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Coway Air Purifiers Review 2021-Top Picks, Pros & Cons

Coway is a house products business that makes HEPA filter Air Purifiers for homes and organizations. HEPA filters, or high-performance particulate air filters, draw big and small bits, consisting of irritants and infections, out of the air. Coway is a residence health and wellness modern technology company based in Korea. It’s been running since 1989. The company’s existing global operations encompass around 40 nations. The filters include a coarse material that traps fragments inside, so they can not be recirculated out. Like all air purifiers, HEPA filter air purifiers remove some, but not all, the toxins and viral beads distributing in indoor air.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of some of Coway’s most preferred models. In this testimonial of the 5 finest Coway air purifiers, we’ll not answer if ‘Coway Air Purifiers are any type of good’. With Coway, that’s a provided. What we really wish to assess is if the Coway systems deserve all the hype they appreciate. We will now look at a spec-by-spec comparison table to examine which Coway Air Purifiers are best. We will also follow this up with testimonials from leading Coway air cleaners. Allow’s look at the reviews of the most effective 5 Coway Air Purifier.

Coway Air Purifiers Review 2021-Top Picks, Pros & Cons

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier with 1,560 sq. ft. Coverage

Coway Airmega 400 Smart is the one real giant airborne purifier sector.

It’s made by Coway– which immediately suggests ‘performance’– and it’s the greatest and most recent Airmega design. Overall, the Coway Airmega 400 Smart is one of the most impressive Air Purifiers you can obtain your hands on.

The Good

Of all the Coway Air Purifiers, the Airmega 400 Smart is the most effective at removing both huge and small fragments (thanks to Max2 Real HEPA filter) in addition to eliminating undesired odors (from the cooking area or from outdoors).       

In addition to that, the 400 Smart is the quietest Coway air purifier with 43.2 dB max. sound levels. It features innovative Coway attributes such as air high quality monitoring, Automobile Mode (follower rate is gotten used to the degree on indoor air pollutants), and informs you when the Max2 filter needs replacing. The unavoidable downside of Air Purifiers– consisting of the superb Coway 400 Smart– is the higher weight (practically 25 lbs) and higher single-unit cost (because you need only 1 and can also utilize it as a whole-house air cleaner). It’s the highest-rated air purifier on Amazon.com (of the leading ones with at least 5,000 evaluations).

The Not-So-Good

It’s hefty because it’s big– weights almost 25 lbs
Contrasted to smaller Coway AP devices, it has a higher price tag. Yet you do just need 1

What Customers Say

I have actually been utilizing this filter for a month and it works well. On the lowest establishing the fan sound is tolerable. As the fan speed raises the sound is a bit also loud for a workplace setup. The filters appears to function quite possibly. The mesh pre-filter obtain filthy rapidly but is simple to remove and rinse off in the sink. Was anxious spending a lot cash, yet I looked into for a week and 40 air filters. Worth the money. This thing is awesome. In fact it just runs itself and it will allow you knw when to wash the large washable fragment filter. Up until now the hepa is operating at 100% efficeincy. We definitely enjoy it!

It is among one of the most prominent Air Purifiers worldwide; it typically obtains 1st location for efficiency on all independent screening people perform in garages, and it has a level of price-performance no other air purifier in its class can get to.

The Good

This Air Purifier is nicknamed “the Mighty” due to the fact that it’s small in dimension however effective sufficient to run effectively in a 361-square-foot area. The hand-operated controls include a timer, follower rate options, and a filter replacement indication. People are typically getting them in bulk; 3 or even 4 in one go. The Coway AP-1512HH is the ultimate Air Purifier; that’s the bottom line. Most popular Coway Air Purifier that defeats all other brand names in basically every independent screening. Ultimate performance; 246 CADR ranking for 361 sq ft suggested insurance coverage location.

The Not-So-Good

It’s not a whole-house Air Purifier; it will certainly fit most not extra-large rooms True HEPA filter substitute is about $50.

What Customers Say

Completely acceptable, yet beware: the system (as I received it) had pre-installed filters and also appeared all set to run quickly. The device has to be opened from the front, the plastic covers removed, and the filters reinstalled prior to the device will operate appropriately. I purchased this cleanr to replace a large and really loud Honeywell system. While I believe the throughput of the Honeywell was better, the significant reduction in noise is a worthwhile compromise. The Conway’s replacement filters are also substantially less costly. I would acquire once more.

Coway Airmega 300S HEPA Air Purifier, 1256 sq. ft

After examining the Coway Airmega 400 Smart, it is difficult to see how any other Airmega air purifier could compare.

This is not surprising. Essentially, the 300S is a very effective extra-large space Coway air purifier. It’s just a little much less solid than 400 Smart.

The Good

It’s max. coverage area is 1,256 sq ft, based on the 340 CFM airflow and also 2 air modifications per hr. The Air Purifier can change all the air in a 1,256 square foot area in 30 minutes.   

The only specification that remains in the 300S favor, compared to 400 Smart, is the lower weight (concerning 3 pound difference there). It additionally has all the wise functions Coway provides, including double suction, air high quality tracking, clever Automobile Setting that changes the follower speed to interior air high quality, and Coway IoCare mobile app.

The Not-So-Good

Powerful yet not as powerful as it’s successor; the Coway 400 Smart.
Still has a tendency to have a higher cost point, regardless of the far better model getting on the market.

What Customers Say

I have this unit put in our main living-room where the household spends one of the most time in an effort to assist my better half with asthma signs which have actually gotten worse over the past 6-9 months. In the past I have actually been doubtful of the performance and need for air purifiers (my better half has not had any type of real signs and symptoms for several years), but since installing the Air Purifiers (I now have this device, plus 1 other brand name in the master bedroom and yet a different brand upstairs) my better half has actually been taking a breath easier and with less requirement for her inhaler medication.

Coway Airmega AP-1216L

Some individuals also require a high-performance air purifier for a smaller area.

The Coway AP-1216L Tower is an ideal little( ish) space Air Purifier that does not take a great deal of area.

The Good

The advantage of the tower framework is that Coway AP-1216L, for instance, does not take a lot of area. It’s tall, yes, however it has just a 10 × 10 inch (regarding) base. That suggests you can put it in a stuffed area easier. Classically for a Coway Air Purifier, it has an awesome efficiency. The Coway AP-1512HH is a popular air purifier with a CADR ranking of 235 for a 330 sq ft suggested coverage area.   

Best yet, it has price-performance. The Coway AP-1216L, however, has both. It’s a 235 CADR rating Air Purifier that sets you back less than $300.

The Not-So-Good

Coway air purifiers are still among the best in the industry, with a CADR rating of 240+
Tower structure could be a little bit totter otherwise place on the flawlessly straight flooring

What Customers Say

I utilize the Coway Air Purifier in the space where I smoke nearly two packs of cigarettes a day. I maintain the setting on economy and when someone comes into the room they can not scent any kind of smoke whatsoever! I turned this on before leaving for dinner, and also when I came back there was a VERY visible distinction in the air high quality. I am babysitting a stinky pet now, and it made my whole apartment smell like canine. After simply a few hours, the odor was practically gone! This offers you the alternative to select whether or not you want to make use of the ionizer. I maintain my ionizer turned off because I heard they can release ozone. I believe the HEPA worker functions simply great by itself.

Coway Airmega 200M

The once best-in-line Coway Airmega 200m is still an excellent option.

Undoubtedly, the Airmega 300S and also especially 400 Smart have gone beyond the Coway Airmega 200m. Coway Airmega 200m has a feature that the Airmega 400 Smart does not have.

The Good

All the older versions that stay in manufacturing for longer do that for a factor. The reason in many cases– including the Coway Airmega 200m’s– is that they have shown reliability and also a great record. Coway Airmega 200m has a 246 CADR score, and it’s suggested for a 361 sq ft location. That’s just the beauty of Coway; remarkable efficiency in every version, from the oldest to the most recent.   

It’s a far better model than the most effective versions of some brand names. However, there are other strong competitors in the Coway air purifier market, and the Airmega 200m is not capable of keeping up with the latest specifications and technological developments.

The Not-So-Good

Still has the 4-stage filtration, not the brand-new Max2 filters like newer Airmega versions
It’s an older design, currently rendered fairly outdated by Airmega 300S and 400 Smart

What Customers Say

We have this in an eating location. It’s silent, other than when it determines it requires to strive for a couple of seconds. We transform it on for a hr in the early morning, and before/during dinner. No issues. Each of my flatmates likewise has among these Air Purifiers, so we are all now fans (no pun planned). The arrangement directions were clear and the setup itself was not difficult. It is extremely easy to see exactly how to run the gadget and to understand what it is informing you regarding air high quality. Its noiseless and also filters appear excellent.

Coway Air Purifiers Frequently Asked Question

Is Coway Air Purifier Good?

‘ Good’ is an exaggeration. Coway Air Purifiers are considered as among the most effective Air Purifiers you can get; particularly performance-wise. The performance spec, such as CADR score, and a ratio of suggested insurance coverage area and CADR ranking, are off the graphs. What is even more, the efficiency of Coway Air Purifiers was checked by a number of independent researchers. Despite testing greater than 10 brands, Coway air purifiers not only obtained leading scores, they racked up 1st area almost whenever.

Does Coway Air Purifier Emit Ozone?

Ozone releasing is usually a concern for some customers. Some Coway Air Purifiers that consist of the air ionizer filter do produce a very percentage of ozone. Nonetheless, this requires to be put to perfection; the amount of ozone some Coway Air Purifiers create is minimal and has no tested result on humans or family pets.

How Long Do Coway Filters Last?

Coway deodorization filters last for 6 months, and also True HEPA filters last for 12 months. They require to be consistently replaced to maintain Coway air purifiers’ reliability. To aid you out, the most recent designs have the filter indicator.

Are Coway Air Purifiers Loud?

Usually, the high carrying out Air Purifiers with high CADR ranking be quite noisy. They can quickly score 55+ dB noise levels. Coway Air Purifiers are taken into consideration to be extremely peaceful. That claimed, the very best Coway air purifier– the Airmega 400 Smart– is method ahead of every other tool, including the notoriously peaceful Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifiers (developed for bedrooms). With noise levels getting to just 43.2 dB, the 400 Smart is not just the quietest Coway Air Purifier but one of the quietest air purifiers as a whole.