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Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2021

There’s a reason that Shark brand vacuum cleaners make constant looks on The Spruce’s ideal listings– with their reliable suction and performance, willful styles, and simplicity of use, they are some of the most user-friendly and satisfying vacuum cleaners on the market. If you take the place to be a Shark patriot, we can rarely criticize you. Possessing a robotic vacuum is a terrific method to maintain your house clean without having to vacuum yourself each day. A robot vacuum can be programmed to do a quick clean every day or be drawn out for a quick tidy prior to guests show up. Most of the brand-new robot vacuums are taken care of by the app or can be integrated with your home aide.
Naturally, the selection of Shark vacuums to choose from is just getting bigger. and if you aren’t entirely certain which one is the best choice for your family (and the sort of messes it often tends to accumulate), it’s simple to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve pored over the current alternatives at Shark and chosen our favorites in 9 various groups. Here are the 5 Best Shark Robot Vacuums on the market that are available for you!

Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews 2021

Shark IQ Self-Empty Base Robot Vacuum, Wi-Fi

This robotic design makes whole-home cleaning as hands-off as it can obtain.

Including house mapping technology, personalized area choice, a base for self-emptying, and the option to enable voice control with Amazon Alexa, the Shark IQ Self-Empty XL handles the dirty work of vacuuming quickly and efficiently. If its battery gets low in the middle of a job, it will go back to its billing base and return to cleaning up after refueling.

The Good

For all its tech-savvy capacities, this vacuum does not skimp on pure cleaning power. The self-cleaning brush roll is designed to get rid of Pet Hair without entangling and the suction is effective enough to draw out the debris of all sizes across floor surface areas. and, the spinning side brushes see to it even dilemmas and spaces under cabinets obtain cleaned. The Shark AI Robot is exceptionally easy to shop for. It’s little enough to conveniently fit under couches and tables, and its billing dock is small and low-profile.

  • Row by row cleaning approach that offers one of the most coverage of any kind of area
  • Effective enough to pick up the finest Pet Hair
  • Self empties
  • The Shark IQ is outstanding at grabbing hair and has a self-cleaning feature for the roller to maintain it operating at peak performance.
  • When the vacuum cleaner goes back to its base, it will self-empty right into a larger bin to ensure that you do not need to quit and clear the equipment prior to each user or during the procedure.
  • The Shark IQ can operate voice command, with your home aide, or via the phone application.
  • The charging system needs to be placed versus the wall so that it can go into the charging and disposal area and make a safe and secure connection. Relying on the debris collected, you may only have to empty the container once a month or less.
The Not-So-Good
  • Sound degree on difficult flooring is much louder than on carpets
  • Trouble with house mapping
  • No replacement period is specified for the filter. Nonetheless, the user hand-operated states that the filter should be regularly cleaned and regularly replaced in order to maintain peak performance.
What Customers Say

“First, I was stunned at just how loud the Shark AI is. Second, the device takes a long time to return to its dock – if it returns, that is. In all my times running it, it would certainly make it back to dock about 50% of the time. The various other times, I would certainly need to go around searching for it. Generally, good value for the rate and essentially will certainly maintain your floors clean. Extremely happy with it this much! Hasn’t gotten itself stuck on any items. Appears to browse well.”

Shark IQ RV1001, Wi-Fi Connected, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum

The Shark IQ Robot RV1001 is an easy robot vacuum. It clears an outstanding quantity of debris on bare floors, delivers fair total efficiency on rugs, and does a respectable job of navigating itself. 

The Shark AI Robot is a satisfactory option for cleaning up bare floors. It does an amazing work of sucking up Pet Hair and tiny particles like rice. Nonetheless, it can have a difficult time clearing cumbersome material like cereal as its dust compartment fills. Additionally, persisting expenses are high considering that plenty of components require to be replaced regularly. Fortunately, it really feels sturdily developed and provides suitable maneuverability.

The Good
  • The Shark IQ Robotic vacuum cleaner has good construct top quality. It has actually a body made from a mix of shiny and matte-finish tough plastic, along with a rubber front bumper and rubber-treaded plastic wheels. Its dirt compartment is also made from hard plastic, but it scratches easily and feels as though it might damage if it were dropped. It does not call for excessive assembly out-of-the-box, requiring only that you break in the two included side brushes and position the device on its charging dock.
  • Dustbin: The dustbin can be eliminated by pressing the launch switch on the back. There’s an anti-tangle comb attached to the dirt container that can accumulate hair wraps, which can later on be gotten rid of by hand. The container itself ought to be emptied after every use.
  • Pre-motor filter: The pre-motor filter is located inside the dust compartment and can be pulled out through its release tabs. It ought to be cleaned routinely by tapping it against the side of a waste bin since it should not be washed underwater.
  • Side brushes: The side brushes can be simply pulled out of their outlet for maintenance. They need to be cleand with a dry towel whenever you see an accumulation of particles.
  • Front wheel: The front wheel can be pulled from its real estate, though this may take a bit of initiative and the support of a device. Fortunately, it’s simple to click back into location. It should be free from particles routinely.
The Not-So-Good
  • Pre-motor filter: No replacement interval is specified for the filter. Nonetheless, the user manual states that the filter ought to be consistently cleaned up and regularly replaced in order to keep peak performance.
  • Brushroll: The brush roll needs to be changed whenever you observe noticeable wear or every six to one year.
  • Side brushes: The side brushes ought to be altered when curved or damaged.
  • Front wheel: The front wheel calls for replacement after a year.
  • The Shark AI Robot RV1001’s dirt area is average. Just like the majority of robot vacuums, it’s fairly tiny, so you require to empty it relatively frequently. It holds more debris than some other versions, like the Shark AI Robot, however doesn’t have an indicator to allow you to recognize when it’s full. Considering that it’s constructed from opaque plastic, you can not examine its fill standing at a glimpse.
What Customers Say

“The carpet cleaning service is exceptional. Remember to move any type of wiring or it will certainly swallow it up. Well worth the cost. On top of that, the mapping attribute permits you to programs which rooms, after concerning a week of self-running around your house, to select which locations to cover every day if requirement be. This is a wonderful hoover throughout a week this point runs twice a day and gets extra debris than one can imagine.”

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum RV850

When it involves getting a tidy home, the Shark ION Robotic Vacuum Cleaner R85 is our top choice.

With lift-away modern technology and a brush roll shutoff, this is a functional option for wood floors or any kind of strong surface flooring cleaning, and rugs. The Shark ION Robotic Vacuum Cleaner R85 has a bristle brush that will certainly fluster rug fibers to get rid of deep-rooted dirt yet can be shut down to protect wood floors from the ground up and use.

The Good

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum R85 has effective suction and showed extremely efficiency on both hardwood floors and area rugs. We utilized the vacuum cleaner on various surface areas throughout our home and were very satisfied with the outcomes. To see exactly how well the Shark ION Robotic Vacuum R85 was carried out, we began by utilizing it in the highest possible traffic location of our home– the rug in the front corridor, where a great deal of dirt and particles gathers. The vacuum cleaner did exceptional work of getting rid of the dust and we were really pleased by its efficiency.

The Not-So-Good
  • Can not go under low furniture
  • Canister is unsteady and topples easily
  • Can have trouble docking if the terminal is not in a company location
What Customers Say

“I like this robot! I only run it downstairs since that’s my greatest issue. The setup is quite easy on the app. It can connect to my Alexa tool but I have not gotten that set up yet. It’s okay because I have it readied to run daily on the application anyways. The vacuum cleaner’s name is the vac, that’s what I’ll call from now on. It makes me so satisfied due to the fact that I used to hate seeing all the canine hair constantly.”

Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV753

The Shark ION AV753 is among the most effective robot vacuums offered in this cost array. Designed to tidy several surfaces without quitting or losing suction, this robotic vacuum is ideal for any kind of flooring.

The Good

This vacuum cleaner has a great sensing unit system, which prevents it from running across furnishings or dropping the staircases.

  • Easily shifts from different types of floor covering without influencing cleaning
  • Can be configured to run every day at the same time
  • Can be voice-activated with a House aide
  • Has an extensive battery life and will run up to 120 minutes
The Not-So-Good

Does not make use of mapping attributes located on other Shark models

What Customers Say

“To conclude, for the rate, an excellent assistant for your house and/or convent. The amusement worth is quite wonderful also, enjoying him pathetically and thoughtlessly stir. Made my house feel unclean. Now it manages all that daily without concern!”

Shark AI Robot Vacuum RV2001 with IQ Navigation

The Shark AI robot vacuum with AI navigation is among the very best doing and user-friendly robot vacuum cleaners. The effective vacuum cleaner can be utilized on any kind of floor covering type and will certainly get the finest dirt particles and pet dog hair.

The Good

The self-cleaning brushes guarantee that your vacuum cleaner remains to work at peak performance. The AI navigating permits the vacuum cleaner to map each room of your house and after that execute a row-by-row cleaning when it vacuums. This vacuuming pattern makes sure that one of the most carpets is cleaned up with each use.

  • Row by row cleaning for superior coverage of each area
  • Laser sensors to avoid the vacuum from crashing furniture or wall surfaces
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Control all features from the app
The Not-So-Good

Does not have a self-emptying base

What Customers Say

“What I such as most is how well it maps your whole home and allows you to label each room on the map in the app. It executes a preliminary run the very first time it’s made use of and then updates the map after each future run by finding out the areas even better. You can also establish the suction power to Eco, Typical, or Max. The Laser AI also works truly great and sees items so well that it seldom even run across anything like a lot of others do.”

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Shark Robot Vacuums Better Than Roombas?

Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people like Shark over Roomba because they are an even more budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaner brand name.

Many people feel that the Shark brand name has better cleaning functions, such as row-by-row cleaning patterns. Other people have actually stated that the suction on a Shark is far better for grabbing Pet Hair and great dust than any other robot vacuum cleaner brand. It actually all comes down to choice.

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