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The Samsung Vacuum Reviews for 2021

Samsung has launched a new series of Samsung Jet wireless stick vacuum cleaners and compatible Clean Station, which can provide the ultimate end-to-end cleaning solution for the home. The new Samsung Jet has excellent usability and can generate industry-leading suction power of up to 200W (150W for Samsung Jet 70). Although Samsung Jet has a very powerful suction power, its body adopts a lightweight design, allowing customers to enjoy Jet’s easy-to-use functions more comfortably. Samsung Jet’s revolutionary Clean Station makes emptying the dust bin of the vacuum cleaner simple, clean and easy. Equipped with industry-leading suction power and a 5-layer HEPA filter system1, Samsung Jet not only keeps your home spotless but also helps keep the air dust-free. Check out the report below and read it to get an in-depth understanding of each of its main functions.

The Samsung Vacuum Reviews for 2021

Samsung Jet 90 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

SAMSUNG Jet90 Complete cordless stick vacuum is equipped with the best convenience and performance. Use a vacuum cleaner for up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning before you need to recharge, or easily replace the battery with a spare battery.

It only takes 3.5 hours to charge two batteries using the dual charging station. Thanks to the powerful 200 watt suction power and 180° rotation flexibility of the stick vacuum cleaner, turbo action brush can be used on multiple surfaces; the 5-layer hepa filter system works in conjunction with the brush to filter 99.999% of fine dust To ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned. The lightweight design and powerful suction are perfectly matched to make hard-to-reach places easier. 

The Good

Mini power combination tools are suitable for furniture, but not for stairs. The crevice tool is expandable and can easily reach higher areas without worrying about hoses.
The device has three different power options, but none of them are very loud
The jar is easy to remove and can be cleaned when it needs to be emptied. It also includes a washable ultra-fine dust filter.

The Not-So-Good

The accessory is not suitable for cleaning carpeted stairs. The tool works well on the edge of the stairs
The accessory that works well on stair treads is the turbo action brush, which is too big
Must switch heads every time you move from one surface to another
This vacuum cleaner has no lights

What Customers Say

When my cordless fish died without warning after three years, I decided to try Samsung. I have always been very happy and found this to be a definite improvement. I used to use fish and needed 2.5 batteries to vacuum the downstairs. Samsung does not need to be high to be effective, works well in moderate situations, and can use one battery to complete the work of the entire floor. It can also be charged on the stand without removing the battery and charging the battery separately. I also found it to be a vacuum cleaner with a flexible tool, which is lighter and easier to use. It is equipped with all the required accessories. I used to have to order the accessory kit separately. Therefore, when I ordered accessories and batteries for the fish, its price was higher than that of Samsung.

Samsung Jet 75 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Advanced performance-clean hardwoods, tiles and carpets due to the powerful 200 watt suction of the vacuum. Lightweight design-Jet 75 weighs only 6 pounds and can easily move around in your home.

It can easily vacuum stairs, reach under sofas or appliances, clean tall cabinets, blinds, etc. turbo action brush-With more than 3,700 rotations per minute, with 180° rotation flexibility, turbo action brush can clean dust, hair, and other debris on multiple surfaces
JET CYCLONE-Use a powerful multi-cyclone system to push dust into the trash can to prevent debris from accumulating on the filter

The Good

Cordless (obviously)
This vacuum cleaner is quite light, which makes it easy to use with one hand and go up and down stairs.
There is an attachment for each floor type. All accessories are easy to connect and remove from the vacuum. Soft brush head are useful for hardwood floors and carpets. For all narrow areas between furniture, long gap attachments are the perfect tool.
The vacuum has 3 suction levels, which you can easily adjust on the digital display
The trash can is very easy to empty.

The Not-So-Good

The battery is bulky, so it does increase the weight of the vacuum. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with only one battery
The charging station that comes with the vacuum cleaner provides space for smaller accessories. But there is no room for 3 larger ones.
Depending on the type and size of the carpet, the suction force is too strong and too much force is required to move the vacuum.
No LED floor lamp

What Customers Say

Because I want to get a taste of the real working principle of this Samsung jet vacuum cleaner. I just want to say it is great. It is so much better than my old purple stick vacuum cleaner that you always have to use maximum suction power and will die within 10 minutes. The battery life is very good and the suction power is amazing. I hardly need to use the highest setting to clean around the house. When you do, it pulls so hard that it is difficult to try to vacuum my carpet, but the way is good. The ejected debris canister was great, everything appeared with the shaking, unlike the other stick vacuum cleaner I used, I had to put my fingers in and clean everything inside. I highly recommend its high quality with all the accessories you need, and it is better than others. Good investment!

Samsung Jet 70 Pet Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The Samsung Jet 70 cordless pet cleaner is your first choice for daily cleaning. With a suction power of 150 Air Watts* and a dust filter that can capture about 99.999% of fine dust, you will vacuum many surfaces in your home with incredible precision.

Use a vacuum cleaner for up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning before you need to recharge or easily replace the spare battery. The lightweight design makes it easy to vacuum stairs, reach under the sofa and clean tall cabinets. Enjoy many different professional tools to choose from, among which the highlight is the turbo action brush; the brush rotates more than 3,700 times per minute and has a 180° rotation flexibility to clean dust, hair and other debris on multiple surfaces. Use the cordless vacuums cleaner uninterruptedly, because the continuous suction prevents dust from accumulating on the filter, and you know that the filter can be washed in a dishwasher, so you can use it with confidence. After cleaning, install the vacuum cleaner in the wall or closet to maximize the space and charge the device at the same run time.

The Good

With the powerful suction power of a 150 watt vacuum cleaner, it can clean hardwoods, tiles and carpets
Jet 70 weighs only 6 pounds and is very light. It can easily move around your home. It can easily vacuum stairs, reach under sofas or appliances, clean tall cabinets, blinds, etc.
A good choice of accessories, with a smaller spinning sweeper, which can perfectly pick up pet hair.

The Not-So-Good

Cannot charge the battery without using the wall bracket
Cannot buy soft-bristled roller brushes as accessories
The power source protruded far from the wall. If you want to plug it into the back of most furniture, you will need a socket adapter with a side socket.
Vacuuming backward does not work well.
No vacuum is drawn around the edge of the floor… whether it is on the front or side of the attachment. A small brush head must be replaced and walk around the room and the furniture legs to vacuum these areas.

What Customers Say

Due to reviews of short battery life, I was hesitant to order this vacuum cleaner. But this is not a problem. It can be charged quickly. I like light weight and great suction power. I have a small “pigsty” fluffy dog, it goes in and out, and goes back to the house. Debris from the garden/yard got stuck on his fur and it fell into the house. The vacuum cleaner can clean it quickly and easily. I use it every day to clean up quickly. love it!

Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum with Intelligent Power Control

The new Samsung Jet Bot robot vacuum cleaner equipped with advanced LiDAR sensors uses precise mapping to clean your home more efficiently with detailed floor maps controlled by mobile devices.

Use power control technology to determine the floor type and power required to clean the carpet thoroughly. Use Select & Go to select specific household areas for cleaning, maximizing efficiency, and saving time. Use the SmartThings app to check the status of the Jet Bot in real-time, including where it has been cleaned, instruct it to pause or stop, and view the cleaning history. Keep the trash can clean and empty the robot vacuum cleaner easily. The 0.3-liter trash can be completely cleaned, easily taken out, and emptied by simply dumping the trash can. Effectively clean carpets. The brush head is designed to avoid tangles and is made of antistatic fibers.

The Good

The application needs more functions to accommodate this more advanced vacuum.
The measured value on the top of the LiDAR sensor is about 3 7/8″. The sofa in the living room is slightly higher than that.
The vacuum comes with an additional side wiper.
The vacuum cleaner is very easy to empty and clean.

The Not-So-Good

High price
power cable. The power supply is not directly built into the charging station
Ability to edit the map, which takes some time and is difficult on a small display
It’s loud

What Customers Say

Surprisingly, this vacuum works well.
Usually, smart vacuum cleaners tend to go wrong or usually stop working overtime, but so far this is better than the competition and seems to do better.
If you are looking for a smart vacuum cleaner that can actually vacuum without causing a lot of problems, then this vacuum cleaner is not too bad at all.
The quality of the machine itself is very high, as I expected from this brand, overall I am very happy.

Why Choose Samsung

In regards to cleansing, you are either Monica or Joey; there is no middle. Despite which camp you belong to, there is no doubt that effective and also combination tool will make job much easier, less demanding, as well as, we dare say, maybe even a little fun.

Input: Samsung’s Jet Cordless Stick hoover collection. The trendy, light-weight hoover consider less than 6 pounds, enabling you to quickly move around your house without being pulled back by the restriction lines. All high-tech vacuum cleaners can manage hardwoods, tiles, and also carpets, have solid, nonstop suction power, as well as have an excellent battery life without influencing the appearance of spending a lot. With this effective and extremely mobile vacuum, every little thing can be addressed in one fell swoop, from blinds to pet hair to dirty rabbits under the couch.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner itself is spick-and-span. Not only is it furnished with a five-layer filtration system-to boost air top quality by recording animal dander, but pollen, as well as other non-living allergens-it likewise, also cleanses itself through its clogging-reducing modern technology, and at the same time, tidying the house with clogging-reducing technology, To double the sanitation. Pile up in the filter.

This is the full variety of Jet Stick series vacuum, ensured to improve your cleansing experience.

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