cleaner. This point has great suction, is quiet and seems to be developed to last. The 20′ power cord, difficult rubber simple moving wheels and built in accessory storage bag are all nice attributes too. This is an excellent shop vac. It has a fantastic capability, which is practically right. It’s huge enough to do serious job and tiny adequate to make it through doorways, and so on. My previous 16 girl shop vac was also troublesome to utilize comfortably. The long power cord and rubber strap to hold the tube in place when not in use are extremely practical. It has ample suction as well.”

DEWALT Dust Extractor, Automatic Filter Cleaning, 8-Gallon (DWV010)

The DEWALT DWV010 is just one of one of the most powerful shop vacs that you can acquire.

Within the shop vac, there is a 15 Amp motor that produces air movement that’s around 130 CFM. That may not seem like a lot, but it is, and because of this, vacuuming up thick globs of dust and dust is very easy.

The Good

Among the most noteworthy functions that establishes this shop vac aside from others is its Automatic Filter Clean attribute. By having this function, the shop vac will pulse every thirty-seconds. This ensures that the filter is able to run for a very long time, while continuing to clean itself. This shop vac has the ability to absorb a big quantity of dust and dirt, and it will certainly continue to filter that product out. Because the storage tank can hold 8 gallons of material, you are able to vacuum for a long period of time.

  • Includes a floor sweeper, rubber squeegees for floor sweepers, steel extension wands, crevice tool, brush tool, and an airlock adaptor
  • Has Numerous Cleaning Accessories For Usage With Dewalt Dust Extractors
  • Airlock Adaptor Is Compatible With Dwv012 and Dwv010 Extractors
The Not-So-Good
  • Does not come with a muffler.
What Customers Say

“I’m really pleased with this purchase. It was simple to create, just screw on the wheels and the little parts to hold the accessory bag. Every little thing is kept together neat and tidy. The vacuum cleaner isn’t extremely loud. No more than I would have expected from a shop vac. It did a marvel cleaning my BARBEQUE and cleaning off my deck for the period. Would certainly suggest. I bought this to change a shop vac unit that simply screamed. It is quieter and well made. Big rocker switch and excellent device bag for the provided tube ends on the side. Truly pleased with it. Well made, really lengthy power cord! Effective, silent, won’t tip over conveniently, suction hose stays affixed and stows. Worth it, entirely worth it.”

DeWALT 12 gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac,Yellow,DXV12P

The DEWALT DXV12P has actually been developed for huge vacuuming projects that need large amounts of storage and power.

As a result of these design intentions, the shop vac has a fantastic 12 gallon container, and a 5.5 HP electric motor. Both of these attributes allow you to vacuum up thick products that remain in untidy areas, without needing to regularly empty the shop vac. Past those style qualities, this shop vac is fairly mobile and very sturdy.

The Good

Similar to the previous shop vacs, there are rubberized wheels under, which makes relocating the shop vac around rather simple. There is, together with that, a deal with on top of the shop vac, which also enhances flexibility. Every component within the shop vac is properly designed and quite solid. This shop vac has been made to last for a long time. Due to that, it’s great if you require a long-lasting shop vac that will not die on you.

  • Powerful 5.5 Top Horse Power Motor Provides Simply The Amount Of Suction Needed To Many Any Cleaning Job
  • Durable 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac Suitable For Huge Pick-Up Applications
  • Ultra Resilient Rubberized Casters Enable Smooth Pivoting For Alleviate Of Movement.to Keep Your Wet/Dry Vac Looking Its Finest, Clean The Outdoors With A Cloth Dampened With Warm Water and Mild Soap
  • Big Integrated Tank Drain Makes It Easy To Eliminate Liquids Grabbed
  • Bonus Long, 20′ Power Cord With Cord Wrap Helps Reach Nearly Any Type Of Clean-up Need
  • Built-In Blower Port Powerful Enough To Blow Sawdust and Debris From The Majority Of Any Type Of Workshop
  • Built-In Accessory Storage Space Bag Easily Affixed To The Behind Of The Vac To Keep All Devices Nicely Organized
The Not-So-Good
  • Expansion wands also could be longer.
  • Lack of a brush roll accessory.
What Customers Say

“Purchased the 12 Gallon version and it is terrific!! I was anticipating it to be extra powerful, but considering it has a 2 inch size hose it still has a great deal of suction to it. I vacuumed up my horrible workshop relatively quick, before this I was using a dust buster which wasn’t working at all.:P With the angle attachment it obtains a lots of suction if the typical extension attachments aren’t enough. However it does have a lot of power, I don’t recognize why I was expecting much more however after utilizing it, it had no problems in all gobbling whatever I threw at it.”

What do you like about DeWalt vacuum cleaner?


The DeWalt Hoover is a brand-new vacuum cleaner that is powered by an AC cable, unlike Max cordless wet dry vacuums that use lithium-ion Max battery chargers. Tools powered by batteries often tend to deal with short battery life. With this, you’re getting the full, peak 325 air watts, 6.5 height horsepower, and 116 CFM.

Rate & Effectiveness

Effectiveness is one more matter entirely. It’s a great deal faster and reliable than portable vacuums, yet because it’s a smaller in size, it will take longer in bigger areas. In small workshops though, it’s wonderful. It gobbles sawdust from your power devices and bare tools– saw blades and other hand tools– rather than relying upon air devices and air compressors to blow it away. What it isn’t is a HEPA-ranked shop vac. It has a damp dry filter, but that’s the limit of its abilities.

Container Ability & Upkeep

Mentioning which, its cartridge filter is cleanable, which behaves and conserves cash. Maintenance is also maintained fairly reduced due to the use of vacuum cleaner bags. It can deal with approximately 6 gallons, 0.7 gallons larger than the Karcher WD4.


With a matte coating over hard plastic, smudges are greatly reduced. It can lose, no day, yet the Ridgid Vacuum Cleaner is made of stainless steel. An actual bummer is the power cord being 20 feet. That’s good, but 30 would certainly be far better.


Why would you choose this vacuum over a cordless vacuum made by DeWalt or Bosch? DeWalt cordless vacuum cleaners, like DeWalt DCV581H Damp Dry Portable Cordless Vacuums, experience tiny abilities, and battery life. Certain, Max cordless corded damp-dry vacuum cleaners look terrific next to your device collections, but if you can not use them frequently, why bother? The DeWalt Vacuum stays clear of that by being corded. You constantly get the power you require!

DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner Conclusion 

Wireless shop vacs have their area, but when you’re working in your very own store, why gimp clean up? With the DeWalt Hoover, you’re getting every single watt of suction power the minute you transform it off and when it’s turned off. and with 6 gallons to load, you can trust it will certainly grab and record every grain of sawdust.

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