Lefant M213,Smart Robot Vacuum with Trendy Design,Powerful suction and Tangle-Free


This smart helper is ready for your daily cleaning. Worry-free and release your hands to get more enjoyment for your life.



Defeat dirt with this smart M213. Updated FreeMove 2.0 technology optimizes cleaning performance and brushless roller with two v shape brushes to achieve no entanglement any more.


Smart Protection System:

Adaptive navigation to optimize your cleaning path. Anti-collision Induction will detect the obstacles smartly and avoid getting against them. Anti- dropping is prevents falling downstairs.

High performance and deep cleaning:

Work efficiently to clean your home, and tackle the embedded dust or pet hair even you don’t see by powerful suction with double v shape brushes and brushless roller. Never tangle pet hair!

Ultra-thin body with larger capacity:

Ultra-thin body to clean everywhere for enhancing the cleaning coverage. 500ML large dustbin with an efficient HEPA filter, easy to empty.

Advanced APP Control:  

Built-in Wi-Fi that enables the lefant app to perform flexible controls. You can easily schedule your cleaning plan, switch your cleaning modes via app.

Work for all types of floors :

The ultra-strong suction power of M213 is powerful enough to easily lift dirt off hardwood floors, deep clean carpets to remove hair and get rid of dust mites. It is work perfectly for all types of floor.

Long-Endurance and Self-Charging:

1800 mAh lithium iron phosphate batteries make it run for 100 mins. M213 robot vacuum cleaner is able to go back to the charging base to refill its energy when it is out of battery or cleaning completed.

Advanced Appearance:

Non-toxic and protective material with elegant appearance, ABS+IMD to work well. 

Multiple cleaning modes:

➊Smart clean mode ➋Edge clean mode ➌Spot clean mode  ➍Automatic clean mode ➎Time-setting clean mode ➏Quiet clean mode are available to fit your cleaning need.

Not just vacuum:

Simultaneous Vacuum and Mop Function, vacuuming and mopping in one go to achieve high-performance cleaning. Wet mopping cloth and disinfecting wipes to defeat dirt and sterilize the damp and bacterium.


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Lefant M213,Smart Robot Vacuum with Trendy Design,Powerful suction and Tangle-Free