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Create a clean life

Anyone who’s gonna to clean small items, especially fragile or precious things, knows how arduous the process can be. While fresh-looking jewelry, watch strap, and contact lenses and glasses are a wonderful reward, they are not guaranteed, and oftentimes you can spend an entire teatime do the cleaning job with nothing to show for your hard work but dirt and sweat.

EraClean has perfected household ultrasonic cleaning, providing a effective and convenient way to clean small items with confidence. From Small Ultrasonic Cleaner and Ultrasonic Cleaner for contact lenses to Car Home Dual-use Portable Vacuum Cleaner and Refrigerator Odor Eliminator, EraClean ensures the portable needs.

The EraClean Origin Story

According to report, the total number of deaths caused by air pollution in the world has reached 12 million. In order to select a great air purifier for the family and work place, the founder-team purchased various air purifiers, but the result is that no one could achieve the function of purification after test. Therefore, they set up EraClean, started independent research and development of air purifiers. “Geek spirit” came into the public view.

After 18 months of research, EraClean’s first product, Tower air purifier, was finally announced. Its function is far beyond the national standard, and even one of its core indicators was 18 times higher than the national standard.

In 2015, EraClean, Inc. founded and established an air research laboratory for independently research. The EraClean is committed to customize air purification solutions, develop air purification equipment, and offer one-stop service to solve indoor air problems.

Over the past five years, EraClean has been constantly looking for solutions to the cleaning problems of public life, independently developing innovative products such as ultrasonic cleaning machine, disinfection deodorant, disinfectant manufacturing machine, and focusing on cleaning the “invisible corner of life”.

The Science of EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaner

The key to EraClean Cleaner’s hot-sold is in the name — it’s ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic cleaners could be tailored to suit the specific demands of a factory, health center or various other services. With hundreds of commercial and business cleaning applications, ultrasonic cleaning is widely utilized throughout many sectors. EraClean Ultrasonic cleaners are customized to the kinds of components that they are cleaning Table leading and benchtop cleaners, as an example, are best for cleaning small or delicate components like bearings, surgical instruments, optical parts, machined components, tiny gears and carburettor elements. Precision cleaning is used to clean and recover fragile things that conventional cleaning methods might have damaged.

Conversely to traditional method of handwashing, the EraClean ultrasonic cleaner uses high frequencies to develop activity in the liquid to remove contaminants from devices surfaces. The high frequencies produce more than 40khz vibration cleaning and it won’t damage your valuables.

EraClean Ultrasonic cleaners use cavitation bubbles produced by the sound waves in the storage tank, to clean the surfaces. The bubbles work as a sponge to scrub away dust, blood and various other impurities on these products to ensure that they can be sanitized later on.

EraClean Ultrasonic cleaning saves time and money:

  • up to twenty small parts can be cleaned at once
  • modern technology is simple to use and also only calls for one driver
  • life of parts is prolonged as a result of gentle cleaning
  • very effective cleaning implies all contaminants are eliminated in preliminary

For more than twenty years, ultrasonics has helped services to enhance productivity by investing much less time and less personnel for their commercial cleaning requirements. EraClean ultrasonic cleaners clean up more thoroughly, effectively and also faster than other cleaning methods.

The Soul of EraClean

EraClean is a technology company dedicated to cleaning electrical appliances including ultrasonic cleaning, deodorization, disinfection, special effect purification and other cleaning technologies, aiming to create a clean life for consumers all around the world. This Internet brand for professional cleaning electrical appliances for 5 years, is committed to continuous innovation, ranking the 1st place in the household ultrasonic cleaning machine market. EraClean take the quality tenets that “Quality comes first” and “Quality is essential for enterprise survival”.