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BlueAir Purifier 2021 Reviews

Blueair is just one of the leading Air Purifier brand names in the marketplace for many years. The Swedish-based company is now owned by Unilever, which manufactures all varieties of air purifiers–from compact desktop-grade to large industrial-grade. We have evaluated and also looked into every one of their air purifiers and made a shortlist to conserve your time. BlueAir Purifiers is one of the most preferred Air Purifiers in the United States also. If you take a look at the most famous models– heaven Pure 211 and also its little relative, heaven Pure 411– you can see the IKEAesque layout. Blueair does supply rather a huge profile of air cleaners.

The smallest Blue Pure 411 has a 161 sq ft recommended protection location for the smallest rooms. The Blueair Pro L, with a 780 sq ft coverage area, can be considered a whole-house air purifier. To get a feeling of Blueair purifiers, we have actually gathered the 5 best-rated Blueair versions. With a detailed comparison of the specifications of each Blueair air purifier (see below), we can determine which models are the best in terms of size and the type of pollutants they are designed to filter.

BlueAir Purifier 2021 Reviews

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Blue Pure 211 is the most widely acknowledged Blueair Air Purifiers.

It has that minimalistic IKEA-like design. Under the hood, you will certainly locate an affordable 3-stage purification system. The Pure Blue 211 has an enormous 350 CADR score for mid-sized air purifiers. This makes certain very high air filtration effectiveness. In conclusion, Blueair 221+ is not just the most effective Blueair systems, yet it’s likewise among the most effective executing air purifiers generally. Offered the 350 CADR rankings, it’s very cost effective as well.

The Good

Among the reasons why it’s so prominent, in addition to appealing Scandinavian design, is its 540 sq ft coverage location. The majority of rooms are not too big or too small; the perfect size for Blue Pure 211 Air Purifiers.   

The pre-filter catches all the huge air contaminants such as hair and also pet dog dander. The HEPA filter will certainly eliminate greater than 99.97% of the smallest air pollutants such as dust particles, smoke, pollen, and all other air pollutants that are just 0.3 microns. In addition to that, the turned on carbon filter adsorbs all the unfavorable scents and also other unpredictable natural substances (VOCs). In addition to that, it has an Energy Star ranking for energy-effectiveness, reduced sound levels, and also it has actually been individually tested to accomplish 5 air modifications per hr in a 540 sq ft location.

The Not-So-Good

Doesn’t have the innovative filters like larger Blueair purifiers
You may require 2-3 systems for whole-house air purification

What Customers Say

Pretty happy so far, let me pass on some knowledge and conserve you time on researching, as my air purification qualifications are obtaining knee deep. I will certainly start by stating that I have actually never ever purchased an air purifier before. I desire I would certainly have sooner. I am extremely excited with this purifier. I’ve had it on for a month strong since I’m residing in brand-new house with some indoor air issues, moderate and great deals of dust. I have a hatred both and my little girl had been coughing since we relocated. We also had a wicked stink in your house. Can not identify where it was originating from.

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

It looks nice, yet that’s only an incentive; under the hood, it has a straightforward yet effective 3-stage filtration system.

Altogether, the Blueair 411 may simply be the cutest Air Purifier worldwide. It additionally sets you back less than $150, which is just a crazy rate for a Blueair unit.

The Good

With the mix of pre-filter, HEPA filter, a triggered carbon filter, the Blue Pure 411 can getting rid of large and also little solid air contaminants, and aeriform odors and also VOCs. Contrasted to other high CADR score BlueAir Purifiers, the Blue Pure 411 is numerous times smaller sized. It has a 105 CADR rating, which suffices to successfully raise the indoor air high quality in regarding 161 sq ft spaces. For larger spaces, or for numerous areas, you will most likely need numerous of these small devices.

The Not-So-Good

It’s not powerful enough for mid-sized or huge rooms (you have to buy numerous of them for whole-house air contamination solution).
Has just fundamental 3-stage filtration system.

What Customers Say

This point is easy on the eyes, really simple configuration, you connect it in click a switch and go on with your day. We have this in our room, and also within 4 hrs there was a VERY noticeable distinction in air quality, total 180 by the next day. We connected with in and within a couple of hours you could discover the air was cleaner. It smelled nice inside and really felt lighter. It’s hard to describe. Within a week the pre filter was so layered with dirt and crap I was in shock! I included a picture of the anticipated after a week usage. It is easy, works well and I have actually had no concerns up until now. It looks nice too. I would very recommend it.

Blueair Pro L Air Purifier

The product is large, powerful, and has a 450 CADR score.

With such performance requirements, it can alter all areas in a 780 sq ft space every 12 minutes. Attaining 5 ACH at that square video, you know you can also place in a 1,000+ sq ft residence, and it will still have a significant positive effect on interior air top quality.

The Good

To maintain the tiny bit CADR efficiency high and sound degree listed below 55 dB, the Swedish engineers needed to utilize the HEPASilent filtration. As we’ve discussed earlier, this is a Blueair patented modern technology; essentially a silent high-capacity HEPA filter.   

In spite of having a Power Celebrity ranking, nonetheless, the Blueair Pro L is so huge it requires approximately 170 Watts to go for the highest fan speed setting. If you leave it on for the whole day– and you must– the electrical energy expense of running it at limit. ability can be about $1 each day. A terrific majority of air purifiers require much less electrical power to run; including the power-hungry Molekule Air with its PECO filter.

The Not-So-Good

While running at maximum, it requires 170 Watts of power
Greater price tag for high performance device

What Customers Say

I have a Honeywell and a Blueair Air Purifier. I prefer the Blueair over the Honeywell for a couple of reasons. This behaves if you wish to watch a flick or review a book. Additionally I observe a great deal much less dirt in the living-room with the Blueair device. I tried it for a day. I can tell that it clears the dirt. I put it in the living room. Normally I see dust flying around specifically when the sunlight shines on it. I observed that it was minimized considerably after having this.

Blueair 7470i Air Purifier, Large

HealthProtect is the brand-new line of Air Purifiers by Blueair.

It’s everything about safeguarding wellness via improving interior air quality. Specific air contaminants can be a consider triggering allergies; plant pollen, for example, is a well-known air-borne allergen. Overall, Blueair HealthProtect 7470i is beginning to get a record-breaker badge. While we’re in, it’s clear to see why.

The Good

The special thing all HealthProtect systems have, consisting of the 7470i version, is the HEPASilent Ultra filter. This is an ultra HEPA filter designed especially to catch possible air-borne allergens that would certainly otherwise accumulate in our respiratory pathways or on the skin.     

People enjoy how calming it is. Provided the sound degrees, it’s uncomplicated to see why. HealthProtect 7470i is the quietest Blueair air purifier; it concentrates versus allergic reactions, and it has fairly an appealing tower style.

The Not-So-Good

Has a high price offered the 280 CADR ranking
It’s not completely recognized if and also exactly how it would certainly damage airborne viruses

What Customers Say

This thing is incredible. I suggest purchasing the filter through their real site, it’s means more affordable contrasted to what Amazon is using. Nearly double the cost in right here. It collects dust on its outside fabric layer. It does not trouble me, I such as cleaning. Some people do mind it, however. I purchased this due to the comparison I saw online. This packs a strike 3x more than what its competitors needs to provide. Highest possible CADR. I would very recommend this unit.It was absolutely my saving grace. I still run it in my apartment or condo permanently to remove odor and cat scent. I love the outdoors equipment washable part. Keeps the unit spick-and-span looking and I like that it comes with a spare.

Blueair 605 Air Purifier, 775 sq. ft

Blueair Classic 605 is the true powerhouse.

If your leisure activity is inspecting the Air Purifier’s spec sheets, you may have discovered 400 CADR score systems. Yet no other firm besides Blueair offers a 500 CADR score mobile Air Purifier.

The Good

In the summertime of 2020, for instance, it was especially popular due to wildfires in California. Wildfires do create an exponential decline in the high quality of both outside and interior air. Blueair Standard 605 is the excellent machine to strain all those smoke fragments and fumes.     

The rate alone is what’s holding it from being called the most effective Air Purifier for wildfire smoke. By performance, it’s unrivaled against the wildfire smoke. And that alone might, for some most damaged houses, be with the almost $1,000 price.

The Not-So-Good

High cost as a result of extraordinary efficiency
Not the most recent version
Effective against wildfire air contamination yet that lasts less than 2 months per year

What Customers Say

I purchased this after seeing the great testimonial on Marketplace and since a friend suggested it. But I was skeptical specifically due to the fact that it did not officially have a hepa filter. My allergic reactions were a lot better– yet it did take a week prior to I observed the difference. Normally, I would have substantial blockage in the early morning. That is nearly all gone regardless of it being peak pollen season where I live. There is no smell in all.

Blue Air Purifiers Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blue Air Purifiers Good?

Yes, Blue Air Purifiers are remarkable. There is no other Air Purifier firm that produces Air Purifier with such performance. Blue Air purifiers regularly rack up greater than 300 CADR rating on standard AHAM confirmation examinations. They additionally have an attractive Scandinavian design and also cutting-edge HEPASilent and also DualProtection filtration systems. The high-performing Blue Air Purifiers could be fairly pricey. One of the most popular lines is Pure Blue; 211 and 411 versions cost less than $300.

Where Are Blue Air Purifiers Made?

They are constructed of galvanized steel, which is a lot more resilient than plastics that low-price brand names use. All engineering and layout are likewise based in Sweden.

Do Blue Air Purifiers Emit Ozone?

No. Ozone is only produced in Air Purifiers with ionizer filters. Blue Air filters do not consist of air ionization. The innovative sophisticated filters consist of HEPASilent filters and DualProtection filters.

Are Blueair Purifiers HEPA Filters?

Blueair units are HEPA-filter-equipped. More specifically, Blueair has developed its own HEPA filters with the HEPASilent innovation. These are high-capacity filters that use electrostatic along with mechanical filtering to lower the noise levels of the whole device.

How Much Do Blueair Air Purifiers Cost?

Blueair air purifiers start at $119, with the much more expensive designs going all the way to approximately $979. Each air purifier comes with one filter so you don’t need to factor that into your start-up expense when you purchase.

Relying on your indoor air high quality and also just how usually you run the device, you’ll need to replace the filters every 3 to 6 months, and the filters accumulate. Filters for the Blue collection run in between $20 and $40, and also the costs just go up from there. Substitute filters for the popular Pure series expense around $80. You can get price cuts on filter replacement by enrolling in a membership filter service with Blueair.

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