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Best Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner 2021

If you’re sick of using a confusing traditional vacuum, it could be time to reduce the cable and upgrade to an extra modern, cordless version. These state-of-the-art home appliances are lighter and easier to steer contrasted to their corded equivalents, and, they look sleeker also. While a lot of cordless vacuums are created to work on all surface areas, they are specifically efficient when it pertains to cleaning hardwood floors. These smart devices suck up the very same quantity of dust and debris as typical vacuums, however their lightweight and compact designs stop excess deterioration from taking place on your flooring.

Like several devices, cordless vacuums can be costly. So to aid you to choose which ones are actually worth your cash, we looked to testimonials from real people to see which designs they love most. The cordless vacuums detailed below not only come extremely advised by hundreds of buyers who state these cleaned their wood floors rapidly and effectively, but lots of on the listing also include ingenious features like HEPA filtering systems, LED screen screens, and tilted attachments that help you clean hard to reach locations. From a cordless vacuum that is terrific at grabbing pet hair to a very lightweight choice to an ultra peaceful design, here are 10 cordless vacuum cleaners that shoppers claim worked marvels on their wood floors.

Best Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner 2021

Tineco iFloor3 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re a busy mama like me, this vacuum cleaner could be an excellent assistant.

Tineco comes with a self-cleaning technology that gets rid of dust and hair particles in a hands-free manner. It has 3000mAh lithium-ion battery which will certainly cover enough location for cleaning. It sustains three strong suction. This is optimal for hardwood floors, although it can fit laminate, linoleum, vinyl, and marble floorings too.

The Good

Easy to Clean: Bagless vacuum cleaners can be a mess to clean considering that you have to empty the container. Yet, Tineco has actually made it less complicated by adding self-cleaning function.

No Drill Needed: Tineco includes a standing billing terminal. So, you won’t need to drill holes in the wall to establish it up. The stand is additionally small and won’t use up excessive room. Connect it into an outlet, and you’re established.

Strong Battery and Electric Motor: The lithium-ion battery is lightweight yet exceptionally long lasting. It sustains the powerful electric motor and provides you sufficient time to complete vacuuming.

Multi-Purpose: Tineco is a great size and weight for several objectives. Evaluating under 10 extra pounds, it’s simple to move around. The extensive stick reaches 43 inches, making it a breeze to get to ceilings and curtains.

The Not-So-Good

Battery Concern: The only disadvantage regarding this vacuum cleaner is that it can support a short runtime of 25 mins just. So, although, you can utilize this as a quick fix for spills, this might not appropriate for bigger location cleaning.

What Customers Say

“Things I like concerning this is that it can clean my auto actually well. I used to have a vacuum which is dyson v7 however it is also hefty yet this is not. This is a terrific cordless Hoover for the rate (and even except the rate)! It beats the Dustbuster hands-down, which constantly breaks within a year. The suction is really strong and cleaning is a snap. Plus it includes extremely helpful and functional accessories. Most importantly, client service for this product is immediate and comprehensive. These folks could not be better or extra effective!”

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Considering just under six pounds, the Dyson Outright is excellent for hard cleaning work.

It includes a V10 electronic electric motor which spins up to 125,000 rpm. This gives it the exact same suction capacities as a routine vac. The Outright has 3 modes of suction. The very first and second are excellent for hardwood floorings, while the third is for rugs. We like that the soft roller gets all the great dirt and debris out of little fractures in a hardwood floor.

The Good

Large Container: The dirt bin can hold a little over 25 ounces (0.76 L) of dirt and dust. You will not need to clear it while cleaning.

Incredibly Versatile: You obtain numerous additional tools to make cleaning easier. These include a gap and combination device, a small soft cleaning brush in addition to a mini-motorized attachment. This vacuum can enter into all the small areas, even if you have a reduced couch. It can become virtually totally flat. With the lengthy add-on you can obtain deep inside couches and mattresses.

Gentle on Wood Floors: The soft roller brush is constructed from woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber filaments. The nylon protects the fragile wooden floor while the carbon fiber removes fine dust and dirt. You won’t have to bother with scrapes or marks.

The Not-So-Good

Container Feature: Trembling the dust and particles out of a hoover bin can create a cloud of undesirable dirt. So, it’s fantastic that this Dyson includes a Point-and-Shoot feature. This function ejects the container’s components deep into your trash bin.

Container Feature: Trembling the dust and particles out of a hoover bin can create a cloud of undesirable dirt. So, it’s fantastic that this Dyson includes a Point-and-Shoot feature. This function ejects the container’s components deep into your trash bin.

60 Minutes Runtime: Its effective lithium polymer battery provides you 60 minutes when you’re not utilizing the motorized tool. You’ll additionally obtain 40 mins of runtime with the soft roller in the second suction setting. This should be sufficient to get through a vacuuming session in one go.

Boosted Style: Dyson went for it when manufacturing the Absolute V10. The electric motor utilizes a cyclone innovation which gives 14 concentric cyclones to get the dust away.

Switch: You can not lock the vacuum cleaner in the ON position. Therefore, you have to keep the button pressed continually. Individuals periodically grumble concerning this. Dyson declares it conserves battery life, which holds true given that it won’t run unless you’re cleaning. Nevertheless, it can be a hassle.

Wall Mounted Charging Terminal: It consists of a charging terminal that you install to the wall surface. So this does suggest you have to drill a few holes. Several consumers were miserable about this. Yet we believe it has its benefits. A minimum of when it’s holding on a wall it will not be taking up floor area.

What Customers Say

“Impressive vacuum cleaner for the price. I enjoy the little charge base that it includes and its sooo lightweight. Perfect for vacuuming out your cars and truck rather than the race against time challenge at a cars and truck wash. and it includes 2 filters and a lot of accessory heads. Love it! I like this. I have yet to utilize the add-ons but it functions well. The suction is suitable and the bag holds a whole lot. It’s an excellent weight, not inexpensively made but light-weight and simple to bring.”

WOWGO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner - 20Kpa Powerful Suction Handheld Vacuum

An usual problem regarding vacuum cleaners is the sound. But truthfully, vacuuming is usually not a quiet task.

Nevertheless, this Wowgo vacuum cleaner is quieter since it works on a lower frequency. It comes with a lithium-ion battery which provides you 20 to 40 minutes of runtime. But as always, the real time will depend upon which setting you make use of. The head of the vacuum is versatile so you can swiftly maneuver around corners and furniture. The strong suction power will bring up pet hair and fine dust.

The Good

HEPA Filter: The HEPA filter is easy to keep as you can detach it and wash when required. Nevertheless, it’s essential to allow it completely dry entirely prior to placing it back right into the vacuum. It strains the tiniest dirt particles. Families with hairy members usually take care of lots of hair. Therefore, the HEPA filter is superb for doing away with irritants so you can keep your family members healthy and delighted.

Sound Free: The Wowgo’s sound levels are decreased producing as reduced as 68 decibels. While it isn’t completely quiet, it’s not annoyingly loud as some versions. Households with young children or family pets will value this function.

Versatile Head: The vacuum head can flex and bow to accommodate your house. It’s easy to get around edges and furnishings and beneath any kind of challenges. There’s no requirement to lift anything or struggle when something gets in your way.

The Not-So-Good

Not as Powerful: The Wowgos isn’t as powerful as various other cordless vacuums. It works penalty on wood floors that don’t require much power.

Long Charging Time: It takes 4 hrs to bill fully. This could be very troublesome if you are in a hurry. Or else, you can get a spare battery to conserve time.

Shark IonFlex Ultra-Light Cordless Vacuum

Having a cordless vacuum cleaner indicates you can take it throughout your home.

Yet that wants to lug around a heavy machine? The Shark IonFlex weighs only 8.7 extra pounds; it’s easy to lug around your home. The vacuum cleaner includes MultiFlex technology which allows the stick to bend in half. This makes it less complicated to get beneath tables. Since dirt and particles can obtain stuck in the filter, Shark suggests that you clean it frequently. The display can be tapped clean, or you can remove it and clean it. Bear in mind, though, that it’s vital to allow it completely dry for 24 hours before placing it back into the vacuum cleaner.

The Good

Freestanding: The Shark DuoFlex offers you best versatility, being cordless and freestanding. We sometimes have to stop in the middle of the work– to move furnishings, or possibly to address the phone. Yet many models can’t base on their very own, so they end on the floor.

Detachable Batteries: Two lithium-ion batteries power the Shark DuoFlex. These are detachable, which enables you to change them once they’re dead. This increases the life of the vacuum cleaner and conserves you money over time. An additional plus is the reality that you can charge one battery while making use of the other.

Flexible Stick: As the name indicates, the IonFlex is adaptable. It includes a smart MultiFlex system that permits the stick to bend in half. This makes it straightforward to get to below furnishings without having to come down on the flooring yourself.

The Not-So-Good

Little Dirt Container: The dirt container only holds 0.3 quarts, which is substantially smaller than numerous various other versions. This implies that the container has to be emptied more frequently.

What Customers Say

“Where has this been my whole life?! It resembles an effective cordless vacuum with a long handle so ideal for little crumbs. I have hardwood floors throughout my home and only carpet in the kids bedrooms with 1 rug in the family room. I seldom highlighted the vacuum cleaner since it was big and bulky. I would sweep several times a day and still seemed like the floors were still dirty.”

Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 4-in-1

This is an incredible vacuum cleaner, especially if you’re looking for something with an astonishing filtration system.

The Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a High-efficiency cyclone and HEPA purification system. The high revolving airflow removes as much as 99.99% of tiny dust bits as small as 0.1 microns. So it cleans the air in your home making it healthier for you and your household– specifically for individuals who have allergies or asthma. The HEPA filter is cleanable and recyclable.

The Good

Portable and Upright: With this vacuum, you can clean floorings making use of the upright alternative. Or use the handheld attachment which is amazing for cleaning furnishings, furniture, difficult to reach areas and the cars and truck. Lastly, it has 2 heads for each setting, absolutely four various usages. It has the regular vacuum head and a smaller sized bristled pipe.

Functions Almost everywhere: This vacuum cleaner is a versatile option. It functions wonderful on hardwood floorings, obviously. But it’s likewise amazing on carpets, staircases, windowsills, furniture, desks, drapes, vehicles and anywhere else you can think about. In regards to difficult floorings, we’re talking timber, ceramic tile and marble. So you can extensively clean every area in the house.

Multi-Angle: This vacuum head rotates 120 ° sidewards; the take care of turns to 90 °. So you can use this for getting involved in edges, vacuuming under tables and squeezing below the bed. Vacuum cleaner in any type of direction, maneuver around barriers and browse hard-to-reach locations. The slim tube and head makes it simple to walk around any kind of area in the home.

The Not-So-Good

Brief Battery Life: It takes five hrs to charge this vacuum. After that it just holds its charge for 20 to 35 mins. For the majority of people, this is enough to vacuum the entire house. But if you’re dealing with a task, like the car or upholstery, it’s in some cases inadequate. With the changability of whether it’s mosting likely to be 20 minutes or 35 minutes, it’s quite hard to plan your vacuuming routine.

What Customers Say

“This little sweeper does an excellent task of grabbing literally everything, pet dog hair, dirt, little pieces of particles and so on. The suction is powerful gets involved in corners perfectly and the filter is really easy to transform and clean. I am especially amazed at the amount of canine hair it gets. The photo is from one floor, my living room flooring. bought it for work in a preschool class. We utilize it day-to-day over the rug and tiled locations. It grabs actually well and is so light its easy to walk around, push, and swivel. My co employee liked it a lot she bought one for her residence.”

Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick Vacuum for Hard Floors

Dyson has a hoover for everyone, including house owners that prefer hardwood or linoleum to carpet.

Whether you have bamboo, laminate, hardwood, or floor tile, the Dyson V7 Fluffy cordless hoover has you covered. A lot of Dyson’s vacuums share a comparable set of features, although each generation is extra powerful than the last. While their typical powered brush heads are terrific, they aren’t constantly the most effective alternative for carpet. The V7 Fluffy remedies that with a cosy soft roller head which gets rid of dust, hair and dirt consistently.

The Good

Battery life on the V7 Fluffy is solid at 30 minutes, which should cover most houses. You’ll lose a significant amount of juice in Max power mode, nevertheless, or when making use of the small mechanized device on rugs or to spot tidy carpeting. When the battery runs dry, it will take 240 minutes to return to a complete fee from the docking station. The dock functions as storage for your devices and installs to a wall in mins.

It’s tough to suggest with the Dyson V7 Fluffy’s capacities on hardwood and similar floor covering surfaces, considering it’s highly-regarded in that area. It’s not suitable if you have any kind of carpeting in your home, although you can pick up a powered roller head from Dyson at an added cost. The V7 Fluffy includes a tiny motorized tool and soft cleaning brush along with a 2-year warranty.

The Not-So-Good

– The cost is relatively higher than other cordless vacuum cleaners.
– This vacuum is not so good with edge cleaning.

What Customers Say

“I was extremely shocked it worked effectively! I wound up vacuuming my whole living room, cooking area, 1/2 bath, yes, it does floors too. It didn’t feel like a troublesome chore because I didn’t have to Lug around a heavy vacuum like our other one we have. This was very light and very easy to maneuver. I thought I would be offering my much heavier and a lot more clunky Bissell hoover yet I’ll maintain it due to the fact that it has the pipe that can reach my ceiling and dilemmas where this can not.”

Shark ION P50 Cordless Upright Vacuum

Our top choice for the very best cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood comes from Shark.

The ION P50 is a powered lift-away with an interesting style and a special brush roll system that can cleaning hardwood and a range of other surface areas in your house. The Shark ION P50 is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that can transform from an upright to a cordless canister vacuum. Unclean hardwood doesn’t stand an opportunity, as you can clean a 10″ broad path with the brushroll. You can likewise change to a mobile with the hole device and wand for areas that are difficult to accessibility. The mechanized head has actually LED lights on the front yet also uses DuoClean technology.

The Good

This distinct powerhead has 2 brush rolls, which establishes it in addition to systems with interchangeable heads or a solitary brushroll. The Anti-Allergen Total Seal system will certainly trap 99.99% of dirt and allergens from your wood together with particles 0.3 microns or larger.

The ION P50 likewise has a big dust container at 0.54 gallons and a battery rated for up to 50 minutes of runtime. This flexible vacuum cleaner can do all of it and features several of Shark’s top innovations. Customers enjoyed the battery life in all settings, and the canister is simpler to take care of than some models. The only drawbacks are the weight considering its 12 pounds and the fact you can’t turn the beater bar off because of the layout although it reduces in tough flooring mode.

The Not-So-Good

– It weighs 12 extra pounds, so it’s a bit heavy for a cordless vacuum cleaner.
– No off-switch for the brush.

What Customers Say

“It functions so well! It draws with a very good strenght, although it does not try to consume my carpets! Perfect drawing equilibrium! Pet cat hair, human hair, trash bits and anything else before it will certainly be ingested! Functions excellent on porcelains, rugs, staircases, hardwood floors, anywhere! So light weight! Extremely very easy to construct and take apart, simple to deal with it, little enough to keep any type of area! I would certainly give it much more stars if I could!”

Hoover Air Cordless Hoover

Hoover has constantly been a brand name to transform in the direction of when you require a terrific vacuum, and they make several systems that are suitable for hard floor covering surface areas.

The Hoover Air Cordless Upright is among them, and it’s fairly powerful believes to the company’s WindTunnel 3 innovation. Hoover developed this vacuum with ease of use in mind. While it’s close to 10 pounds, it’s simple to steer and has integrated headlights and a 6-foot hose.

The Good

This enables you to tidy stairs and other tough to get to areas, and carpets or any carpet won’t be a concern as this system has a typical brush roll. Consumers have had no worry with this vacuum on wood, and there’s a button to transform the roller of if you’re worried about the bristles. Suction power is exceptional on the Hoover Air BH50111, and it has actually brushed side cleaning which offers it an advantage over lots of cordless stick vacs. It’s powered by a 20-volt battery with a runtime of 25 minutes which isn’t the best although it can reenergize in 3 hours. It has one speed however an 11″ cleaning up path so it can clean a lot of ground in one pass.

The Not-So-Good

– It has a short battery life which cannot last more than 48 minutes.
– It has a heavy weight, not being lightweight might be a problem to people who don’t want to drag around a vacuum cleaner while cleaning the house.

What Customers Say

“This is the best Vacuum cleaner ever before it filled up the container twice after we used our old one. It’s light and maneuverable very easy clean and set on lowest setting. It Will certainly impress you just how much scrap appears of the carpet. This vacuum cleaner is much lighter and easier to relocate than the upright it was replacing. The height adjustment makes it much easier to utilize on a range of floors. I can’t rate this on stairways as we do not have any type of in our home. The washable filter will make this simple to preserve. In general, an excellent item!”

Tineco A11 Master+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It’s difficult to locate cordless vacuums with a soft roller head, however we took care of to discover a diamond in the rough with the Tineco A11 Master+.

This cordless stick vacuum is a dual-purpose machine in even more methods than one as it includes two rollers however additionally changes right into an effective hand vacuum. This vacuum has a 450W electronic motor and 2 cleaning settings that complement the 4-stage purification system. The closed system maintains dirt and particles in the bin while eliminating clean air right into your home.

The Good

Customers found the container simple to empty and it’s cleanable too. The dirt bin will certainly hold an ample amount of dust and the system itself is light at 5.5 pounds. You’ll get 2 full-size power brush rolls with the A11 Master+ with one geared towards carpet and a soft roller for difficult surface areas. It additionally features two batteries, which are detachable, and the base has dual-charging abilities. Each battery is ranked for around 25 minutes, so you’ll obtain a total runtime near a hr making use of both batteries with this system.

The Not-So-Good

– It’s costly.
– It has small batteries, that means short battery life.

What Customers Say

I haven’t utilized other Vaccum robotics previously, yet this product is terrific for households with animals. I have multiple cats and canines, generally they go crazy when I make use of a traditional vacuum cleaner, however, my cat was complying with the robotics around as it cleans. It would walk around the area and tidy up the hairs and clutter my pet cats leave. Functions terrific on carpeting. The cleaning brush is very easy to remove and the trash bin be conveniently unloaded out. The robotic even included a cutter to get rid of the lengthy hairs on the brush roller. Amazing product.

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro

Eureka has lots of vacuum offered at any kind of offered time, and a few of their older designs are still going solid today.

While they don’t have as many cordless systems as various other brands, the Eureka RapidClean Pro ordered our focus because of its captivating design and superb runtime. At first look, it’s apparent this hoover is various from a style perspective. The dirt cup is placed on the front with the cyclonic filtering system and there’s a notch on the bottom that functions as a “remainder” factor when you need to take a pause.

The Good

That’s a nice discuss a stick vac, therefore is this maker’s ability to go totally flat to get under beds and furnishings. While not as preferred as vacuums from larger name brand names, Eureka did an exceptional job with the NEC180. It offers you with some flagship features at a portion of the cost, and we love exactly how versatile it is in those difficult to reach locations. You’ll get an 18-month service warranty with this vacuum while the battery is assured for a year.

The Not-So-Good

– The container could be bigger, so it is small and not very convenient.
– The charging base is a bit heavy and not easy to access for the vacuum.

What Customers Say

“Simply attempted my new Eureka and I love it! I have a pet and feline both of which dropped exceptionally. This little vac did my whole 2100 sq. ft. house that’s 50% floor tile and 50% carpeting. This tidied up as well or perhaps a little much better then my Dyson Pet corded vac. Plus, I had the ability to do my entire home on 1 cost. Super easy to deal with! I was shocked at the strength of the plastic on this vacuum cleaner. For being as light weight as it is, it doesn’t feel cheap and like it will damage.”

What to Consider

Before you find yourself a new vacuum cleaner, there are a few things we feel are useful to take into consideration. The following points can aid you to find the best product, based upon your specific needs and preferences.


Hardwood floorings require a lot of care, however that does not imply you ought to stint the power. When a vacuum triggers damages to wood, it’s typically because of difficult bristles, not an overly powerful suction. We extremely suggest you go with a vacuum cleaner with a lot of power, so you obtain the best cleaning in one go. No one likes covering the exact same area over and over as a result of weak suction.

It’s also essential to consider the high quality of power. Some vacuum cleaners might begin with a strong suction yet are known to damage with duplicated usage. So, to make certain you get the best bang for your buck, select one that will remain powerful for a very long time.

Battery Life

For a cordless vacuum, it’s essential to consider battery life. You wish to find one that allows you sufficient time to finish as high as feasible. Who intends to obtain midway through the living-room and have to pick up a recharge? Battery high quality is another vital consideration. Some batteries wear with time, and might promptly need to be replaced.

We like that a number of the new cordless hoover contain lithium batteries. These generally come as either lithium-ion or polymer. They have a lengthy life and can be charged often times. Lithium batteries are also lightweight– excellent for cordless vacuums. Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, should be avoided. Overcharging can trigger damages bring about a decreased life-span.


Cordless hoover are bagless, which indicates dirt and dirt are captured in a bin. Therefore, it’s important to empty it typically. The filter additionally needs to be cleaned regularly. Bagless vacuums have various sorts of filters. These can consist of HEPA, honeycomb, and steel. It’s a good suggestion to wash your filter a minimum of once a month. You can do it by rinsing it and then allowing it dry before positioning it back into the vacuum.

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