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Shark vs. Lefant, Which is Best?

You can not go wrong with Shark and Lefant if you are looking for an amazing robot vacuum. Due to that, we are making a comparison between two of the most effective brand robot vacuums in this buying guide. By the time you read this overview, you will certainly recognize everything about the most effective robotic vacuum cleaners that Shark and Lefant provide, and which one provides what you require.

Comparison between Lefant M201 vs Shark IQ AV993


Lefant and Shark IQ have lots of distinguishing characteristics in cleaning performance and also noise; however, both buildings are stable and remarkably durable, enabling them to clean up thoroughly.

When we talk about the niche top-level brand, Lefant robotic vacuums, the M201 model is the device that obtains the user’s love and affection most. It has the conventional round shape with a black matte covering and a button placed on the cover’s top. Using upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors to scan the floor path and cleaning cycle systematically and precisely, the Lefant vacuum cleaner leaves your floors shining and carpets fresh.

Apart from the removable single side brush, the gadget comes with a brushless inlet opening to promptly gather debris and particles on any floor type. This 5.5 pound has the standard height, width, and depth of 11 x 11 x 2.8 inches, small enough to play “hide and seek” under the most narrow path between your furniture.

On the other hand, the Shark IQ has a much more sleek construction with glossy black and also hollow curves in the middle of the lid. Unfortunately, after some tests, we found there were noticeable scratches on its body and bumper. The device tips the range of 5.8 pounds, relatively heavier than the Lefant model. Furthermore, its height is 3.5 inches, much higher than Lefant model which is not as convenient as M201 of Lefant robot vacuum cleaner to wander below furniture.

The Shark IQ portable vacuum has some truly nice details, such as the carrying handle on the docking station or twin spinning side brushes for even more dust collecting. And if you’ve done a little research before, you may find the Shark IQ is typically being placed with iRobot Roombas for comparison. Since both of these devices have twin main brushes and also self-empty dustbins, shoppers can save a great amount of time as well as energy cleaning up the houses.

Consequently, I can’t make a decision to pick which one is the champion for the layout round. Due to Shark IQ has more brushes with technical sweeping to accumulate dust, yet the Lefant has a sleek black-matte layout with smaller sized dimensions and also weight.

Suction Power

I would enjoy to look at its suction power first when I purchased the robot vacuum device. Nevertheless, Shark IQ appears to omit this proportion. Rather, it declares that the device comes with one of the most powerful suction levels in the market, also as strong as the 2500Paof iRobot Roomba S9.

Absolutely nothing has yet proved the Shark IQ’s real cleaning power level is 2500 Pa, however I need to admit that its suction is more powerful than the 1800Pa of Lefant M201. With this high power degree, all your stubborn dirt, dust, and also food spills in your residence will certainly be cleaned away instantly.

In general, the Shark IQ device has a very effective engine that can draw away all the particles on the floor with ease, but it has no other one-of-a-kind functions. On the other hand, the Lefant M201 gadget works its best for low-pile carpeted residences with the amount of pet hair.

Because this round is much more to the engine classification, I will choose Shark IQ as the victor.

Cleaning Performance

Unlike the other 2-in-1 vacuums, which have more than one cleaning function, Shark IQ vs Roborock M201 has only a vacuuming function. However can you imagine which one will clean your house extra efficiently?

Let’s begin with the M201 vacuum! This gadget’s cleaning area limitation depends on 1100 square feet, enabling house owners to leave all the heavy-duty jobs for the maker without doing any kind of added activity like charging or lugging the device to different spots. By using Lefant Life APP, you can select the cleaning mode, check the status of the cleaning activity in real-time, and schedule the cleaning in advance, etc.

Furthermore, its anti-hair twisted brushless inlet opening can pick up pet hair, cereal, pet cat litter, or sugar with greater than 85% of the other Robot’s standard. Although the Lefant M201 does not have a water tank and also mopping abilities, it can clean hardwood flooring as well as carpeted floors.

Nonetheless, when it comes to Shark IQ, I’ve spotted a number of issues. The first issue is the imperfect navigation and mapping. Despite how much the Sharkclean company has improved its items, the Shark IQ robot with auto self-empty dustbin does cleaning inadequately.

It keeps making mistakes between the cleaned and also unclean areas and going arbitrarily with no particular path. Even when I attempt to manage the robot with a mobile phone APP, the outcome is still the same. I have to stand and put it in other areas by myself.

The second negative aspect is the main brush. When the particles is cereal or any big items, the Shark IQ’s brush obtains jammed. And usually, this debris cannot automatically empty into the recharge dock station. At last, you will have to eliminate the dust bits on your own to ensure that they won’t damage the device. By using the same dual brush, the Roomba S9 robot will not face this problem.

For that reason, my option for this cleaning efficiency round is Lefant M201.

Battery Life

Both robotics’ battery performances are amazing. The M201 model has a battery pack capacity and can run continually in 100 minutes. It calls for only 4 hours to recharge from the entirely drained battery.

On the flip side, the Shark IQ, which does not show the particular battery capability, can run over 160 minutes. When its LED light reddens, the machine will go back to its charging base and also uses up to 4.5 hours to “rest”.

The Shark IQ has longer runtime yet longer charged times; hence, I can’t choose from the two smart robot vacuum cleaners. It’s better to go for a gadget that requires relatively less charging time.

User Maintenance

The Shark IQ Robot AV993 has many aspects that need regular maintenance; this makes it a bit hard to maintain. Thankfully, they’re easy to get. The Lefant M201 has slightly fewer parts to change than the Shark IQ.

Dust bin: The Shark IQ’s dustbin can be detached by pressing the release button near the back of the vacuum. The Lefant M201’s dustbin is covered by the top lid, so you have to lift the lid, then take out the dustbin. You are supposed to empty the dustbin over a trash can after each use. You can also pull off hair gathered on the Shark IQ’s anti-tangle brush attached to the dustbin, yet just empty the Lefant M201’s dustbin because of its brushless intake opening.Brushroll: The brushroll of the Shark IQ is advertised as self-cleaning, however you can also lift the brushroll cover door on the bottom of the vacuum to reach it and clear away any blocked debris by hand when necessary. Lefant M201 is equipped with brushless intake opening, which indicates there is no entangled hair or something chocked, need tackle with your hands.

Side brushes: The side brushes of both robots can be pulled out of their sockets for cleaning. You have to clear them with a dry cloth and remove any tangled hair when needed.

Filter: The filter of both models is located inside the dirt compartment, captures dust, dander, and pet allergens. It is not washable, but it requires routinely cleaning by tapping it over a trash can to get rid of excess dust and debris.

Front-wheel: Needs to be regularly detached so you can clear any debris from the wheel and its housing. It can be a bit difficult to remove, and you may need to use a tool.

Sensors: The sensors on the vacuum should be cleaned periodically with a dry cloth.

Charging pads: The charging contacts under the vacuum and on the charging dock should be dusted periodically with a dry cloth.

Quick Rundowns

Shark AV993 IQ Robot Vacuum

Powered by IQ Navigation, the Shark IQ Robot vacuum logically cleans row by row and navigates to the next room to guarantee total home cleaning. The Shark IQ Robot has Shark suction power and comes with a self-cleaning brushroll to get rid of hair wrap as it cleans. The XL dust bin and high-efficiency filter pick up dust, debris, and pet allergens. Offer your residence a constant state of clean carpets and floors.

Lefant M201

Lefant M201 does a great performance on them if you have ceramic tile and also hardwood floors with thin throw rugs without fringe. It can operate a long time without needs to return itself to charge as well as it recharges in less than 4 hours. The side brush does a excellent job of cleaning edges and sweeping things right into its path. It is wonderful at capturing pet hair and dust rabbits as well! Truly saves user a great deal of time!

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