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eufy Robovac, eufy Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Best Eufy Robovac for Your Home

The most effective robotic vacuums are not so costly anymore, it is very necessary for you to have one in your smart home now. We extremely recommend you purchase an advanced robotic vacuum because you can totally afford one. While there are several choices offered, we’re having a look at the Eufy vacuums with great reviews both in America and the United Kingdom. From vacuums operated by remote control, to state-of-the-art machines you can manage and operate with your voice, the following are the best options of Eufy’s RoboVac we recommend for you with great customer support.

eufy by Anker

The eufy robotic vacuum is a great choice while compared to the Roomba series. It’s generally less costly and can exactly the same job as Roomba. Like all robotic vacuums, some vavs are created with specific objectives. You need to understand what you want from a robotic vacuum cleaner if you want to choose the best eufy robot vacuum for yourself.

The eufy robot vacuums have countless excellent reviews on Amazon. Nonetheless, it is still hard for customers to decide which eufy robot vacuum is the very best for them, that’s for sure. We intend to make it simple for you to determine which eufy robotic vacuum would certainly be right for you.

The following options are what we recommend based on their tested results and reviews from the customer both in the United Kingdom and America.

Eufy Recommendations

Best eufy Robovac

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ

These vacuums can quickly connect with WIFI and devices in your SmartHome. This robot vacuum is very quiet when it works. This eufy model has comparable features to its various other designs. It has the ability to climb up slopes. Those who enjoy having the ability to sync their Alexa or Google Smart gadgets to their robot vacuums will certainly enjoy this one. You can set the robot to react to voice commands. This robot vacuum will offer your home a clean and tidy environment. Getting your robot to clean your home is easier than ever.

The suction inlet can grab debris into the vacuum. A rotary brush roll can suck debris right into the vacuum cleaner. Lastly, the featured two side-brushes can supply edge-cleaning services. It has a great suction that can pick up dirt and dust from any type of floor and carpets, including bare floors and hardwood floors. It has 3 various cleaning tools. It’s also equipped with the ability to climb small slopes. They’ll be able to maintain cleaning with fewer threats of being stuck. If your home has pile carpet to climb in every room, then this robotic can do an excellent task at climbing those areas.

Ratings: A great deal of customers are pleased by this robot as a result of its ability and cleaning performance. They also find that it cleans up exceptionally well. Through the application, they have the ability to regulate the robotic vacuum a lot more and can arrange cleaning times easily.

eufy by Anker, Robot Vac L70 Hybrid Robot

eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid

L70 Hybrid is a robotic vacuum and also a mop. It has one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market and solid suction of 2,200 Pa. This is the first eufy robot vacuum that is geared up with the LDS laser and also complies with a purposeful navigating pattern. It has the feature of virtual walls and zoned cleaning and also is integrated with Alexa-enabled tools and also Google House.

It can do mopping and sweep at the same time. It is excellent for large houses with thick area rugs and also pets. L70 Hybrid is the first design in the line, it is outfitted with LIDAR function and builds a high-precious map. With a suction performance, this vacuum has the ability to eliminate fine and larger debris on thin and also thick carpets. The robot can be regulated in real-time in the application and also you can check where it’s been.

The L70 Hybrid has a lot of great potentials of taking over the market in the next few years. With the help of the L70’s AI Map Innovation with real-time mapping, you can set virtual borders from the Eufy application on your phone in addition to established the robotic to do zone cleaning in certain areas in your room.

With the ability of vacuuming and wiping, it is a completely upgraded maker, it has a 4-inch high body, it has 200pa suction power and 150 minutes-long battery. The mop functionality of the L70 is flexible, so you can alter it to match various surfaces. Its navigation system feature has actually been upgraded to Eufy’s new iPath Laser Navigation. This model also flaunts “PinPoint Return” performance, where if it requires to return to base for a recharge during cleaning, it will remember precisely where it ended.

Because of the mapping feature, these robotic vacuums can come back and continue cleaning when it’s done charging if it really did not finish the work before it stopped. It appropriates for both rugs: bare floors and also carpeted surface area, it can do an excellent job at sucking pet dog hair. It is not the most inexpensive model, in fact, it is the very first flagship robot vacuum in the series that has mapping and also browses efficiently. If you need a cleaner with extra functions such as limited locations and also zoned cleaning, this is an effective device to clean your carpets so that you can stay in a big house.

In addition, if you operate it on the application, you can choose the zones you want it to clean and check when it’s done. This vac is geared up with a water tank and mopping pad. So it is suitable for bare floors and rugs too. Inside the dust bin, a filter can be washed with water and also implied to live longer. After the map has actually been created, the L70 calculates the most reliable method of cleaning and also complies with a purposeful pattern so that it won’t miss any area in the plan.

The 11 Series Robot Vacuum

The following models are not remoteness enabled, so you can not use Amazon Alexa or Google Home while cleaning your house. You can operate them only by using the remote, but it’s not that complicated, everyone can do it.

eufy RoboVac 11+

The 11+ are the oldest robotic vacuums. It costs about $348.95 and with the tallest body among this series. The cleaner has strong suction up to 1,000 Pa. But don’t worry, it is more than enough to clean bare floors and thin rugs, it will save you a lot of trouble.

eufy RoboVac 11S

eufy RoboVac 11S

These robotic vacuums are a quieter vacuum cleaner at a more affordable price point. It can transfer from bare floors to a medium pile carpet and also has a bigger dustbin on it. This one is much shorter than the 11+ and has a little stronger suction ability of 1,300 Pa. And also, this vac is totally affordable, you can get it for just $219.99.

Slim style enables it to get under furniture and corners. It can be used for homes with a mixed surface or bare floors and also can fit under a lot of furniture in places that are hard to reach. There are a few various cleaning settings that you can select from. Everyone has their very own suction capacities and also run time. The greatest suction capacity will certainly have the shortest battery life. Nonetheless, you can be sure that the eufy can suck every speck of dirt and dirt in the home.

The cost-effective, entry-level 11 is one of the slimmest versions in eufy series. This type can clean up for approximately 100 mins and will automatically go back to its charging base when it runs low on battery. These models available in black and white, this RoboVac features a remote to set up cleaning, an added collection of filters, and 4 side brushes featured. With the 2.85-inches height, it can quickly fit under furniture and tight spaces. And also, it has a 0.6-liter dust box and has a suction of 1300pa. This model has BoostIQ modern technology, which instantly raises the suction if it identifies more battery is required over dusty locations or thick pil carpets.

If you want to purchase a brand-new robotic vacuum for the first time, then this eufy design might be an optimal alternative. It’s less costly than several of the various other brands available. This newbie robotic is very low-cost.

It has a run time of 100 mins on hardwood floors, and even longer on other types of floors and rugs. All you need to do is turn on the robot vacuum cleaner and put your feet up while watching it doing the cleaning job for you. It also contains three different filters to effectively keep dust and dirt trapped inside of the vacuum. You don’t have to worry about the mess being pushed through the house or simply blown away. One final ideal trait of this robot is its large wheels. It allows the robot to climb most inclines. Your robot will be able to clean more and get stuck less.

Ratings: A great deal of customer is pleased by the suction power and also cleaning capacities of this robot in spite of the economical price, according to our customer reviews. The robot had the ability to keep residences clean effortlessly. Some also enjoyed not needing to take care of an application syncing in order to utilize the robot vacuum cleaner. It additionally has three various filters to effectively keep dust and dirt entrapped within the vacuum cleaner. One last ideal quality of this robot is its huge wheels. It enables the robot to climb up most slopes. Your robotic will be able to clean more without the chances of getting stuck.

eufy 11S Plus Robotic Vacuum

eufy 11S Plus Robotic Vacuum

The RoboVac 11S Plus is suitable for small to average homes with all types of floor surfaces according to customer reviews. It comes at a reasonable price and will cost you just $149.99. It is the same old vac but has more suction.

eufy 11S MAX Robotic Vacuum – For Medium Pile

eufy RoboVac 11S MAX

This vac until now is the most recent and strongest model in the series based on customer reviews. It, as what’s its name suggests, is an updated variation of the eufy robovac 11S. The improvements also consist of much better suction, 2000pa versus the conventional 11S’s 1300pa.

This version gets the re-engineered body layout with glass top, the unibody filter style, and the 10 infra-red sensors to avoid crashing into things. Just like the 11S, it consists of the 0.6-liter dust bin, the 2.85-inch height, the 100 minutes run time, and afterward it can return to base. It supplies 2,000 Pa of suctioning, and also it is the first robotic vacuum cleaner in the market that is so great with the cost of only $249.90. You can manage it directly, or you can establish a cleaning schedule with the control that comes with the vac. However, the only way to regulate it is through the remote that is available in package within the robot. It is ideal for small houses, including dogs and cats. It has adequate power to gobble dirt that hidden away under rugs.

RoboVac 12

eufy RoboVac 12

The RoboVac 12 has the exact same slimline dimensions as the 11 of 2.85-inches high and the exact same 0.6-liter dirt box. The 12 has the exact same cleaning efficiency as the eufy 30. They have a similar minimalist style and a solid 1,500 Pa suctioning. The body enables the robot to fit under furniture and tight spaces that are hard to reach. It offers much more vacuuming ability. This design can clean for as much as 100 mins as soon as completely charged, immediately going back to its base when it’s low on power.

It does not have the EufyHome application and is not compatible with Alexa-enabled tools or Google Home. Also, it does not have border strips in the box. Only offered in black, the RoboVac 12 has a shiny anti-scratch tempered glass top.

The RoboVac 12 suffices for cleaning slim area rugs up to 16 mm thick. It is fantastic for bare floors as well. Also, it is one of the most affordable in the series based on customer reviews. If you don’t care about remoteness support, lack boundary strips – then you can choose the model 12. It has twin infra-red sensors to prevent crashing into items and drop-sensing tech to stop it from falling off steps. It has Eufy’s BoostIQ modern technology for even more extensive cleaning when called for. This model comes complete with a remote to make sure that you can establish a daily cleaning routine.

RoboVac 15 Series – Wi Fi:

There are three models in this series: the 15T, 15C, and 15C MAX. One of these models lacks Wifi and thus application & voice control and the three models have different suctioning range.

Robot Vac 15C

eufy RoboVac 15C

The RoboVac 15C presents a connection to Eufy’s range. The RoboVac 15C is the first vac from the supplier that includes an application. In the application, you can manage its movements, schedule the vac, and switch between cleaning modes. This indicates you can manage the vac with the EufyHome application to operate it remotely, get alerts, set cleaning timetables, and also find your RoboVac by making it send out a sound. If you have Google Home, this robotic vacuum 15C certainly can be a part of your smart house system, and you can operate it with your voice. It can also be voice-controlled using an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant tool, permitting you to ask these clever gadgets to inform the 15C to begin cleaning up or execute particular cleaning settings. There are various other specifications, such as 2.85-inch height, 100 mins battery life, return to base functionality, and 0.6-liter dust container. This model just has 1300pa strong suctioning, so with only a small price difference, you may want to look at the 15C instead.

With the cost of $232.85, the eufy 15C offers strong suctioning, wifi support, and a combination with Alexa made it possible for devices/Google Home. If you wish to operate your vacuum cleaner from the mobile phone, get the eufy 15C.

RoboVac 15C MAX

eufy RoboVac 15C MAX

This one has actually been re-engineered from the lower-end 15C model to boast 2000pa strong suctioning for deep cleaning. It is the upgraded version of the 15C. It still gauges in at that slimline elevation of 2.85, and also you even get up to 100 minutes of cleansing action. Up until now, it is the very best robot vacuum in the version line in regards to value. Just like the 15C, the EufyHome app will provide you remote operation, notices, the alternative to establish cleansing schedules, and to locate your eufy. It can additionally be voice-controlled using a Google Assistant gadget. It supports Wi-Fi and can be controlled with your voice if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Other attributes of note are the ten integrated infrared sensing units to prevent accidents and decreases, the boost BoostIQ tech, and a bundled push-button control.

As a result of arbitrary navigating, It is not suitable for huge homes but is optimal for smaller sized houses. If you don’t require magnetic tapes that are not included with the most recent version, obtain it specifically if your home has to do with carpetings and you require extra battery.

RoboVac 15T

The 15T are the cheapest robotic vacuums in the series with solid suction power. However you can’t manage it with your phone; nevertheless, the robot features a remote that helps to handle its motions. The brief body enables them to fit under a lot of furnishings and tight spaces. With 1,500 Pa of suction, the eufy is capable of cleaning bare floors and also thin carpetings. If you do not want to invest even more, have a family pet, and live in a home with nearly no carpetings, check out the 15T. There is also no magnetic tape in the package.

RoboVac 25C

The 25C has a strong electric motor that supplies 1,500 Pa of suctioning and has the very same height as the other models in the family. The 25C is optimal for small houses with a mixed kind of surface. However, the 25C does not consist of magnetic tape in the package. You can operate the robot with a smart device.

30 Series: RoboVac 30, 30C, 30C Max

eufy RoboVac 30

Each of the designs in this series comes with border strips. These robots are one of the current and are among the great ones in the series. It can get the BoostIQ technology for a boost in filthy locations or on carpeted floors. The Robotic Vac 30 has dual-Hall magnetic sensing units underneath it and also comes with 13 feet of recyclable boundary tape to make sure that you can block off locations of your house that you don’t desire the vacuum to go into. 30C are self-charging robotic vacuums. 30C is a flagship cleaner in the series. It has the exact same 1,500 Pa suctioning, magnetic tape in the box. They have similar functions and specs except for suctioning. This version introduces the capacity to regulate where your eufy cleaners. Still, with a height of 2.85, the eufy 30 has a suction power of 1500pa, 100 mins battery life, and also a 0.6-liter dust bin. Sadly, it doesn’t have smart connection, so operation is through the remote. Making use of the remote, you can set routines or place the vacuum right into certain cleansing modes.

It means you can manage the robot with your voice if you have Alexa or Google Home. Offering lots of different features at an inexpensive cost, the eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C, Self-Charging Robotic vacuums can suit most houses. Likewise, this robotic vacuum is good for pet hair. The robotic sets you back at $179.99, which we believe is a fair rate for the attributes the eufy 30C offers. The robotic is suitable for medium and slim heap carpet and bare floors. Its boundary strips maintain robots out of locations you do not want to be cleaned up. BootIQ Modern technology enables it to switch over suctioning when needed. It also has a remote for complete mange over your robotic.

The 30C is basically the 30 with added Wi-Fi connection. When the robot detects that it’s on a thicker heap carpet or something that calls for more suctioning, it immediately raises or reduces its suction power to compensate. This connectivity indicates that you can utilize the EufyHome application to manage the robotic from another location, situate the machine, establish cleansing timetables, and get alerts from your vacuum cleaner. The rest of the specifications for the 30C coincide as the 30 consists of the ability to block off locations you don’t want the robotic to go. This is because of the packed reusable limit tape that the 30C’s dual-Hall sensing units won’t let the robot pass over.

eufy RoboVac 30C

If the price of an iRobot Roomba or another vac is shocking to you, then eufy is a wonderful choice instead. This machine is an economical robotic vacuum that provides a ton of cleansing features. One of the biggest functions of this machine is its BoostIQ technology. This also implies you can ask Amazon Alexa tools and Google Assistant products to ask your Roomba to start cleaning. This suggests that the surface gets its deep clean without compromising the battery. Once the robot is out of that area, it will certainly save its charge by running down its suctioning once more. When you need the robotic to transition in between timber floor and heap carpet or over a threshold, the big wheels can get it done. It has huge wheels that enable it to get over tough transition areas. You’ll experience fewer moments aiding your robotic over bumps and also even more simply relaxing and also watching it clean.

Ratings: All customer is amazed by the quality that this robotic provides. For some customers, it even outshines some of the extra pricey brands. They discovered that it was able to tidy dirt and debris from the room, not just pet hair. A few concerns with it is that it has trouble trying to find its charge port.

The 30C MAX comes geared up with magnetic tape in package, has an app and strong suction. This brings the tempered glass top, the unibody filter layout, and the 10 infra-red sensors to stay clear of crashing into things. If you’ve been following together with the pattern of Eufy, you can possibly presume it improves on the 30C with the re-engineered body design. In other places, you can get eufyHome application, voice control using Google Assistant. The style also ups the suctioning capacity on this vacuum cleaner from the 30C’s 1500pa to an extra 2000pa. It also comes packed with boundary tape so you can enclose locations you don’t want the robot-cleaner to go right into. Perfect for family pet owners and those that live in a home covered with carpetings.

eufy RoboVac 30C MAX

MAX Series

The models of MAX mean these are the most effective machines in the Collection. Generally they might or might not have Wi-Fi, and all of them have the features yet constantly provide 2,000 of suctioning and are suitable for medium-pile carpets and handle pet hair.


The 35C is a version that obtains the Wi-Fi connection, boundary strips for enclosing locations, but with just 1500pa suction power. It looks different; various other RoboVacs have a solitary button ahead, the 35C has 3 of them. The 35C is the latest robotic vacuum in the series. It has the very same 2.85-inch elevation, the very same 100 minutes of battery, the same BoostIQ technology for much deeper cleaning, and the go back to base functionality. It has solid suction, Wi-Fi, works with Alexa-enabled gadgets and Goole Home. Just like the other Wi-Fi-enabled versions, you can manage this device via the Eufy Residence application, or with Google Assistant. Although this includes border strips, you just get 6.6 feet of them, compared to the 13 feet you get with the three 30 designs. Because of the Increase INTELLIGENCE, strong suctioning and great climbing ability, the eufy eufy 35C is suitable for small homes with bare floors and also occasional thin carpetings. Please note, this eufy robotic does not offer deep cleansing on carpet. As anticipated, the 35C is the most expensive cleaner in the model line. It has a lot of devices in the box, consisting of 6,6 boundary strips.

RoboVac G10 Hybrid

eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

The eufy by Anker, eufy G10 hybrid Smart Robot Vacuum has a lot of clever functions that can make cleansing a lot more reliable. Smart geo-technology makes cleaning a lot more reliable. It has both wipe and vacuuming abilities. The G10 hybrid is the initial robotic vacuum in the family that is geared up with a gyroscope for far better and much more effective navigating. It does not miss a spot when cleaning. It is the 2nd vac from Eufy that returns to cleaning from the area it ended when its battery is out of power. It can return to base to charge, after that it will get back to cleaning. It has 2,000 Pa of solid suctioning yet is quieter than a lot of robotic vacuums. This vac is developed for hard floors only, it’s perfect for pet owners that don’t have carpet.

These eufy models have a lot of new functions that can clean your house even more effectively. It makes every effort to minimize the quantity of time it requires to clean a home. The machine moves back and forth direct instead of randomly jumping around. You can sync it with your WIFI and also voice controls with Alexa or various other smart gadgets featured. This enables you to swiftly regulate your vacuum cleaner and get it cleaning Among the newest designs in the lineup assisted by a gyroscope and also Path Tracking Sensing Unit. It is featured with a brand-new Geo-Tech system to map your house and compile a pattern for the most efficient cleaning path. The robot doesn’t leave any type of location unclean. Gyroscope is not as precise as Lidarm, it might miss out on settings such as no-go zones, or it can’t ask the robot to clean up a specific space. The robotic has solid suction and is suitable for low to medium-pile carpets, it also does an excellent task at grabbing things off hard flooring.

Among the most amazing functions of this vacuum cleaner is that it can additionally function as a wipe. It has a one-of-a-kind charging function. If you want to vacuum your carpet, after that mop your hardwood floorings, this robot can do it for you. When it spots that it’s short on its battery, it will certainly return to its charging base. Once it’s up to 80%, the vacuum will resume its cleaning procedure from where it ended. That’s also much less cleaning that you need to do currently.

Ratings: While some customers had some problems with its mapping innovation, others were pleased by the cleansing high quality that it supplied. They enjoy it that it can pick up where it ended after charging. The robot was able to successfully vacuum and mop their home.

RoboVac L70 Hybrid

Eufy has launched the newest flagship design, the L70 hybrid. These robotic vacuums have the best possible price for you, you can choose the eufy by Anker, eufy L70 hybrid Robot Vacuum and Map. It is the very first eufy robot vacuum cleaner that has a Lidar + BANG navigating & mapping. Its suctioning supplies top notch tidy. Its enhanced mopping features is amazing too. It has a washable filter, which is very convenient. It means the L70 can build a map of your home and also complete the cleaning process much faster without missing out on any kind of spots, and it can also do repeated cleansing. This eufy is a must-to-get when on sale. When you intend to clean your hardwood floorings, tile, or cement floor covering, then you’ll enjoy its mopping functions. It’s two robotic vacuums in one. It offers extremely solid suction to bring up even one of the most stubborn of dust and debris. It uses a boosted wiping system to guarantee the water is splashed effectively as opposed to simply creating spills.

This machine has a three-in-one filter system that can keep dust and dirt trapped inside of the vacuum. You’ll need to get fewer filters consequently. Nonetheless, that filter can be gotten rid of and cleaned too. This eufy design additionally is featured with BoostIQ technology. That enables it to conveniently switch in between suctioning powers to deliver high-grade cleansing without wasting battery.

Ratings: Some customers discovered that this robotic was easy to use and reliable at cleaning. It executed well in picking up family pet hair. Some customers discovered that this design is a bit larger and louder than other eufy versions.

Other Options – iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba s9+

iRobot Roomba s9+ Robotic Vacuum did the very best in hardwood flooring tested by us and it also has a self-emptying dustbin. This Roomba can clean up well on hardwood flooring, good efficiency on carpeting hardly ever gets stuck. This Roomba features a charging dock that empties the dustbin and large main brushes featured. It has a useful application with virtual no-go areas too. As iRobot Roomba’s state-of-the-art model, the Roomba s9+ Robotic Vacuum is loaded with all kinds of features. The Roomba has excellent application that allows you to establish no-go zones. Its big major brushes get debris on the very first pass. It can empty itself and is sustained by an app that allows you to effortlessly arrange cleanings, set no-go areas, and also tailor your cleaning experience, including pairing it with the iRobot Braava Jet M6 (sold separately) to wipe after it finishes its vacuum cleaner cycle.

After we tested it, the Roomba s9+ executed the best of any kind of robot vac on wood flooring. On carpeting, the performance was still solid with just around 10% of the flour behind it, 5% of the cat clutter, and no coffee grounds or pet hairs to be found after we tested it. After the cleaning cycle, there was just a trace of flour behind it. Its D-shaped layout came within an inch and a half of the edge, grabbing everything it could reach.

iRobot Roomba i3+

The iRobot Roomba i3+ Robotic Vacuum is iRobot’s many budget-friendly options with automated dirt disposal, which means it can empty the vac’s dustbin instantly. In our rug tests, the iRobot Roomba i3+ picked up all of the coffee grounds, cat litter, and animal hairs we outlined, and left behind just about 5% of the flour – the most effective efficiency of all the robotic vacs we tested. You can just change the disposable dust bag on a monthly basis or more. This Roomba performed better on wood floor, grabbing every one of the coffee grounds and family pet hair, and only left behind 5% of the cat litter. The robot vac didn’t get stuck during its cleaning sessions.

It only takes around 10 minutes to clean one entire room. The barriers work as marketed, I like making use of common home challenge keep the Roomba out of locations. Unfortunately, the app does not allow you to set up no-go zones, so you have to purchase online wall obstacles. The other negative aspect of this i3+ is that how loud it is. But it won’t get stuck, that’s a good sign. My audio meter showed 68 dB, and you can not adjust the strong suction power for a quieter cleaning.

Model Comparison

11S & RoboVac 12

The only difference between both robotics is suctioning, besides price: the 11S ($ 219.99) has 1,300 Pa while the 12 ($ 239.99) has 1,500 Pa. We would certainly recommend the eufy RoboVac for houses with a blended surface area and also no medium-pile carpets. The 12 is much better with pet hair and it is much deeper at cleaning low-pile rugs.

15C vs 15C MAX

These two vacs have similar designs with only one difference – strong suction power. The 15C MAX includes the EufyHome application and also can be regulated by the application and remote. The 15C has 1,300 of suctioning and is suitable for low-pile carpet and also combined surface areas, and it’s also very quiet when it works, the latter has 2,000 and can cleaning medium-pile carpet and also pet hair. Those are two similar versions that have the solid suction power of 2,000 Pa suctioning and also practically look alike. Both are great for houses with family pets and also thick pile carpets. Additionally, if you have Alexa-enabled gadgets or Google Home, it can be regulated by basic voice commands featured. The 11 only has a remote control, Google home support. So the other one works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home;

So far the 11S MAX is more affordable. It’s trouble-free. Simply put, one version is featured with Wi-Fi while the various other does not. With the application, you can recognize the 15C MAX area with the Discover My Robotic function. Up until now, we would advise getting the 15C MAX if you have the app assistance and smart voice system compatibility yet if you do not care that much regarding these things, go with the vac.

eufy 15T, eufy 15C, eufy 15C MAX

Price – The Eufy 15T has the most reasonable price, and the 15C MAX is the most costly.

Suction Power – The Eufy 15C has the weakest suctioning, which is 1,300 Pa, while the 15C MAX has 2,000 Pa.

In conclusion: the 15C is good for low-pile carpets, both in the united kingdom and America. If you do not need wi-fi, if you don’t care about low-pile carpets and family pets, select the 15T. The 15C MAX is excellent for family pet hair and also medium-pile carpets.

RoboVac 30 & RoboVac 30C

The 30C has the EufyHome app. It can be managed by the application and remote when the RoboVac 30 just has the remote only. These models are very popular in the united kingdom because it’s very quiet. The EufyHome app has the Locate My Robot function. It allows you to check the location of your robot. The 30C works with Alexa and Google Home and hence can be regulated by straight voice commands.

G10, G30 & G30 Edge

The G30 and G30 Edge are much better for rugs. The G30 boundary vacuum is featured with border strips. Comparing to the G10, the G30 does not wipe and can be used on different rugs. The difference between the G30 and G30 Edge is that the Edge comes equipped with boundary strips.

eufy RoboVac G30

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better, Eufy or iRobot Roomba?

Many customers think that eufy is better than iRobot Roomba because it’s much cheaper, which is a very important aspect. It also has many of the same features and cleaning performances that Roomba does. But it’s more affordable for your room.

Can Eufy robot vacuums learn how to navigate your room?

A lof of us already knows that some eufy robots have mapping features. We also know that they can connect to WIFI, so they are capable of mapping your room and creating efficient cleaning patterns. Those that cannot connect to the WIFI must use their sensors to avoid obstacles and cliffs, which is not very convenient for you. And it is also very quiet. And also a few eufy vacuums can only store one map at a time.

Different eufy Model Lines

eufy  “C” model line

Which models can connect to wifi? The 15C, 15C MAX, 25C, 30C, and 35C. They also come with the EufyHome app, and also they are integrated with Google Home, so in that way, they can also support the Find My Robot feature in your room.

eufy  “G” model line

This model line includes the G10 and G30/G30 Edge. The “G” means the model is guided by a gyroscope, so in this case, this vac can have a purposeful cleaning pattern.

eufy  “L” model line

In eufy L Model line, only eufy L70 Hybrid is laser-guided which means it can create a map when cleaning. And it is also the most efficient among all the robots in the line.

eufy Hybrid model line

The Hybrid means the mopping option of vacs. They can do mopping and sweep at the same time and they are suitable for both surfaces, hard floors, and low-pile carpets. There are three models in this line: G10 Hybrid, G30 Hybrid, and L70 Hybrid.

Features and Functions

Remote Control & App Control

In the box to each of the eufy robots, there is a remote related to functions. This is very common in the united kingdom. With the remote, you can switch between cleaning modes, schedule the robot to clean at a specific time, and manually manage it. The “C”, “G”, and “L” Series can be controlled from your smartphone as well as voice commands if you have Alexa or Google Home. There is a remote control in the box of the eufy robotics. With the remote, you can change between cleaning settings, schedule the robotic to clean at a particular time, and also manually manage it. These series can be regulated from your smart device and voice commands if you have Alexa or Google Home.

Bare floor and Carpet Performance

All the eufy vacuums work very well on bare floors and carpet surfaces. With the assistance of related features, it can clean every space in a silent and also quick way. You can just watch it do the job with your feet up. It will supply you the security of a clean house with tidy floors in every room.

Find My Robot Feature

This option helps to find the device in case you lose it and can’t find it. Press the search button inside the EufyHome application to track it down. The vac will make a sound so you can find it. This function is available on the whole series.

BoostIQ Technology

With this mode, the robotic instantly raises its suctioning on rugs, which is an unusual thing to do for cheap robots. This function provides deep cleaning on thin carpets too. With this function, there would be no rugs too hard to clean for you.

Navigation System

Eufy robotics follow a pattern, but not the G Series though. Eufy does not bear in mind where it has actually cleaned up and where the floor requires to be vacuumed. The cleaner has two side brushes that can empty dirt from corners and tight spaces, and it can also empty all dust to the primary brush and suck up all inside the dustbin. The robotic runs around until its battery is run out and after that it immediately returns to its charging dock. The L70 hybrid is furnished with the LDS sensing unit that enables setting no-go zones, set where to clean too. The G10 Hybrid, G30, and G30 Edge are geared up with a gyroscope that assists the robot to not miss out on any spot when cleaning, and yet it is not as efficient as a Lidar. Along with a gyroscope, the G30 Edge has a Path Monitoring Sensor.


Among all those models, especially in Eufy’s RoboVac range, you can actually always find the right model to suit your home. It does not have Wi-Fi connectivity like other more advanced models, yet it does boast 2000pa of strong suction power. If you’re looking for a much more budget-friendly service, maybe you can consider the RoboVac 11 deserves. If your home is relatively smaller, this robot cleaner is perfect to have, just have it move around your floor a few times a week is enough.

If you’re aiming to choose a more advanced version, then I recommend the RoboVac 30C. Because of its smart connectivity, you can regulate this vac using the EufyHome app on your smart device, or via voice control with a compatible Google Assistant. It has 2000pa strong suction power, you can also check locations you do not want this vacuum cleaner to clean. Especially when you have a smaller house in the united kingdom.

The top-of-the-range option is, without doubt, the RoboVac L70 Hybrid. Eufy’s next-generation robotic cleaner, not only vacuums but mops too. It gets a super-charged battery, laser navigation, and the useful ability to set boundaries from the Eufy app, rather than have to use the boundary tape that lesser models rely on. It has quite a steep price tag, but if you’re looking to invest, then this really is the best.

If you have mixed floor surfaces at home, the top choice is, undoubtedly, the RoboVac L70 Hybrid. It has a super-charged battery, laser navigating, it also has the capability to set boundaries by the Eufy app, so you don’t have to use the boundary tape anymore. Eufy’s next-generation robotic cleaner, they are both vacuums and mops. It has quite a high price, however if you’re aiming to invest, then this really is the most effective one.

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